Stomach Slimming No Exercise No Diet Lose Belly Fat, Side Fat, Fat Chest, Arm Super Fast | MUKBANG 3

Garlic and Milk hello every one you are welcome to today mukbang, get rid of stomach fats, lose weight super fast and look years younger (prepare and eat) the first thing i need is glass cup i need milk, you can use any time of milk, dry or liquid pour 100 ml of the liquid milk, if you are using powder or dry milk, add 100 ml of water to it. this is okay for me, you can add more water if you want to, to already 100 ml of milk this is 100 ml of milk the next thing i do is to add just a pinch of onion powder or you can add fresh onion i need a pinch of onion powder into the drink. this is it i love the smell of onion the next thing is for to grab my garlic i will peel off the garlic skin i need only two clove of garlic, you can use more but less than 5 clove of garlic if you want to remove stomach fat quickly then consider using three to five clove of garlic. Garlic is not only effective for getting rid of belly fat, it also helps prevent weight it one of the best ingredient that help to burn fats friends this is two clove of garlic and that is okay i will crush it with my pistle you can blend becos it is small so crush with any thing this is it, i will add it into the glass cup, i love the smell of garlic. i will use the spoon to clear it and add all of it into the glass cup i will stir it this is good i will keep the tray away i’m ready, i will drink it and tell you how this taste perfect taste, wow if you are looking for easy way to eat garlic to remove stomach fats then this is for you. wow this is good, I love it the taste of garlic and onion make it a perfect drink for losing weight and get rid of stomach fats I will continue to drink garlic help to boost immunity this is good i love this, this is good for you to lose weight super fast you have to join me to drink this. just 100 ml of milk then you can add water to it. do this for 3 day to 5 days for you to see difference take it once in a day and in few days you will see amazing result. when you finished taking this, you will not feel like eating and when you eat less you will not gain weight. that is all we are to do in today mukban this is super effective and this is good all you need to do is go and try it do it 3 to 5 days and you will see how amazing garlic is. if you can take 5 clove of garlic that is good. the more you take the more you keep melting those fats in your stomach so if are done for today mukbang I will see you again in my next video bye bye

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