Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children: Patient Testimonial

(light guitar music) – My name is Irina Antonenko. I am originally Russian, living in Dubai. This is my daughter Kadijah,
and we are here for treatment for operation in the Rocky
Mountain Hospital for Children. – So, Kadijah had a
stricture of the esophagus, and my presumption was that this was actually from acid, and
not a fixed stricture. And so, the first thing we did today was to dilate that stricture,
and it dilated very easily telling me that it could heal,
and the esophagus could heal, and we didn’t need to remove it. The next thing we found
was a large hiatal hernia with about a third of
the stomach herniated up into the chest, and
we were able to pull that down into the abdomen,
repair the hiatal hernia, and then do an anti-reflux
operation so that the esophagus can now heal, and hopefully
won’t stricture anymore. After looking at the films, I thought that perhaps the stricture could be dilated, and that we could pull
the stomach back down into the abdomen, and do
an anti-reflux procedure to prevent acid from causing
the esophagus to stricture, hoping that the stricture would
heal on its own with time. And I told them that we could do all of this minimally invasively. And because of that,
Kadijah and her parents came from Dubai, and we
did the operation today, and in fact we were able
to dilate up the stricture so that her esophagus
is a normal diameter, and we were able to pull
the stomach back down into the abdomen, fix
the hole in the diaphragm where the stomach was herniating through, and then do an anti-reflux procedure which will prevent the acid from coming up and causing the esophagus to stricture. So it’s a much less
invasive, and a much less morbid operation than
what they were looking at had they stayed in Dubai, or in Russia. – I did find about this
hospital through the internet, and I find out about Dr. Rothenberg, and about his great experience. And we contact his
office through telephone. And from the first
moment I call to America, and to this hospital, I
was very, very welcomed. And people was every
time in the time with me, and they was giving me all information. And during these two last months, they was guiding us like
we are a small children. They help us a lot, and our operation and our admission today
was just wonderful. And all treatment from the nurse, and how the treat my daughter, how they talk to her, and
to us, was just outstanding. And it is a very, very high,
professional staff here. This is what only I can say, and I can say a very big
thanks for everybody here. The most remembering moment
today from the time it was at a meet at the hospital for operation, it was when the doctor, Steve Rothenberg, came to us after
operation, and he said that everything is fine, that
my daughter did great, the dilation happened very successfully, and the operation goes very, very well. This is a most pleased moment of the day, and thanks God for everything
whatever happened today. I just wanted to say to
all mom, to be very careful with your children, and to get the right diagnosis for your kids. And for this reason, please
come to the highest standard doctor in the world,
such as Dr. Rothenberg, to get the right treatment, right place, and that your children
never suffer for the years. We know diagnosis right. So people, everybody
come to Dr. Rothenberg. Come to Rocky Mountain
Hospital for Children, and you will get the
best treatment for any gastroenterological
problem, if you have it. (light guitar music)

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