Task Force Agila gets ready to transfer Chloe | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

– Mr. President.
– Mr. President. – Sit down.
– Sir, how’s Lily? She’s better now, but the lab results
haven’t been released yet. What’s the doctor’s diagnosis? They said it was acid reflux, or too much acidity
in the stomach. I’m praying that Lily’s
condition is not severe. – I hope so, Mr. President.
– Secretary Borja. Any other concerns? It’s about the case being
handled by Task Force Agila, the one concerning
the drug syndicate. Ma’am. As you were. Romero. I heard what happened
at your place. How are your parents? They’re fine. Dalisay. Thank you.
If it weren’t for you, something might’ve
happened to my parents. Don’t worry about it, ma’am. What matters is that
they’re safe. But ma’am, I think you need
additional security so that incident
won’t happen again. You’re right. We will do that. By the way, where are we on the
Chloe Delgado investigation? Ma’am, we’re getting ready
to transport the suspect for her inquest later. Good. Keep me updated. Yes, ma’am. According to
General Dela Cruz… Jacob Serrano’s associate, the woman under the custody
of Task Force Agila, hasn’t confessed yet. Not even a small piece
of information? Nothing, sir. It seems
this woman is stubborn. They must find a way
to get her to talk. As long as she
doesn’t confess, Jacob Serrano will
continue to walk free. Didn’t you mention that he’s
connected to that foreigner? – Yes, sir.
– If that’s the case… It’s possible that
the foreigner will escape and leave the country. Sir, immigration is
already on high alert. Airports and other exit
points in the country are being closely monitored. That woman under
Task Force Agila’s custody better speak up. We shouldn’t let that drug
syndicate leader go unpunished. Major Romero,
what is the plan of action for the transport our
suspect, Chloe Delgado? Sir, we will be following
standard protocol. Two marked vehicles will
be leading the convoy and Task Force Agila and CIDG
will be the main escorts. Hey. I thought you didn’t want
to rescue Chloe anymore. Look at Jacob.
He’s not listening! So we’re following
Jacob now, not you? Look… Your friend is a
ticking time bomb. So I have to keep him
from exploding. Otherwise, we’ll all
be in trouble. That’s why I must help him. I have to do something
about it. – Dalisay.
– Sir? You’ll guard the suspect. You’ll be responsible
for her safety. Yes, sir. You said we have to wait for them to bring Chloe out
of the police headquarters. So how do we know
when they do that? They will need to
bring Chloe out as part of the process
for her arrest. We’ll wait for the right
moment, and then we attack. Remember, everyone. We’re escorting
a high profile suspect. We have to be extra careful.
Is that clear? Yes, ma’am! I would like to reiterate:
I need your full cooperation. I don’t want another brawl, like what happened during
your last operation. Am I clear on that? Sir, yes, sir! Please open it. I am Police Captain Marquez. You need to come with us.

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