Tennis Elbow & Golfer’s Elbow Pain Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

(playing on guitar) Oh man, my elbow hurts.
Hey everybody, it’s Dr. Jo! And today we are going to talk about elbow injuries. So I’m
going to go through some stretches to show you how to get that elbow feeling better.
You might have heard of tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow. So we’ll go through a set of those,
and hopefully get you feeling better soon. What I’m going to show you now, is some stretches
for medial or lateral epicondylitis. Say what?! Most of you have been diagnosed as probably
tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow. And basically what that is, is a tennis elbow is when you
have pain on the outside of your elbow. These muscles coming through here. Those are your
extensor muscles, and then your golfer’s elbow is going to be on medial side, and that’s
the inside. Those are your flexor muscles, then ones that pull it in. So what I’m going
to have you do is you’re just going to start off with your arm out. You want to go gently
first, so to stretch out your outer muscles, those wrist extensors, you’re going to pull
your arm down. Now this is a stretch so you’re going to hold it for 30 seconds, do it 3 times
each. Now you can alternate if they are both kind of hurting a little bit. You can go back
up this way. Now that’s going to stretch out those underneath muscles, those flexor muscles.
So same thing, 3 times for 30 seconds. Now if that feels pretty good, and that’s not
getting quite the stretch you want, then you can use your other hand for some overpressure.
So what you’re gonna do is bring your other hand across, go down, stretch out those extensor
muscles. Pull that hand all the way down, you can see how far down that goes. Now if
it’s hurting, you’re probably not going to be able to go that far right away. You’re
still going to hold it for 30 seconds, do it 3 times, and for those inner flexor muscles,
you’re going to go out. You’re going to hold that there for 30 seconds. Now you can also
do this against a wall if you want to. If that’s a little hard for you to pull, you
can put your hands up against a wall and put some pressure on it. And there you go. You
got those stretches for your wrist extensors and your wrist flexors. Alright so there you
have it, those some stretches for your elbow. If you like the jammin’, please click the
like button, and leave us a comment, and if you would like to see some more exercises
or some educational videos, go to And remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope
you feel better soon!

56 Replies to “Tennis Elbow & Golfer’s Elbow Pain Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

  1. Hey Doc! I have a quick question for you: I have elbow pain, which seems like tendonitis, as I have issues doing Tricep exercises in the gym. The pain seems to be right underneath my elbow, right where joint is. I get pains when I make a fist and flex my bicep but not when I extend. I have been icing and doing these exercises, but it still seems to be hurting. I am avoiding the clinics, because I don't want a cortisone shot. Would you possibly know what I have? Thank you 🙂

  2. Is it like a stretchy hurt, or just pain when you make a fist and flex your biceps? Do you have any other pain when you are not doing anything, like resting pain? When you say underneath your elbow, do you mean where your triceps tendon is or the biceps tendon? I will try to help you figure this out!!

  3. Its more so pain when I make a fist and really squeeze, so for example holding a dumbbell, there is pain, but if I were to do a bicep curl, there is no pain at the top, but there is just when I hold or squeeze a fist at the bottom portion if that makes sense! It also hurts if I rest it against something, like a ledge or table. I think its my triceps tendon, its like where the little ball of the elbow sticks out, right underneath there and around the area. It really hurts when I do skull crushers

  4. That sounds almost like you have bursitis in your elbow. There is a bursa (little fluid filled sac) that usually protects our tendons from getting irritated/frayed on the bones, and sometimes that bursa gets inflamed causing bursitis. If you get a chance, check out my ice massage video for bursitis/tendonitis and see if that helps!!

  5. It kind of depends on how deep the laceration was. Did it go into muscle? Is it completely healed…not scabbing? If not, then yes you can start gently stretching it, but don't push into pain, just to tension. Good luck!!

  6. Good day Dr. Jo. i have been into bodybuilding for about 2 yrs now, and about 3 weeks ago as i was doing lat pull downs (for the back) i noticed that as i was pulling the weights to my chest i felt something (not a pain) in my left arm radiating to my left hand, its like a cartilage or something that is i think trap or pinch ( i do not know the term) hope you can help me

  7. It could be several things. When you feel radiating pain down the hand, it could be coming from your neck, chest, or elbow. I have a neural glides video that will help stretch your nerves if you think you have something pinched. Also, you might want to stretch your pecs as it could be trapped there as well. Good luck!!

  8. Hey Doctor Jo, I have about 2 months that I dislocated my right elbow. At the hospital, they told me that I had no tears in any of my tendons, only trauma. Had no fractures at all. After the hospital I was told to follow up with a physician, but couldn't afford it. After 3-4 weeks right after my injury, I noticed that my arm and elbow cannot straighten out to its full potential. Its been now 2 months and it has moved a little. Is there any advice/ recommendations, or exercises that you know?

