Stomach Cancer – All Symptoms

Peter is 58 years old. A few months ago he has started to notice
a pain in what he calls “the stomach”. It began with a poorly defined discomfort,
but now it’s a dull, continuous pain that lasts throughout the day, and is not
relieved by antacids. John is 52 years old After a few months noticing discomfort in
the upper abdomen, he has begun to have nausea and vomiting every
time he eats a normal amount of food. Because of that, he is losing a lot of weight,
and other people are noticing it. Watch the full video, and learn to distinguish
all the symptoms of stomach cancer, so that if you or any of your relatives suffer
from it, you can suspect it as soon as possible! Let’s see the video! Stomach cancer is one of the malignant tumors
that usually wins us the game. Although it takes time noticing its symptoms,
the person who suffers it, usually delays consulting with a doctor. Let’s start with those symptoms produced by
the cancer directly in the stomach. It is a pain that begins as a nuisance, poorly
defined and poorly localized in the abdomen. It’s similar to the feeling of indigestion,
or the abdominal disturbance of people with gastritis. Over time it’s accentuated, and tends to
be located in the central part of the belly, just below the ribs. Unlike the pain of gastric or duodenal ulcer,
the pain due to stomach cancer doesn’t usually change significantly neither with food ingestion, nor with taking
antacids. When stomach cancer is located in the region
of entry of food from the esophagus to the stomach, an area called cardia, the tumor can hinder the entry of food we
have eaten, producing two symptoms: Symptom 1: We can note that, when swallowing
food, these food get stuck in the chest. When this happens, we will have to swallow
water to help the bolus get into the stomach. Bitter waters may start coming
to the mouth. This gastroesophageal reflux appears because
stomach cancer is very close to the lower esophageal sphincter, which can cause it to incompletely close. When this happens, food with gastric juices
can escape from the stomach upwards, towards the esophagus, causing the acid reflux. When stomach cancer is located at the pylorus, which is the region of the stomach that drives
food into the small intestine, it may obstruct or even close this natural
outlet of the gastric content. If the exit is obstructed, when we have enough
food in the stomach it detects that gastric content will not be emptied. Therefore it informs the brain, so that it
triggers the sensation of nausea and starts the vomiting reflex. It will take place then the contraction of
the stomach wall, causing the expulsion of the food with gastric
juices upwards, into the esophagus and mouth. We’ll vomit what we have ingested. The less common variety of stomach cancer
is the diffuse variety, which affects the entire stomach, not just
one of its parts. If the entire stomach is infiltrated by tumor
cells, its wall distensibility decreases. When we start taking food, the stomach with
this type of tumor does not distend properly, so it’s full too soon. This filling communicates to the brain the
satiety sensation, so the person with this type of gastric cancer
stops eating. Either because of a stomach ache, or because food is stuck when it enters the
stomach, or because of the vomit, or because stomach fits little food, the person with gastric cancer begins to eat
fewer calories. Gradually the person with stomach cancer will
get thinner and thinner. Because the tumor can break the stomach lining
and thus a blood vessel, either from the stomach or from the tumor
itself, the person with stomach cancer may start bleeding
without knowing it. It is what´s called “upper gastrointestinal
bleeding”. When bleeding is minor, symptoms won’t be
noticed. But if bleeding is constant and with certain
intensity, it may appear an anaemia, with the progressive fatigue that goes with
it. Depending on the destination of this blood,
and on the bleeding intensity, the person with stomach cancer may realize
the bleeding, due to the presence of one or both of these signs: If the elimination of that blood is done through
the mouth, the person will vomit gastric content mixed with blood. This is called “hematemesis”. If the elimination of that blood is done through
the anus, the person who’s bleeding from the stomach due to gastric cancer may see
the stools are black. The black stools are called “melena”. We have seen the symptoms that can cause stomach
cancer. But what happens when the tumor escapes the
stomach? Lets find out! When the tumor is already out of the stomach,
it may be because it has escaped through one or more of these three ways: The tumor breaks peritoneum and goes to the
abdominal cavity The tumor escapes through the lymphatics Or the tumor enters the blood stream. Let’s see where each of these three ways lead! When the tumor grows, it can break out the
stomach wall. This rupture causes gastric cancer cells fall
into the peritoneal cavity, and swimming in peritoneal fluid they end
up settling on the surface of any abdominal viscera. Groups of cells can join and grow. These peritoneal implants can cause peritoneal
irritation that will be perceived as symptoms of peritonitis,
with diffuse abdominal pain. The growth of multiple tumor implants on the
peritoneal surface is called “peritoneal carcinomatosis”. The stomach cancer cells that are dispersed
by the peritoneum may also colonize the liver in its outer zone,
irritating the capsule that surrounds it. Due to the irritation caused by these implants, it may appear a localized pain in the upper
right abdomen. If tumor implants are placed in the outside
wall of the small intestine, they can cause cessation of transit of intestinal
contents, because of the compression of the tube from
the outside. They produce a partial bowel obstruction,
or a complete intestinal obstruction. Although not exclusive of stomach cancer,
as it can appear in many tumors of the abdominal and pelvic viscera, when tumor cells travel to the navel they
can settle there, originating lumps called “nodules of Sister
Mary Joseph” . These lumps are clearly seen from the outside. Usually they are a sign that the cancer is
in an advanced stage. Stomach cancer cells, when choosing the lymphatic
route to escape the body, tend to accumulate first on the lymph nodes
surrounding the stomach itself. Because of this accumulation of tumor cells
some symptoms can appear or become more pronounced, as a decreased capacity of the stomach and early
satiety and even nausea and vomiting From lymph nodes close to the stomach, tumor
cells can spread to more distant lymph regions, like the one situated behind the pancreas
and peritoneum, and the region of the side of the aorta. If they are located in this area, most often
they do not cause symptoms, but seldom they can cause pain nerve compression
of neighboring structures, such as the celiac plexus. The cells of stomach cancer can enter the
blood stream because, within the cancer itself, some cells penetrate a blood vessel after
breaking its wall. Once in the blood, these stomach cancer cells
can stay anywhere in the body, causing various symptoms depending on its
location. The most common sites where stomach cancer
that has escaped the blood can cause metastases are the liver, brain and lungs. Liver Metastases: When stomach cancer cells go to the liver
and begin to grow, they begin to crush healthy liver cells. If broken, liver contents, which are transaminases,
will be poured into the blood stream. This will increase their blood concentration
(as detected in a blood test). If rapidly growing stomach cancer cells compress
small channels within the liver that bile uses to travel,
it can accumulate. This increases the indirect bilirubin concentration
in the blood, which may condition that the skin gets a yellow
tone. This phenomenon is called jaundice. Brain Metastases: When groups of tumor cells start growing within
the brain, they can form metastases, that will become
increasingly large. By pushing neighboring neurons, these neurons
begin to function in an altered way, and therefore two types of symptoms may occur: irritative symptoms, in which neurons fire
pushed uncontrolled flashes: for example, we can have epilepsy, convulsive
crisis or not; or deficit symptoms, in which some neurons
stop working and their work is not done: we can have loss
of mobility, loss of vision, lose feeling in any area of ​​the body,
and so on. In both cases, if there is plenty of tumor
in the head, as there is not enough room for so many cells
because the skull is a closed cavity with a single large outlet, we can start having headaches. These headaches will gradually go up in intensity
and frequency. Lung Metastases: When tumor cells choose to live within the
lungs, they usually form separate groups, therefore appearing multiple metastases. If they suppress enough lung function, difficulty
breathing (a symptom called “dyspnoea”) can appear. If they touch a breathing tube (bronchus or
their branches), they can irritate them, appearing a very annoying dry cough. If lung metastases are placed near a blood
vessel, they may break it, pouring a little blood with coughing. As you can see, stomach cancer can cause the
appearance of many signs and symptoms. Let’s summarize them! Symptoms that stomach cancer can cause are: In the stomach itself: Most often abdominal discomfort appears, which will become abdominal pain. If stomach cancer is located at the entrance
of the stomach, it can cause difficulty passing food from
the esophagus to the stomach, or a gastroesophageal reflux may appear. If the cancer is at the outlet of the stomach
into the small intestine, the person with stomach cancer may have nausea
and vomiting when eating. When diffuse stomach cancer affects the entire
gastric body, it can cause early satiety, so the person
will eat less. Following eating less will come the weight
loss, which is accentuated when the cachexia-anorexia
syndrome develops, even if the patient eats enough calories with
the food. If the stomach lining breaks down, a bleeding
will start, appearing black stools or vomiting with blood,
in addition to, if bleeding is important, an anemia with the progressive fatigue it
involves, if not corrected. In the lymphatic drainage regions: Most often early satiety is accentuated, and
even nausea and vomiting get worse. It is very rare, but abdominal pain can appear
if retroperitoneal nerve plexus are affected. In the rest of the body: If gastric cancer breaks the stomach wall
and escapes through the peritoneum, it can produce: Pain in the liver area, Abdominal pain if peritonitis occurs, due
to peritoneal carcinomatosis, Bowel obstruction if implants compress the
wall of the small intestine. The appearance on the belly button of “nodules
of Sister Mary Joseph” If it spreads using the blood stream, most
often: there will be an increase in transaminases
or indirect bilirubin concentrations that puts us yellow (phenomenon called jaundice)
if the liver is affected; Epileptic seizures or neurological deficits
can occur, if the brain is affected; Or we can suffer cough, hemoptysis or dyspnea
if metastases are located in the lungs. It is very important to know the symptoms
of stomach cancer because early detection of stomach cancer is the best
way to beat him.

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