She’s upset because of her husband, who favors their younger son[Hello Counselor ENG,THA/2018.09.17]

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  1. I think its really like me, when my sister get everything i just see her happy in back. But when i want something i never get anything i want but i get my little sister thing she didn't use

  2. "Jian always eats so slow, and we wait over 15 minutes"… That father wouldn't wanna eat with me then, I take a half an hour to eat something because I eat so slow and I talk a lot…

  3. the fact that this man is treating his son badly because of the jealousy he felt when his son was born, and his wife would give him all the attention. I have never heard anything so selfish and terrible before. I thought growing up without a father was heartbreaking, but growing up with your father in the picture without getting any love and affection from him because he’s giving it all to your sibling is even worse.

  4. When I have 7 year old me and my brother eat really slowly but my father never get mad with us even if we start to eat at 1 and finish the meal at 3 because obviously we were just kids .

  5. I could never be on this show as a guest because I wanna cuss some of these people out, But him? I wanna reach through this screen all the way to Korea and punch him in his mouth and knock all of his gøddàmn teeth out

  6. This really broke my heart. I'm crying the whole time of the video.. I think i'm like watching drama I can't imagine that is a real story.. How can a Father do that? They are both his sons but why he don't loves his elder son like heloves his younger son

  7. That little kid is gonna grow up so selfish and that mom needs to get those do or e papers ready because his idea of parenting is crazy and the fact he didn't think was a concern was just too much

  8. I can’t be the only one who expected this to get at least 170 votes? Were the other people crying so much that they forgot to press the button?

  9. It is un-healthy for a kid to experience such trauma at a young age. That guy doesn't deserve to be called a "father".

  10. While kids and teenagers go to school to learn about necceserily thing, we have this man who has to be on a TV show to learn how to love his elder son. How messed up doesn't that sound?

  11. I cried. I remember myself when i was young too. Im the eldest in our fam and our mom would favor my sister more. This is heartbreaking.😭😭😭😭

  12. This was so upsetting to watch like that girl said “I want to raise him myself” I felt that I want him to join my family. I cried sm I feel so bad for him, y’all really think the dad is gonna change honestly I don’t the dad neglected jian for 9 years what makes you think he won’t change.

  13. i thought i would get through this without crying but then Jian started crying and it was over

  14. I dont see how he could POSSIBLY love a child more than the other. They are both good looking kids and the older is so kind to his younger brother


  15. The father destroys the relationship between himself and her wife, plus the relationship between the siblings.
    Everyone start taking sides, bc of what he doing.
    I hope when Jian grows up, he will start ignoring his dad by himself and when he moves out only care about his mother:
    The younger brother is so manipulative in his age, he only is so cute to his dad bc he gets everything.
    But when the younger brother out of the house and the parents grow old I dont think hes the one watching them.
    I think Jian will come back and wtach over his parents and I hope that fking dad will realize what sht he has done and regret his whole lifw.

  16. 25:06 just to emphasize that he said those words without even looking at jian, the hosts have to direct him for that. I hope you really did what you promised ahjussi

  17. Jian is so adorable and respectful for just being 9 years old when some kids in America don't even respect their parents at that age
    My heart was just breaking for how hard he was crying no kid should ever have to feel like their parents don't love them. I wanted him to be my son after just watching a 27 minute video about him I would give him the world

  18. In conclusion, the family should watch TROS and by Jove, you will create the greatest angels in the future. For example, how Sam treats his sons equally. When William expresses his feeling about Sam cared more to Bentley more than him, Sam felt sad and tried his best to treat those two equally and look at the results?! Two bright children and a happy siblings too. Naeun and GunHoo fight a lot but still showed love at the end. Maybe they need a break instead of divorce. A professional counselling and support from their love ones too. I believe there's a change in them. If the Dad and Mom talk it out seriously.
    I was the first born child as well, I know my dad kinda strict with me compare to my lil sis but i know he realized that and he tried his best to love me equally. I usually take the blame for my sister's mistake and I rarely showed my tears to my dad because it just showed that im weak. But he seemed to realized that after and will be strict to my sis too. We still not as close as how he was close with my sis but we have that small convo and share few laughs together. He's more of a warm heart behind a cold mask. To this day, I love him and will pray for our family happiness.

  19. okay if yall didn’t cry while watching this…. yall dont got a heart not gonna lie I bawled my eyes out watching this.

  20. That dad is a real piece of shit. Did anyone notice how he scooted his chair away from Jian? And when he rubbed his head and hugged him it looked forced.

  21. It's so sad that he doesn't get his dad's love… When I was growing up, I had a really good relationship with my dad (and mom). It really helped me through puberty and life in general. I felt like I always had a shoulder to lean on. I feel so bad for the kid and hope he finds someone that substitutes the role his father is supposed to fill.

  22. Jian is so adorable!! His outfit,his chubby cheeks,his dimples! He’s such a cute little boy!! And when he sang “Love scenario” EEEEK that was so cute!!!

  23. when the poor kid started crying i couldn't help but cry with him. no parent should ever treat their kids like that. i hope his dad is ashamed

  24. What a kind boy Jian is, someday Jian will be a great father than his father cause as you hear where the mc says do you want seo-an to be yelled at he says no I don't

    What a nice kid jian is, I hope his father will treat him nicely

  25. Dude as an older sister I hate seeing younger kids getting hurt by their own parents and cry and get solded even tho they did nothing.

  26. It got me tears but I try to hold back as I can. Also I can feel his sad emotions; if I were him, I would definitely could not stop crying more.

  27. Maybe the dad doesn’t favor the oldest son so much because he doesn’t like himself and the oldest son looks just like him…maybe it reminds him too much of himself…so sad.

  28. HIS DAD IS A FUCKING DICKHEAD!! This episode made me crying . Like what the fuck is wrong with him even the part that he said “im proud of you” didn’t seem sincere. Honestly this man’s mentality is fucked up. What kind of parent would do something like picking out favs. And treating one so well and the other one like nothing. I dont think that this program helped him . I also feel sorry for the mom . I HOPE THIS DUMBASS FATHER WILL UNDERSTAND THAT HES MAKING A FUCKING MISTAKE!

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