  9. And do you might know what's causing my arm not to fully extend itself? Please help me. Thanks. I've already sent you an email through your website. Hope to hear from you soon.

  10. If you are having difficulty straightening it out, then your biceps tendon at your elbow is probably tight and causing the problem.

    Try holding a weight of about 5 pounds while your elbow is propped up on something, like the edge of a table. Relax your arm, and let the weight stretch and straighten your arm. You can do this several times a day.

    Good luck!!

  11. thank you . It took me three weeks to find and I found you and i tried and i felt so good after stretches. I SUBscribed you. and continue to learn.. 

  12. Donate? any?  I wish ya living in florida. I am not saying (call you and ask you out lol )  just want you take care of my muscle and learn whats best for me to improving.   

  13. Hi jo, I have had elbow-arm pain for 3 years, I can't straighten my arm and when I try I have so much pain in my joint. I used to be a boxer. I had ultra sound, injections and physio but none worked at all. Please help

  14. Love the video I had a dislocation almost a year ago and went through therapy. Luckily I regained plenty of my range of motion but unfortunately still can't straighten it entirely and still feel some discomfort when it is fully extended.

  15. Hello Dr. Jo,
    I crossfit and the pulling action is causing discomfort on my right elbow (it is not pain), but in the morning when I wake up it seems a little stiff, but I sleep on top of it, so that might be an issue.  I don't feel serious pain, just a discomfort but I have stop trying to carry anything heavy and I stopped crosfitting for the time being.  I saw a doctor and she recommended rest, ice and aleve, not stretches, should I wait until the elbow feels better for the stretches?   She also mentioned that it will take 4-6 weeks, that seems long but maybe she wants to play it safe.  Should I visit a physical therapist?  I also use what is call voodoo bands in crossfit, that seems to work, and it has been promoted by physical therapists such as Kelly starret, what are your thoughts on that?  I used them at first but right now I am just sticking to the doctors orders.  Thank you.

  16. Hi Dr. Jo,
    My dad seems to have a stiff right elbow or frozen elbow? When he curls his arm or bends toward himself, he can only get so far before it can't go any farther. He says he can't touch his right shoulder with right hand due to this limitation in elbow motion. There is a little bit of pain more on the outside of the elbow, but he's not very sure it's that bad. Seems to have slowly progressed 1-2 months. No problems with rotating his arm. He does play badminton about 3-4x/week. I'm thinking he should stretch it and try to regain the motion. Should he be doing wrist extensors/flexors like this too? Anything else that can be helpful to get past the seeming block in his elbow? Thank you!! Any advice is much appreciated!

  17. Hey Doctor Joe. 
    Yesterday, I fell on my left arm/elbow and was swollen. I went to the hospital the same day and got a x-ray. The doctor said that there weren't any broken bones or fractures however, the soft tissues in my elbow are swollen. He gave me some co-codamol as painkillers and told me to apply ice to reduce the inflammation. Currently, I can't full stretch my arm or fully flex my arm. My arm hurts when I try to straighten it and flex it. What should I do? I need your help Thanks Noris

  18. I have an achy feel in my elbow, not painful just achy and uncomfortable.
    Possibly bursitis? Should I do this after it fully settles down or would it be okay even if it's achy.More discomfort than achy. 

    I think it's from going too hard after not doing exercise for ages continuesly everyday without a break for 4 days. Tendonitis?

  19. Great video, thanks for the info! Two questions, if I may ask:

    1. I have some tingling in my right pinky finger, is this a symptom of golf/tennis elbow? I believe I have a bit of both as I can feel tightness and pain when performing both stretches.

    2. My left wrist, if I lay my palm face down, hurts on top or back of the hand on the left side just below the bone. Are there any exercises for this?

    Thanks for the vids and any help you can provide!

  20. I have some pain directly in on my elbow. Atleast as of right now it's not affecting the rest of my arm. Is there anyway too cure that?

  21. I'm glad you were playing that guitar in the video, I'm a guitarist and I'm pretty sure that's where my ache is coming from. I wasn't sure if golfer's/tennis elbow applied to me

  22. hope you can read my post doctor. i have a huge problem about my elbow, the thing is i can't bend my elbow after an injury due to a motorcycle accident. after the accident my elbow was twisted but luckily my friend "a sports guy" immediate done the first aid so my elbow is back to the normal position but right now. I can't bend it, it feels like a muscle is tightening inside that unable me to bend it. please i really need your advice and the right home remedies for my case. good day and god bless

  23. You are much happier then my doctors, their suggestion to most things is rest and ibuprofen while they roll their eyes

  24. Thanks a lot for informative & very useful video. It helped me a lot in relieving my pains. By the way you are looking great in strange outfit…

  25. I was literally looking for stretches because I played too much guitar hero. This was not what I expected, but I was very pleasantly surprised. My pain is now gone, thank you lol

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