SHAKEOLOGY REVIEW – As if the PRICE Didn’t SHOCK Me at First! I Wanted MORE than Just the “Facts”

What’s up my Friends, this is Coach Bob with and today I’m giving Shakeology review
you know a lot of people look around for this me asking questions
about it I want to be my personal review not be a you know I was around originally for one
myself when I was not told about this product and everything that balances the budget
backs I wanted to know has so many truly tried this thing and
did it actually work for them d Duke shakeology review so here’s a look at my story and and you
know it because this is a review only get my story because it can release the
why I decided to give in on this pock first of all here it is and the
reason I show it to you is who can actually do you use it I’m not
one of those that do we view on something that didn’t use
that would be cheating chocolate now is my favorite and that’s
really the only one trillion through there’s a lot of different flavors some
people love strawberry some people open up Shakeology review on the topic got always have been always
will be but welcome to my story way back okay remember who are the office number
consular fitness shakeology review I hope she’s not long lives I I feel
great but I’m taking you back in time sergei’s it
back to the future delorean let’s go back four years ago in
four years ago I decided to do P 90 acts and P 90 XI wonderful but the good guys
they see on the gym for but stubborn all stupid me I’m gonna
change my diet I didn’t want to mess around with
electronic crap I was one of the first play look ripped the next day so I put it in the bank and um you know I used to be a huge mcdonnell’s been
okay Gulf all the time and unfortunately in my first
90 days the p90x2 really didn’t get that good results who they are you can see for yourself I
mean yeah made a slim down a little bit but
honestly after which team my 60-90 minutes a day over the course
in ninety days didn’t think I’d get a little bit better
results than that socialism on oslo must read about it so I said you
know what it’s time to get serious but then I realize more yeah but king
cake mcdonald’s because my shakeology review McDonalds where monopoly is starting have you ever had a monopoly a
McDonald’s like every time that came around I guess so fired up so excited because you know it
to something about other and of course I never really want
anything except for like free food now if you watching this video and you
want something review of shakeology other mcdonalds monopoly any point and
more than just a stupid little happy or something like that a truly want the car the million bucks or something I want
your comment below what you say you know I I am one of those guys that want to Mac
IIve Shakeology review sure nobody wins this thing it’s like a
motion to get you to buy more things to upgrade your to the large size and
everything like that but anyway so we don’t know what’s sick
about it I found founder he did is so weird in my
car four years ago this is William Paterson
but I found fruit the monopoly pieces is so
ridiculous so you know how unfair love it but you
know what that wasn’t giving result I am so I decided to get back to stay
one more time was running late I can can afford to make anything at home so I was on the
russian and I went to Ghana’s and I were just the basics i order number one which
is an Egg McMuffin the copy that comes along with it and I
were an extra hashbrown I wanna make an extra half-hour because you got two more birdies pieces
for the Monopoly game so another game little do we know that
we’re actually added calories on their in order to win but whatever so I pulled
up to the window the lady comes in articles on the window and she says hey you gotta be seven dollars in 56
cents that guys is when it hit me because of throughout the entire IP ninety extra
everybody kept talking about Young’s attorney she got to you know my
there is no way I am going to spend 129 dollars a month
on the spot that is steer so I’m not gonna do it and I may be my intercourse has everything in the world as soon as
you hear about something or somebody who’s this is it is up to
you see it everywhere it’s like that new car everybody seems
to drive all of a sudden size of a god she got check out okay
enough done this but that drive through window
house sitting there on a holy crap seven dollars and fifty six and prison a McMuffin to hash browns and a
copy its rediculous and national thinking
about it for a second like waving Symbian org of going to McDonalds
everyday for breakfast if I do by the 129 dollars up a month
for Shakeology actually comes at four dollars and 33
cents and a 0 I was never implemented you know what on iversia so I or you think I should go
over to my house and I’m you know I was a little hesitant
because you know shakes never really taste period and
that’s a problem I healing a protein shake or something I
got like I’m countries like Greece and nasty life but no grandma speaker something like
that %uh taro shakeology review I will be honest with you this stuff was
a little bit different and I don’t know why on but I will say
that I’m very impressed with the new like if you look at the ingredients and
I I’m very impressed with what they put in here because it gets rid of a lot the supplement
supplements like vitamins and minerals that you can buy the whole store pillar
jam-packed ended a shake so my okay cool and it tasted good what it is that good in 3d ice cube
separatist stupidest up and I wasn’t milks I blended in up and it tastes like a chocolate smoothie
I was actually a little bit skeptical as a who is this just a scream mix is this
the real deal so I gotta say I was out I enjoyed the
taste me personally now I am NOT a fan of the green beer
I’ve tried Greenberry I don’t like it some people do if that’s
you awesome I know I don’t recommend it I recommend
top assist me I especially if you put in skippy peanut butter I produced a peanut
butter blown away tasted like a Reese’s Peanut Butter so that okay so then I certainly was not I’m shakeology yes even with the IP number
one doesn’t for fifty-five dollars a day still cheaper than the McDonalds me on
and so every day for breakfast I have this thing this
stuff started happening office on a server realize I had a little bit more
energy to push through by p90x2 workouts embodied in aq my indigestion my acid reflux and then
there’s things that were bothering me started to reduce I didn’t have this
flare ups anymore thanks to Shakeology and then I started realizing Handanovic
reviews for the crappy were like the pizza and the McDonalds and things like
that I’m because honestly don’t like it a
like inside the amount of activity that like go at a carnival and have Thundercat
cotton candy times a ice cream times are everything so I got
a man is that a lot but this kinda hope this great and we
didn’t see them coming back so now I mean today you know back to the
future here I’m there you know clean mind II very clean very healthy and I gotta say
this helped me get there I mean people can easily say
all shutouts going to be healthier when you’re struggling like I was and
you have those cravings for these backing foods me something then opposition leader to
for the past two years I’ve now religiously drinkers every single day
sure 129 dollars a month sounds ridiculous I
agree with you but when you divide up he said you know
what serve breakfast sediment Starbucks in so doing this this
and this you have this thing called shakeology may be going a banana throwing to be
particularly shakeology review mcaleese I’m still save money in the
long run and in the whole of the year you have food source into my stomach not Ubuntu cap a mocha so that’s a Sunday
think about and that’s the whole point how much
technology for you with you today to share my story and my review of what
I thought about this thing and if its larger if you want to get sure I do have a
monthly life it’s I don’t you forget it or not but when I will tell you if you decide
to get it I want to share your journey with me and your thoughts on what you think
about his ass icky I mean it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee be so if you don’t like it you can send
it back but if you like it I seriously suggest get this thing get on the autoship because they don’t
discount the price and shipping and can only not have to stay one for
more than one month the use of the discount on the shipping
and rock and roll so I mean something about but I hope
this is valuable for you hope in hell I hope my story kinda
hopin’ um some others eyes for those people who like me im shakeology you know ye you million has the
southeast through you know the Masters there have been few
but you’re not sure how to adjust flip the switch go clean on you sup that’s it thanks a lot comment below got
questions and most importantly 100 shakeology review awesome awesome day

53 Replies to “SHAKEOLOGY REVIEW – As if the PRICE Didn’t SHOCK Me at First! I Wanted MORE than Just the “Facts”

  1. I used to super size the fries and soda every time the monopoly season began but the reason wasn't to win a car or a million dollars. It was because I wanted to win food. Now I know how I became overweight back then. Also speaking of shakeology, do you recommend the usage of protein powders with insanity? If so, which would be the best brand.

  2. I suffered with binge eating disorder for a really long time, and shortly after starting Shakeology, I was able to stop binge eating. I attribute my recovery to God, but there is something to be said for proper nutrition, and Shakeology provides that for me. I love my morning Shakeo

  3. I also suffer from cravings. I have 2 bags of shakeology chocolate and strawberry but they taste gritty to me i also blend it with water. Havent tried the milk.

  4. Bob Sharpe, I'm a student and can't really afford to buy Shakeology each month. Do you know any good alternatives to pair with Insanity Max 30 and still get results? I fixed my diet and will follow the nutrition guide, but do I need a protein shake or meal replacement, like Shakeology, to get results?

  5. Hello!

    I was wondering what you ate/eat during the rest of the day (lunch/snacks/dinner)?
    Thanks for the video, it was really helpful. 🙂

  6. Smart, articulate, and persuasive.  I think I'm going to try it, at least for one month and see how I feel.  To replace one meal a day for about four bucks isn't a bad deal if I feel the benefits you talked about.  Good video.

  7. hi i just bought p90x i havent started it yet because i still dont have all that i need for it, im kinda afraid to buy shakeology because spending a 130$ a month is asking alot, i just wanna know if shakeology is gonna really help me out on my p90x journey and if it is worht it ?

  8. Thank you so much for sharing. I was thinking about trying this next month, but like with everything I wanted to see what users thought of the product. I didn't want to just jump into it nor spend that money unless I did some research first. I am so much like you there is a fat kid in me that loves breads and sweets. I need something that will curve my appetite and give me that boost of energy and will power to say NO. I appreciated your review.

  9. I just started using shakeology almost two weeks ago because I had the same epiphany (I spend more buying breakfast or lunch at starbucks/the bakery) so I bought the sample pack with all the flavors (plus it is six days worth of sampling) I loved it so much I just received my first month's shipment and I definitely feel a difference! Good to see someone has the same frame of mind as I do! I had a problem with craving crap foods too and also don't always get to eat at work or stop on the way. So, shakeology is definitely a lifesaver for me.

  10. I actually won $50 on monopoly game. But I stopped eating fast food 2 months ago and I feel better. That game is addictive though! 🙂

  11. If i choose to drink Shakeology, will this affect my meal plan? Does one shake take away ie. 1 carb and 1 protein from my daily plan? I guess there is almost no fat in it, right?

  12. Only $4 a month? I never really thought about it like that. All I see is the up front payment of $129. Granted, it's still quite a bit for me to fork out all at once (college ain't cheap), but I'm much more willing to try it once I become a bit more financially stable. So thanks!!

  13. Great video review man, kudos! Thanks! I'm beginning my run with INSANity soon and would like to ask if Shakeology will work with that, it's the 60 day basic kit of INSANIty that appears to have been available to the public for a quite a few years now. However, it appears to have done something right with being available for so long and still providing great results to people who follow through with the DVDs and the nutritional advice that comes along with it. Thanks in advance for any feedback you have time to provide 🙂

  14. I started a Vegan meal replacement shake I bought because it was on a killer sale. Got pretty good results alongside doing a program my gf got. When I finally signed up with Shakeology, I noticed that the cravings for sugar and fats subsided. I feel more rejuvenated after my workouts than I did before starting Shakeology!

  15. hello coach Bob
    just a quick question, does shakeology have any sweeteners in it i.e does it have this after taste of beverages that contain sweeteners like diet coke cause I'd rather have a cold drink with no sugar at all than have it with a sweetener I HATE that taste thank you

  16. Hey Bob im doing T25 at the moment but i have seen some Insanity Asylum results and i am really motivated and want to try the program out. i was thinking of getting Asylum with the p90x recovery formula (something like that) but i also want Shakeology. What should i do?? I wanna get those Asylum results D:

  17. I been doing P90X3 and I'm a week away from completing round 2. I hadn't weight myself since I started the program but after reaching 262 pounds I had to do something. Now to be fair I did go see my doctor a few weeks back and happen to get weighed and I did drop some weight nearly forty pounds. After talking about Mcds which I do love to eat there I wanted to let you know I do eat regular meals and don't watch what I eat. Even though I don't eat clean and I lost quite a bit weight, but I'm no where near muscular as those guys on the Tv. Just wanted to share my little story. I do plan, to do two more rounds to see more results but, doing it eating regular with no dieting.

  18. Cheers Bob really enjoyed your review … i have now purchased chocolate Shakeology let you know how i get on )

  19. how is this compared to herbal life? both are expensive! i tried a starter kit of herbal life..i loved it! energized cutt cravings…..i was impressed!

  20. did u still eat fast food every now and then with shakeology as your breakfast and still get solid results? great review

  21. Thanks for this video. I really my shakeology. I have more energy and that helps me get more done throughout my day. I am busy person, full time CPA and an online fitness coach. Shakeology has been a great help to me. #fitnessmotivationwithKrista

  22. So just tried shakeology and I LOVE it but sadly I'm the only 1 working in my household and just can't afford it 🙁

  23. I just got several bags of this stuff for free from my rich aunt and uncle. I'm wanting to lose some weight. What's the best way to consume this stuff, as in do I just have one shake in the morning or should I have this for every meal?

  24. If I workout at night should I use as a lunch replacement or just replace the meal that I struggle with the most. I usually eat bad at night.

  25. I'm considering this. does it give u a crash or shakes?? I purchased some weight loss stuff and could not take it and waste over 100$

  26. I'm almost done with my first month of P90, and have been wondering if Shakeology was Real og not. You sir, convinced me to get it!

  27. Do you have result pictures of using p90x with shakology and without it? I was thinking about ordering it, and wondering the difference between this and a regular protein shake. I just started p90x 2 weeks ago and don't want to waste my time by not being laser focus on my nutrition.

  28. Hi!
    I’m doing the insanity max 30 and I was wondering if i could
    I drink this instead of breakfast ? Can it count as a substitute ?

  29. Thanks for the video it helps alot on my answers for Shakeology. I just honestly can't afford to go this way with my extreme budget. Having 3 kids and 1 more on the way but does anyone know any good cheap substitute that can maybe help with my cravings?

  30. Instead of spending all that money on meal replacements, why don’t people just buy real fruits and vegetables. 129$ could buy you real food for a month.

  31. I actually won the NFL experience where you have to watch Sunday Night Football with a team game code I actually want an Xbox one off of that! So you can win… it's just extremely rare

  32. A Shakeology review that has MORE than just the silly "facts"…hope you enjoy and be sure to comment below with those #monopoly stories!!!

  33. I'm about to start Max 30 this week. Asking for advice with the meal plan. I currently work 4 ten hour shifts. So its going to be real hard to eat 5 meals a day when I work. I thought on maybe doing shakeology at work but then I'd be missing out on my other requirements unless I can have multiple containers of vegetables for my meals at home. Any advice?

  34. I appreciate your honest review. Your lack of cravings came from cutting back on the bad food though. It really had little to do with Shakeology.

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