Signs Of Kidney Problems – 19 signs of kidney problems, damage or Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

did you know there are 19 symptoms of
kidney disease well I’m gonna talk about that and more coming right up hello kidney warriors James here with
dadvice TV your online kidney health coach and this is video number 61
helping you fight kidney disease and kick it to the curb these videos help
educate you inspire you and motivate you to take your health seriously to become
your best advocate to push your doctors to stick to your diet so that you can
have the most energy the most health and the longest life with kidney disease now
in this episode we’re gonna talk about the 19 symptoms that you may have kidney
disease now finding out that you have it early is extremely important so if you
have any of these symptoms or you just worry about your kidney help see your
doctor have them do some tests and find out how your kidneys are doing now when
it comes to symptoms a lot of people may only get a few symptoms or they may not
get any symptoms at all or so they think because they kind of ignore them it’s
important if you find that you have any of the symptoms on this list or again
you worry about your kidneys go to your doctor have them do some tests only with
tests will you know how your kidneys are doing and kidney disease is not the only
problems that can cause these symptoms so don’t worry if you got it until you
know and then once you know start making changes get on that great diet work with
your doctor to improve your health like I did
Stage five told I had no hope at all dialysis was my only option and a
transplant that was over a year ago look at me I’m doing better than ever I never
I just laughs two days ago this labs ever woo
my bud Oh almost normal creatinine lower lower lower which one sent me my GFR all
right so let’s get into the symptoms first we have persistent fatigue always
feeling tired even when you wake up now when your kidneys start to decline one
of the things that they do less of is creating a hormone called a wreath
appointment this works with your body to create more red blood cells and red
blood cells work with hemoglobins to go and get oxygen and deliver it to your
organs when you’re creating less red blood cells you’re getting less oxygen
and you’re pretty much suffocating your organs this is known as anemia extremely
common with those with chronic kidney disease but the good news is anemia can
easily be treated and even avoided which changes to your diet
next we have feeling cold even with those around you feel warm this again is
related to that anemia in addition to carrying oxygen those red blood cells
help deliver nutrients and heat to your body not enough of that and you’re
feeling cold next we have shortness of breath even after just a little bit of
activity and this can be caused by one or two things we’ve got that and me me a
problem we just talked about getting less oxygen to your organs also this
could be a buildup of fluid in your lungs
next feeling faint dizzy or weak this again is related to that reduction in
oxygen getting to all your organs next trouble thinking clearly a lack of
oxygen to the brain makes it difficult to think clearly and to concentrate next
we have high blood pressure or blood pressure that’s difficult to manage when
your kidneys get damaged they lose the ability to properly regulate the fluid
hormones acids and salts in your blood and this can lead to increased
pressure next we have a genus Oh this it genus that just will not go away you can
scratch it as much as you want lotions creams none of them are gonna help what
happens is as your kidney function declines the toxins in your blood
increase and that causes this itchiness next we have swelling in your hands your
feet your ankles your lower legs as your kidney function is reduced fluids start
to build up in these areas next we have a swollen or puffy face again related to
that fluid buildup next there’s a metallic taste in your mouth
especially when you eat food this is caused by waste building up in your
bloodstream known as your remya food will taste metallic especially bread
meat you may not feel like eating and you might start losing weight and next
is ammonia breath and boy whew this is a tough one this is at uremia the waste
building up in your bloodstream you actually are releasing some of the waste
products some of the ammonia from your tongue and it’s giving you that awful
breath next upset stomach and nausea this again is related that
buildup a waste product in your blood known as your Uremia you’re not gonna
feel like eating much and whatever you do we you might have trouble keeping it
down next we have muscle cramps now this is extremely common in people with
kidney disease and is overlooked so often as waste products build up in your
bloodstream you’re gonna be eating less and chances are you won’t be getting
enough for the nutrients you need such as salt and these imbalances are gonna
cause muscle cramps muscle twitching and other nerve problems next we have back
pain now this is a very common one when your kidneys are really starting to
swell you will have back pain where your kidneys are located which is your lower
upper rich back and you may only have it on one side
or the other next we have sleep problems as toxins build up in your blood you’re
gonna have trouble falling and staying asleep
insomnia restless leg syndrome are all very common for those with kidney
problems next is getting up throughout the night to go to the bathroom you’re
gonna notice that you have to go more often more times and the amount that
comes out is not the normal amount next is foamy waste when you start to
leak protein in your waste which shouldn’t happen it will get foamy next
brown purplish or even red as your kidneys get damaged they may start
leaking blood into your and you’ll see it the color will change and last
pressure or difficulty urinating your kidneys aren’t working as well pull the
fluid out of your body and sending it to your bladder so you’re gonna feel
pressure she tried to go to the bathroom or very little will be coming out and
there you go dad vice TVs 19 symptoms of kidney problems now remember these don’t
mean you’ve got kidney disease but if you have one or more of these or you
just worry about how you house my kidneys doing go visit your doctor
they’ll do some simple tests they will let you know and if you do have some
kidney problems don’t worry the sooner you find out the sooner you
can make changes changes to your diet changes to your lifestyle to start
kicking kidney disease to the curb the earlier you can get on top of things the
better your chances are of delaying or even completely avoiding ever needing
dialysis and that your doctor just diagnosed you until hey you’re Stage
four there’s no hope your stage 3 there’s nothing you can do that is wrong
I was diagnosed stage 5 kidney failure my kidneys gave up on me oh it was awful
oh I look like The Walking Dead my face was all for I couldn’t eat anything for
name-o all these symptoms I practically had all
of them going into the ER heart problems in the ICU no hope pretty much I felt
like the doctor just told me give up here’s de vida go visit them don’t get
you on dialysis no I did research I discovered there are other options there
are something called conservative management diet lifestyle changes I
found doctors that understood that that work with me that looked at food as
either healthful for you they’re gonna improve you help your health or they’re
poison they’re gonna harm you and I said get rid of the poison give me
the good stuff not too much not too little find that Goldilocks zone get my
body what it needs look at my labs what do I need now let’s keep getting a
better and better and better every single time every time I get labs new
strategy what am I going to do to make me better next time and look at me so
much better and my own dialysis no never had it I hope never to do I have any
symptoms I had all these symptoms today none of them I’m out there I’m walking
I’m jogging I started jumping rope I did it I came back from zero chance quote
zero chance I was told there was no hope for me I took it on myself I found
doctors that believed in diet lifestyle changes fighting kidney disease not
giving up not being another stat for them another failure and helping people
I found doctors who said if we’re gonna help you you’re gonna get better you can
live your life don’t worry James we’re gonna help you I followed their advice I
worked with them I made the sacrifices I made the changes and look at this I got
my life back and you can too alright thanks for joining me and I’ll see you
in the next video

