The Kapil Sharma Show – Season 2 – Ep 80 – Full Episode – 5th October, 2019

Hey! A very warm welcome
to you all. Hey, who are you all?
And what is all this? Bumper, you? You must be very happy today,
Kapil Sharma. Why? I have never climbed somebody’s show’s stairs
till now. Until now I lived
on my own terms. And today I am standing
in front of you, begging. What happened, Bumper? Today I have uselessness,
obligations, helplessness few pending instalments
and some useless relations. What do you have for me?
– ‘For me.’ Exit. If you like showing
people the way so much then why don’t you open
a ‘Pan’ stall? Anyway, you’re betraying
Sony TV. How did you change your phiz? Weren’t you a nurse before? I left that job.
– Wow.. All negative people come
to the hospital. Negative?
– Yes, all of them. Everybody has got one
or the other disease. But don’t try
to change the topic by talking about these things. Why didn’t you call me? Hear me out..
– Oh, no! You just talk to the hand. Talk to the hand.
– ‘Talk to the hand.’ There is nothing to say
or listen now. You are hosting
such a huge show but you didn’t think
of calling me? Well..
– Wow! I didn’t get time, Bumper.
I was helpless. You didn’t get time. Enough! Wonderful!
He didn’t get time. I have come here
after so long but you didn’t even offer me
a coffee or tea. You’ve changed a lot
in one year. Not one year, you’ve come
after nine months, Bumper. Have I come after nine months?
– Yes. Just a minute. Hello, Mr. Sony. Congratulations!
You’ve got Bumper! Bumper, very famous guests
are coming today. You just go and let me
get ready. – Yes.. That’s why I’ve come. You need Bumper the most.
From today onwards I declare myself as your personal secretary cum manager. How can you become
a manager so easily? I have to check whether you
are worthy or not. Even you’re not worthy,
but I am managing, right? Bumper, don’t be angry.
You just go now. Guests will arrive now.
– Yes, I know.. I know that Ms. Priyanka Chopra
is expected that’s why I’ve come here. I just want to check if you have
done the preparations properly.. Is this your preparation? Is this your preparation?
– What’s wrong in it? Why is this bunch of grapes
kept here? Do you want to attack someone? Come on.
Why are these apples so small? And what’s this? Dragon fruit.
Where’s the gun in dragon? And this papaya. If this papaya drinks,
then why isn’t it high? What is all this? This pear.. If that’s a pear,
where is its wife? It has come alone. Are these your preparations?
These.. This won’t work, Kapil Sharma.
You’re not good at it. I’ll just go in,
bring the prayer plate and I’ll do all the preparations
properly, okay? I’ll be right back.
Let’s go! Take this along. I am waiting here
to meet Priyanka Chopra. She came.. Bumper. Do you know, Ms. Archana?
– What? Priyanka Chopra is coming for
the first time in this season. I couldn’t even sleep
out of excitement. – Hey. She’s married now. Even this product
is sold, Ms. Archana. Anyway, the relation
between husband and wife is just like the wheels
of a bike. Both the wheels are dependent
on each other. And if a person
forgets his own wheel and focuses on some other wheel then the wife teaches him
such a lesson that he never forgets. There’s no back-up in life,
so everyone needs a specialist. Let’s not waste time
and call the one who won the title of Ms. World
after modelling she became so popular
after entering Bollywood and she made India famous
all over the world. With a huge round of applause,
I would like to invite our favourite woman, who is
an international celebrity now. Please welcome my most favourite
girl, Priyanka Chopra Jonas! Thank you.. Another huge round of applause
for Priyanka! Ms. Chopra.. Mr. Sharma.. That was fun! Priyanka, I heartily
welcome you. Thank you so much. I’ve come to your new house
for the first time. You don’t have time
to come out of America now. I keep coming, but I just
haven’t come to your house. Our business was down, right?
– Yes. Even that’s right.
She’s now.. I didn’t want to be insensitive. Priyanka..
– Priyanka.. Look how excited people are. Priyanka..
– Priyanka.. Priyanka..
– Thank you.. We’re meeting for the first time
after your marriage. We’re meeting for the first time
after your marriage too. Many congratulations to you!
– Many congratulations to you! You and Nick look
so lovely together. You and Ginni look
so lovely together. And also, best wishes
for your upcoming movie ‘The Sky Is Pink’.
A huge round of applause. Priyanka, people were so excited
that you were coming.. Actually, I’ll show you,
you just see. – What happened? Look at the excitement
of the audience. Please show the clip. Where did my vanity disappear? Oh, sorry!
This is our driver’s cabin. Over and out. Ma’am. – Yes.
– What do you want? – My vanity. Your vanity is not here. – What!
– There’s no vanity for you. Has Sidhu come back? No, ma’am.
Ms. Priyanka is here, right? So, all the vanity vans
are booked. We had texted you to get ready
and come. I am ready. But I’ll be changing, right? Ma’am, we’ve made a special
greenroom for you. A special one. Where is it?
– It’s over there. You’ve put green curtains and
are calling it a ‘green room’! As it is, you guys don’t
serve us proper refreshments. The way you guys cheat me.. If I had another job with me,
I would’ve quit this show. Actually, I would’ve
never done it. Why are you getting scared?
Why are you here, Sapna? I-I was doing threading inside.
– With a rope? It is easy to pluck out
nasal hair with this. You take it with you.
Okay, bye. Why are you going inside? There’s a ladies’ room
for changing, right? – Right. So, I’m going to change. If you go inside and change,
where will I go change? Why do you worry? Stand behind your car
and change. My car..
– Don’t you have one? Of course, I have.
– You have, right? Ma’am, I’ve told you many times
to park your vehicle outside. If I see it the next time,
I’ll deflate its tyres. ‘Amazing!’ Where’s my pizza?
– He is getting it. Give that to me. It’s Ms. Priyanka’s staff’s
pizza. – Ms. Priyanka’s.. Is it tasty? Let me see it. So, today.. Priyanka, now that you are here,
they are spending on you. I know. We are just being.. There’s no budget left for you. Actually, the problem is that,
in America, the expenses are in dollars. The production guys are
converting them into dollars.. It’s proving to
be costly for us. Right. – Do care
for the production guys. By the way, have you
noticed something? Priyanka is a global personality
currently. One doesn’t reach this position
effortlessly. Priyanka was about
to get married. She was shooting for a movie. After the wedding, she had
to even do the promotion. By the way, everyone knows
that our wedding dates were almost the same. But we got married to different
people is a different matter altogether. Correct. How do you feel upon meeting me
post-wedding? I am very glad to meet you
post-wedding. How do you feel up on
meeting me post-wedding? