Strawberries versus Esophageal Cancer

[Music] studies like these showing that fruits can suppress the growth of cancer in a petri dish they’re all well and good but we need to know if they can do the same thing within the human body but it’s considered unethical to withhold conventional cancer therapies like surgery chemo radiation to test out some fruit or vegetable so what do you do well wouldn’t direction researchers have taken is to use combinatorial strategies for example adding phytonutrients from the spice turmeric or green tea along with chemotherapy to see if that works better than chemo alone well this gets complicated because chemo and radiation often work by killing cancer cells with free radicals and so antioxidants so though they may certainly reduce the toxicity of the treatment there’s a theoretical concern at least that it could reduce the efficacy of the treatment as well another way you can study the effects of plants on cancer is by testing dietary interventions on slow growing cancers like prostate cancer which is how Ornish and colleagues were able to to show their apparent reversal in cancer growth with a plant-based diet he could only get away with that because these patients were in an early watch and wait stage of cancer are there any other cancers like that esophageal cancer is not the cancer to get five-year survival it’s only about 13% with most people dying within the first year of diagnosis but the development of esophageal cancer is a multi-stage process though right you start out with a normal esophagus the the tube that connects your mouth to your stomach it starts out fine then precancerous changes take place and then localized cancer starts to grow and then eventually it spreads and then you die but because of this well-defined stepwise progression of esophageal cancer researchers on it as a way to test the ability of berries of the healthiest fruits to reverse the progression of cancer a randomized phase 2 clinical trial of powdered strawberries in patients with precancerous lesions of the esophagus 6 months of eating one or two ounces of freeze-dried strawberries that’s like over a pound of fresh strawberries a day and the progression of disease was reversed in 80% of those in the high-dose strawberry treatment at the beginning of the study none had a normal esophagus they either had mild or moderate precancerous disease but by the end of the study after all those strawberries most lesions either regressed from moderate to mild or disappeared completely here’s some representative before-and-after pictures give some strawberries and many went from moderate disease to mild or from mild to gone by the end of the study half of those in the high dose of strawberries walked away disease-free a drop of tumor markers before and after some new chemo drug know all because of just strawberries showing for the first time the dietary strawberries could significantly decrease the grade of patients precancerous esophageal lesions cellular proliferation before and after treatment with strawberries look at that right and what’s the side effect like get a little strawberry seed stuck in your teeth or something recent population studies also suggest that plant foods are protective against esophageal cancer whereas diets with lots of meat and fat appear to double the odds of cancer and lots of fruits and vegetables may cut ones odds of esophageal cancer in half a diet rich in foods of animal origin poor in foods containing vitamins and fiber in other word foods may increase esophageal cancer risk and now we know at least one plant that may even reverse the course of disease if caught early enough the findings were heralded as groundbreaking in editorial in the Journal of the American Association for cancer research given that the adora was written by a pair of pharmacy professors though they of course concluded that the active and components and molecular targets responsible for the efficacy of strawberries must be identified posing the question is the best approach should just you know eat strawberries or can they make a strawberry derive drug that works even better [Music] you

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  1. I'm not a Dr., but I listen to this one. Losing both parents to cancer and being a former smoker myself and after reversing Barrett's Esophagus from less stress, and quitting smoking, and quit excessive Alcohol and eating more healthier I feel confident that following studies like these and presented so we laymen can understand them that I will always be a step ahead of cancer. Thank You

  2. Superb video. Thank you so much for putting these out into the public domain in such an easy to understand format. Fantastic and inspirational.

  3. You videos present scientific case after scientific case for the adoption of a plant based diet. I have a feeling we'll look back in disgust at some of the things we ate. Should we be surprised that the most ethical option is also the most healthy?

  4. Enough about Jolie all ready…If any one knows would blending the berries into a smoothie reduce effectiveness?

  5. She had a mutated gene + a family history of breast cancer and the experts pegged her chances of getting it at 87%. I doubt very much that she would risk getting cancer to test out a new diet.

    She made a good move, no matter how people might feel about the loss of HER breasts.

  6. First off, I don't take personal anecdotes as hard science… Ruth was lucky.

    Random breast cancer isn't what we are talking about in Angelina's case – she had an 87% chance of developing cancer in the future because of a mutated gene and family history. That's at best. It's not "clearly" a lifestyle issue for her. For the rest of us, a clean, healthy diet will likely reduce our chances.

  7. My guess is it would enhance effectiveness. Fruits and vegetables have a cell wall and in raw form this cell wall is tough. Cooking breaks it down and enhances our ability to extract the vitamins and nutrients contained within. For those eating a raw diet I certainly hope they are blending everything. This can also help to break down that cell wall in order to maximize our ability to get at those nutrients.

  8. A whole foods plant based diet is the easiest change I have ever made in my life. All nutrition originally comes from plants so it makes sense. Why we ever started processing nutrition out of food is beyond me – white sugar has no nutrition but sugar cane is packed with nutrition. The same can be said for so many foods that we eat. I never realized this until I started taking nutrition courses at RIT. The switch to eating straight from the source came naturally after that.

  9. Cancer is big business. I received a tweet about this video and why it's not headline news. I repeat . . . cancer is big business.