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  2. Vitamin C Deficiency and glomeular basement membrane damage i.e. proteinuria
    Let us ask a fellow non-producer of vitamin C, the guinea pig.

    Overall type IV collagen protein production also was lower than normal in vitamin C–deficient and food-deprived guinea pigs, based on serum levels of the 7S fragment. Several studies have provided evidence that serum concentrations of the type IV collagen 7S fragment reflect the rate of synthesis of the protein. Hasslacher et al. (1984) injected normal and diabetic rats with radioactive precursor and found that serum levels of 7S fragment correlated with changes in the rate of synthesis of type IV collagen in the basement membrane of isolated glomeruli.

  3. It would be so encouraging to tell us about your latest Lab numbers: CREATININE, eGFR, BUN, Hemoglobin, etc…. We've been waiting for them for many months, and please compare them to how they were a year ago. Thanks:))

  4. well, look at that, a patient was treated with anit-oxidants, and proteinuria got better.

    The patient consented to a therapeutic trial with antioxidants (1,200 mg ascorbic acid, 600IU DL-·-tocopherol, 6 mg ß-carotene, 60 Ìg sodium-selenium, and 200mg N-acetyl-cysteine po daily). Additionally, he received intravenously 150mg/kg N-acetyl-cysteine once per month.
    Total serum protein and albumin levels increased, while decreases in proteinuria and serum creatinine were noted during antioxidant therapy (table 1).

  5. actual study proving vit c defiency and kidney injury in humans

    The increased urinary and serum cholesterol levels in the HUPM, high urinary protein, patients further proved the deficiency of ascorbic acid and hence the increased oxidative stress.

  6. I have been to nephrology last tow years ,gfr is 58 blood in urin and capillaries and my legs,but I havent tald yet to be on diet plan. But I do tack your advice Dave,and eat less salt and so on.thanks Dave. Pramila uk

  7. Thank You James! You are so enthusiatic & energetic you are a true healer! I am looking forward to great gains in 2020 & kicking kidney disease butt to the curb!

  8. You really removed the fear i had about my health and you inspired me alot since I started watching your videos.
    I'm now more healthier and happier.
    Thank you and God bless you.
    God bless you brother

  9. James, so it sounds like in the beginning that you didn't get diagnosed as soon as you should have and ignored some of the symptoms yourself, correct? I think I got diagnosed as soon as possible, my blood tests were normal until 2017, then my GFR starting going down and the creatnine went up. I have been following your suggestions as much as possible. Even now I only have maybe 5 of the symptoms on your list, never had all of them yet. Take care.

  10. 5 stars for you Coach James!!!!!!!!!!!!   you are so encouraging … I sincerely hope you publish all your work and make these videos accessible to people and professionals … you are advocating for yourself and for the people to listen to your videos … I need to listen to #61 again and again

  11. James your beautiful you totally have been our savior literally blessed to have found you 🙏🏻👍🏻❤️ diet lifestyle change is worth my Husband’s Life , fighting CKD amen 🙏🏻

  12. So, animal protein is ok for kidney disease, in my opinion. I concede…. benefits to the plant based, or more of them, for kidney disease. I think it is the Vitamin C, the potent antioxidant Vit C. Or, eat adrenal glands and raw liver for vit. C.

