The Health Benefits Of Banana | Health Benefits Of Banana: Boost Energy & Healthy Heart

friends today i am talking about banana f you are eating two banana every day then you prevent from which disease along with what is the right time to eat banana & which nutrition is found in banana & what is benefits & harmful to eat banana let`s begin friends banana is high in tryptophan that helps to reduce depression along with banana contains tryptophan that convert in to our body in serotonin due to helps happy mood brain banana reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes & those people suffered from diabetes they can eat one or two banana those people who wants to our loss weight banana is also beneficial for them along with banana makes to strong nervous system together improves blood cell production in our body because banana is high in vitamin b6 due to banana contains iron this fill the blood means anemia in our body banana in high in potassium & low in salt due to this reason lower blood pressure & protect against heart attack banana works in our body like prebiotic that helps to growth friendly bacteria in your intestine along with produce digestive enzymes due to this reason good nutrition of absorption in your body banana is called natural antacid provide relive from acid reflux in your stomach & heart burn banana is also high in fibre that helps to normalize constipation what is the right time to banana friends eating banana during night time you can ill from eating banana in night time you can face cough problem according to ayurved if you eat banana after breakfast then it is very helpful for your body & right time to eat banana in morning 8 to 9 am friends if you physical exercise then you can eat two banana before exercise benefits of banana banana contains high in fibre banana contains two types of fibre soluble & insoluble due to soluble fibre not to feel appetite in long time due to this reason you can use in breakfast 1.boost energy banana cotains many nutrients you can be many helps to use daily banana contains must nutrients potassium,calcium,iron,riboflavin & vitamin b6 due to this reason to helps to fit body together gives energy to make strong bone 2.lower blood pressure banana is fruit full with potassium due to reason of potassium is beneficial for many dangerous disease this control irregular heartbeat maintain blood pressure together helps to healthy brain 3.loss weight if people think that gain weight from eat banana but not so banana low in fat than high in fibre due to contains fibre our stomach is to be full not feel appetite hence you can reduce loss weight to eat banana 4. heart health fulfill with fibre food product is very good for your heart health according to survey by u.k leeds university to be contains fibre in banana both can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease & coronary disease 5.for pregnancy during pregnancy is common problem vomiting & muddle up in such if pregnant women eats a banana every morning then relives from can problem not only banana is good for unborn baby development rather to eat banana also gives nutrition in women side effects of banana high risk of gain weight for more eating banana because one banana contains 100 to 120 calories friends if you eat more banana then not reduce blood pressure but & more increase blood pressure those people who suffered from blood sugar they can eat one or two banana everyday more eating banana can constipation problem because banana contains more fibre then more time to digest nutrition fact of banana in a medium size banana calories 89 water 75% protein 1.1 gm carbs 22.8 gm fibre 2.6 gm sugar 12.2 gm fat 0.3 gm along with banana contains potassium,vitamin c & vitamin b6 no consultation fee now our doctor gives advise in free with no charge you can ask any question for all kinds of health related issue you can even contact me in my instagram thanks for watching

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