  10. The rabbit hole is very deep. I completely agree with your points. However the publicising of Angelina Jolie and her subsequent health decision is to promote the cut, burn, poison 'treatments' offered by big pharma. I'm not stretching the realms of credibility to say that these 'celebrities' are nothing but pawns of the powers that be. Afterall what celebrities do, public follow, it's 'trendy'.

  11. "If there was instead some new drug that reversed cancer progression, you can bet it would be all over the place. But who's going to profit from revelations about berries?"

    Drug = Money, that is the sad truth about several ~ most people in this Earth. Several ~ most humans desire more money than helping innocent people.

    But Dr. Greger is different and good, please donate to this genius and kind human, he truly deserves it.

    Thanks a million.

  12. So, pharma discovers–what many have been stating for decades–that strawberries can reduce or eliminate cancer. What's their next logical step: As an alternative to eating strawberries, create a pill that a person can take.

    Save the strawberries!

  13. Yep, it IS big business…sadly in our break room today I see a big American Cancer Society sign inviting everyone to some big birthday celebration for the ACS…publicizing "fun foods and drinks for everyone"…no mention of healthy foods for anyone, just fun foods…can't even remember what restaurant it's being held in…ugh…you *KNOW* it will be fried and sweet foods and alcoholic beverages, plus tons of Diet Coke. sick sick sick.

  14. "She had a mutated gene." No, she had the potential for gene mutation given certain promoting factors. I am so sick of doctors–DOCTORS–witholding this information from patients and making the possible expression of a cancer-promoting gene equivalent to a death sentence. It's outrageously unethical. What Jolie decided to do is her business, but Western oncology doesn't even entertain the possibility that disease-promoting diet and lifestyles are as inherited as genes, and ameliorable.

  15. That's not what she said. She had genetic testing done and the BRCA1 gene she had was defective or "faulty" as the media puts it. That in combination of her family history pretty much guaranteed she would get breast cancer. She did the responsible thing, considering she is responsible for many kids.

    I wholeheartedly agree that we should find other ways to prevent breast cancer, but for her it was inevitable.

  16. I used to think a vegan diet was extreme…..until I became one. Now any other diet is extreme to me. I eat mostly fruit and vegetables and will never look back!

  17. So…I will keep eating strawberries, marionberries, blueberries and raspberries, fresh and frozen, since surely a strawberry based drug will surely be expensive? Beside, a pill is not as good in a vegan shortcake!

  18. Too bad berries are so expensive. Especially organic ones. Commercil strawberries are LOADED with pesticides.

  19. It is amazing how berries cure cancer, all these videos from Nutrition facts are amazing. Thank you so much for all the information.

  20. Fruits and vegetables should be at the center of our diet. Animal foods are bad and meant for real carnivores

  21. Oh God yes they've got to patent the novel strawberry derived drug! How else can they make their money….

  22. Very interesting. I'd like to know how to feed dried strawberries to people who are having difficulties in their swallowing. Most specifically, how to feed berries to a person with a G tube? Is that possible to use fresh berries or just the freeze-dried ones? Thanks.

  23. Cracks me up that instead of coming to the conclusion to eat more strawberries to help prevent or fight esophageal cancer… the researchers focused on finding the exact healing property of strawberries for pharmaceutical exploitation.

  24. Place where I live there r no strawberries produced so how can I add strawberries to the diet. Any suggestions please. Its urgent..

  25. "Well one direction researchers have taken.."
    For a moment I thought he was going to say "Well One Direction have been given cancer…"

  26. Someone tell me is this true? My mom was recently diagnosed and I've been looking everywhere for things that could help!

  27. Is a lot of the anti-cancer effect due to the cancer cells being in direct contact with the strawberry (powder)?
    Also do raspberries give the same benefits as strawberries?

  28. This is very interesting news re the strawberry powder and esophageal cancer. I consider myself at high risk.
    I have purchased freeze drid strawberry powder and calculated how much I need to consume each day to get 60 grams. Obviously 60 grams :), but what does it come to in fluid ounces? Sixty grams equals approx. 2.12 ounces by weight which is about 6 oz fluid oz. I weighed out 60 grams (2.25 oz) and then put it in a measuring bowl to come up with the 6 oz figure. It is a lot and it is expensive. Don't mean that as a deal breaker, but just be aware. I am going to do this for 6 months. Thus I am working now to find the best way to consume 6 oz/day. Wish me luck.

  29. Hello again. I commented yesterday I had calculated that 60 grams of freeze dried powder is equivalent to 2.11 oz by weight and ~6 oz by volume. Looking for the best way to consume this much powder, I obtained the paper Dr. Gerger cited in his video and looked at how the powder was consumed in the study. In the study, whether 30 g or 60 g "dose" the powder was taken twice daily, half at a time mixed in 240 ml (~8 oz) of water. The 30 g group mixed 15 g in 8 ounces of water twice daily. The 60 g group mixed 30 g in 8 ounces of water (a slurry in their words) twice a day. Haven't tried it yet, but will let you know.

  30. Those esophageal cancer images are terrifying. I can't believe something as delicious as strawberries can have such an effect on a disease like this.

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