Sleeping Positions to Improve Your Health

Hi, Dr. Josh Axe here, doctor of natural medicine
and founder of In this video, I’m going to train you on the
best sleeping positions. And you may not know this, but there are actually
sleeping positions that can benefit your health, some that can be detrimental to your health,
and for actually everybody it’s not the same. Certain people need to be in different sleeping
positions. Here are some things you need to know to start. Sleeping position can impact your risk of
certain diseases including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, headache, wrinkles, sleep apnea, cramping,
neck and back pain, also acid reflux and other digestive issues, liver detoxification, and
hormone balance, and a whole lot more. So let’s jump right in. Back sleepers, here are some facts and benefits. Eight percent of people sleep on their backs
and it’s actually considered overall one of the best positions for your nervous system. It evenly distributes weight and pressure
on the spine, the neck, and the joints. Again, it’s better for circulation and reduces
pressure on your spinal discs. So if you’re a person with low back pain or
any type of back issue, this is going to be the best position for you. Two types of sleeping positions for back sleepers. Number one called the soldier, lying flat
on your back with your arms at your side, or a starfish, where you’re lying on your
back with your arms up near your head or similar to the soldier, not just to your side, you
could also have your hands sort of over your abdomen like so. And both of them are fine, but the starfish
for some people can be hard on their shoulder joint, so the soldier position is preferred. Now, for back sleepers, here are some pitfalls
and tips. Number one, you can’t have too much or too
little support under your neck. You can have a small either neck roll or a
thin pillow behind your head and neck while you sleep, and one that’s soft and not too
firm. Neck needs to be aligned with the spine, you
don’t want to have it too far off one way or another. It may increase your snoring or sleep apnea.  So again, a lot of times I see men that sleep
on their back, or some cases, women, to where their partner is complaining of them snoring
at night. So that can happen. But again, sleeping on your back can be healthy. But it does put you more at risk of snoring
and sleep apnea. And again, proper pillow a must, one of the
keys that keeps your nose aligned with your sternum. You’ve got to have a good pillow if you’re
going to be a back sleeper. But again, the best ideal position for your
lower spine and your discs. Now, next one here is side sleeper. Here are some facts and benefits. Sixty-nine percent of people actually are
side sleepers. Now, most common sleep position among people
and wild animals, actually many of them will sleep on their side. Considered okay sleep position, less prone
to snoring, decreases pressure on the back compared to the stomach and lowers your risk
of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Now, in ancient Chinese medicine, and actually,
I’m sorry, ancient Hebrew Medicine, there’s actually a rabbi named Maimonides, and he
actually said that there’s actually benefits of sleeping on your left versus right side,
which we’ll talk about in a minute. But you can sleep in the fetus position, the
log position, or the yearner position. But the fetus position is known as one of
the healthiest positions, with a pillow between your legs is the best of all side sleeping
positions. Now, listen to this. If you sleep on your side, it actually supports
specifically your stomach and your digestive tract. After you eat, you can actually continue to
digest very well sleeping on your left side. It’s optimal for circulation for pregnant
women. However, the con is it may strain the liver,
the lungs, and the stomach, whereas the right side actually relieves pressure on many of
your internal organs, and is best overall for the liver. The con is it can increase heartburn slightly. Maimonides, this ancient doctor, said the
ideal sleep position is for you to sleep on your left side the first half of the night,
and then roll over when you wake up sometime during the night in those early morning hours,
sleep on your right side. This way, you’re detoxifying and supporting
your digestive tract the first half, and then your colon and your liver the second half
of the night, is what the ancient practitioners taught their patients. Some pitfalls of sleeping on your side. Again, with some people, it can cause a spinal
curvature, especially if you have a bad bed, compressing certain nerves that run down your
glutes and low back. Can increase wrinkles, also, you know, can
affect your overall neck if you don’t have a good pillow. So listen, being a side sleeper can be great,
as long as you have a good bed and pillow. And ideally, you’d sleep on your left side
for part of the night, your right for part of the night, if at all possible. Let’s talk about stomach sleepers. Seven percent of people sleep on their stomachs,
and by far, it’s the worst position to sleep in. There are really very little benefits. Overall, it can strain your neck and low back,
negatively impacts your digestive system, puts more pressure on your heart and lungs,
and takes 25% more energy during the night. And again, side sleepers overall, this is
not the position you want to be sleeping again. So me myself, you know, my degree is as a
doctor of natural medicine, doctor of chiropractic, and a nutritionist, and with these trainings,
I can tell you I’ve worked with thousands of patients on the best sleep position and
relieving organ dysfunction and back and neck pain. Number one best sleep position, there isn’t
a number one, it really depends on you, but it’s either going to be your back or your
side, okay? If you’re going to sleep on your back, you
want to make sure you have a good pillow, you want to make sure you’re properly supported. On your side, if you’re a side sleeper, it’s
really especially important that you have a good quality bed and pillow. And you want to make sure your spine is aligned
like this from the side. You could have a significant other take a
picture on your phone to make sure it looks like you are lined up when sleeping in the
side position. So again, sleeping on your back is great,
especially when it comes to low back issues. For organ function, sleeping on both sides
during the night can be beneficial. And nobody should sleep on their stomach. Well guys, hey, I hope you’ve enjoyed this
live training video and remember, make sure to subscribe here to the YouTube channel. I’ve got a lot of great videos coming out
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best sleep position. Hi, Dr. Axe here. I want to say thanks so much for checking
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76 Replies to “Sleeping Positions to Improve Your Health

