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(upbeat music) – Hey, I’m Dr. Matt Brengman and I’m here to talk to you
today about abdominal pain as an Emergency Department complaint. Abdominal pain is one of
the most frequent complaints we see in the Emergency Department. When that pain occurs in the upper abdomen or in the right upper
quadrant, we begin to think about the gallbladder
as a potential source. Now, the gallbladder is commonly thought of as a disease
process that occurs in women who are in their 40s
and maybe have had children in the past, but in reality
only about 40% of people will meet that criteria. Gallbladder can be a
problem in young people and older people alike. Frequently the gallbladder is an issue because of gallstones. And when people have gallstones, they will experience sort of
a cramping abdominal pain, frequently brought on by eating, that lasts for about 20 to 30 minutes. That pain sometimes will go to their back or even to the shoulder. If your complaints today are concerning for gallbladder disease, you’re likely to undergo
multiple types of testing. This can include blood tests
and an imaging of the abdomen. Those pictures might involve
a CAT scan or an ultrasound or even both. Those tests tells us different things, where there are gallstones present, and if there are signs of infection. Many people with gallbladder
disease can be managed as an outpatient once the
diagnosis has been made. If your pain is better
today, you’ll likely go home and be referred to a
surgeon to evaluate you as an outpatient basis. If your pain doesn’t go
away, it can be appropriate to admit you to the hospital and you may see a surgeon
or a medical doctor now. Once the diagnosis of gallbladder disease is confirmed, it’s most
often treated with removal of the gallbladder. Here at Parham Doctors’
Hospital we universally use the video laparoscope. Those are tiny incisions
made on the abdomen, where the gallbladder is
visualized with a video camera. Most people can have surgery the same day or late as next day and
then go home that very day. So, the overall hospital
stay is very short and relatively convenient. Most people are back
to work within a week. (upbeat music)

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