    Enjoy my project today and 20 plus Vit C links, and how they directly and indirectly affect the various signs of kidney disease. Lipoic acid, I didn't address as Riordan Clinic has amazing videos on its benefits.

    Dr. Marik has shown a cure for sepsis with steroid, vit c, and vit b1/thiamine. If you look into thiamine deficiency, it is remarkably similar to the edema of Minimal Change Disease, especially the pitting edema of the legs.
    0) The increasing evidence shows that oxidative stress formed in podocyte response to the membrane attack complex C5b-9 induced injury is an important outcome. The attack of C5b-9 on podocytes induces production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), which initiate lipid peroxidation and subsequent degradation of glomerular basement membrane collagen IV, leading to development of proteinuria

    The increased urinary and serum cholesterol levels in the HUPM patients further proved the deficiency of ascorbic acid and hence the increased oxidative stress.
    o-a) Zdogg interview with Dr. Marik in regards to vit c therapy was very illuminating.

    1) The Marik Cocktail on Sepsis , Vit C, Steroids, and Thiamine

    2) Antihistamine effect of supplemental ascorbic acid and neutrophil chemotaxis

    3) Total serum protein and albumin levels increased, while decreases in proteinuria and serum creatinine were noted during antioxidant therapy,34#d=gs_qabs&u=%23p%3D7m0rYHQSOPoJ

    4) affect Vit C defiency on glomeruli of kidneys of another mammal, like us, can't produce endogenous Vit C, a potent anti-inflammatory

    5) Steroid sparing benefits of Vit C (in asthma, but relevant to us too)

    6) Unifying theory of heart disease, Dr. Rath

    7) Vit C ability to lower cholesterol.

    8) Vitamin C Inhibits Lipid Oxidation in Human HDL

    9) Yep, it's about birds but the positive parallels can't be overlooked.Vit C
    reduces/prevents cytokines.

    10) Vit C saves coma patient on life support, 60 minutes news clip

    11) Vitamin C likely modulates serum uric acid concentration via its uricosuric effect.

    12) Thiamine supplement on proteinuria.
    … reduced the rate of albumin excretion in type 2 diabetes patients. The albumin excretion rate was decreased by 41%

    12a) diabetoliga, Thiamine reduces protein excretion

    13) Vit C, Selenium, and Vit E synergistic effects
    They also point out the need for clinicians to repair antioxidant micronutrient deficiencies in patients, especially combined deficiencies.

    14) Cholesterol accumulates in the blood serum and in the liver of guinea pigs with chronic latent vitamin C deficiency.

    15) Lysine Defiency (relevant to Nephrotic Syndrome due to loss in urine)

    16) Lysine supplementation resulted in normalization/reduction of blood pressure

    17) Lp(a) Lipoprotein(a) in nephrotic syndrome – independent cardiovascular risk factor

    18) Our study with this animal model showed that a complete absence of dietary vitamin C intake results in a significant increase in serum Lp(a) levels.

    19) Hypoascorbemia (vit c defiency) induces atherosclerosis and vascular deposition of lipoprotein(a) in transgenic mice

    20) Another Vit C and Lp(a) paper studying breast cancer

    21) Deficiencies in vitamin C can lead to conditions such as scurvy, which, among other ailments, causes gingivia, bone pain and impaired wound healing.

    22) Leaky gut: Thus, the association between vitamin C deficiency and the hallmarks of MetS (i.e. gut barrier dysfunction, increased endotoxemia, inflammation, altered lipoproteins) are supported by studies in vitamin C-deficient animals.

    23) supports low carb diet, Dr Sarah Halberg of Virta Health
    Preloading the vesicles with glucose inhibited ascorbate uptake similarly, indicating that glucose interferes with the ascorbate transporter from the internal side of the membrane.

  13. Dadvice, I appreciate your upbeat advice regarding kidneys. I am tuned in now, motivated and have way cleaned up my act. Thank you !!

  14. Hi James, I'm a new subscriber. My mom was recently diagnosed with CKD Stage 5 with 8% kidney functionality. She underwent blood transfusion (2 bags) to increase her hemoglobin count. All of her vital organs are working properly except for the kidneys. She is not diabetic and no history of heart attack. Her Nephrologist recommendation is restricted to hemodialysis but my mother does not want it. We're currently at home and she seems to be very weak and thin. She is having a hard time to stand up. Would you recommend taking renadyl only and eating foods rich in iron? Hope you will answer. Thank you in advance.

  15. I have commented on one of your videos before… i am taking care of my 78 yr old mom whos had a heart failure back in june 2019 and diabetic… her kidney function read @ 9 GFr Nov same year 2019… only dialysis or kidney transplant is the option… i was desparate.. Then i stumbled on to your channel… I kept watching and did your suggestons based in your experiences.. Today!! day before my bday…2 months later got the blood tests results… from her nephrologist her GFr is 27 from a single digit.. Dr said nope to dialysis…Thank you!!! 😊I want to thank you in person someday…i am so happy i found your channel. You have helped a lot of people..

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