  1. I love your videos but currently have not be able to relate bc I'm pregnant… right now I'm 30 weeks pregnant… can you do a pregnancy or postpartum video please? πŸ™‚

  2. a great and useful video. could you please make a video about how to stop to think about eating and craving food the while time? every time after two days of healthy eating I spoil it with one day of binging and eating and at the end of the day I become digestion issues. PS.: I work out 5 times a week but don't know what to eat and how much protein. I don't wanna lose weight cuz I'm already thin but have a big bloated belly. thank you so much for the help,❀

  3. Also the direction that your head is pointing when you sleep your head should always be pointing towards the east what is your opinion about this

  4. And how can one change the sleeping position? I tried once and ended up not sleeping for days. Stomach position the only position I can sleep in at all

  5. The last prophet said it was on the right side and hand under your cheek. Cause on the left your heart goes into a slighty other position and u sleep very deep.

  6. By experience, I normally experience nightmare when I sleep on a back position. Side position works well for me, yet causes little stiff neck.

  7. Dr. Josh how about people with upper limb/ shoulder hand syndromes should sleep?
    some times such people have to sleep in one position all night.

  8. Please a video innerve food?
    it would be a relief for those with neuropathic pain & it's one of the least discussed yet most augmented pain. Blessings to you Josh!

  9. Dr Josh axe have problems with my eyes I'm tweaking too much and I'm closing my eyes for a few seconds what can I do to stop it

  10. So what kind of pillow should a side sleeper look for? I sleep on my side and frequently wake up with achy neck. What is best pillow for back sleepers?

  11. I hve scoliosis and I believe back is safer but I always roll to my left side. What do you think? What's a good pillow/bed

  12. make video about calming pitta dosha i am loosing hairs in ayurveda when you have increased pitta you lose hairs … i also feel lethergic all the time

  13. Best sleeping side is the right side. No pressure on heart.
    It was advertised by prophet Mohammad pbuh 1400 years ago. Prophets knows best🎈🎈

  14. I sleep in all of those positions every night except for on my stomach. When I'm in foetus position and I don't have a pillow between my legs I put my arms between my legs.

  15. Thanks Dr Axe ! From my experience Fetal position is better for lower back problems then laying on my back ,The stretch created from your legs being bent relieves back pain. But I don't want more wrinkles and aware of benefits of sleeping on my I sleep on my back too and sometimes with a pillow under my butt (yes butt not legs )so my lower back is being arched a little . Just thought I'd share lol

  16. Thanx Dr Axe enjoy your videos thoroughly. Appreciate your efforts.
    Did you know in the muslim religion over 1400yrs ago people were advised by the Prophet Mohammed to begin to sleep on the right side and strongly discouraged sleeping on the stomach.

  17. I'm in the wellness industry too. everything I agree with except I recommend side-sleepers elongate their bodies into "yearner" instead of going fetal, since people tend to curl their bodies too much, like their necks. with a slight bend at the knees, pillow between the knees, and clutching a pillow to their chest, with their eyes looking directly off the side of the bed.

  18. I roll around while I sleep so much I never sleep in just one position…One time I woke up with my bed sheets wound up all the way up my leg owo

  19. Always end up with a very dry mouth when I sleep on my back- mouth probably hangs open accompanied by snoring. Side sleeper 95% of the time. Back sleeper around 5%- of the time

  20. I'm guilty of being a chronic stomach sleeper. Mostly left side sleeper. I try, I really do.. to sleep on my back. It's tough.

  21. Yes I agree you want to sleep better and to consider the butterfly effect and disaster risk reduction, to lower the impact of climate change to be informed and aware and if you could consider habits for a better environmental future. and of course, there is a lot of research in regard to the connection the body has with the earth.

  22. I'm a stomach sleeper, and sleep in the recovery position. When I sleep on my side, its bad for my breathing. And when I sleep on my back, its not that comfortable. So stomach works for me personally.

  23. If you snore, it's because you are breathing through your mouth. You need to be sure your nasal passages are open. But many of us get stuffy when we lie on our backs. I have found these to be of benefit. Breathe Max Nasal Dilators. These little jewels have saved my life.

  24. Thank you so much for this information. My husband had back surgery by a wonderful surgeon (thank The LORD) and it turned out well. He has just recently noticed that his head is leaning to far backward which has had difficulty with his head not being in the correct position to achieve that restful nights sleep we all long for. Your expertise on this subject and your advise is very helpful. We are going to try and prop his head up just a little bit more to keep everything in as perfect alignment as best we can. Thank you again so very much and many blessings to you and your family! I love all of your wonderful YouTube Videos. Absolutely love them!!!

  25. I have a hiatal hernia with reflux and sleep apnea. Going to sleep, and staying asleep is a bit of a nightmare. The older I get, the worse it gets. I have drastically improved my diet in many areas but can't kick this thing. I sleep about an hour and then I'm up for a few hours. I'm only getting 4-5 hours per night/day and sleeping whenever I can. My productivity is the lowest it has ever been.

  26. Dr.Axe you are so right I used to sleep on my stomach because the pain of my both arms , every morning I felt bad and had so much pain my neck but now I am trying to sleep in my back which works for while and middle of night turn right or left , but now I don’t have any neck pain or stomach pain . Great information.

  27. Great I sleep on my tummy and I can't stand being in the positions for long. How true is this? Anyone? Are these facts by other Doctors?

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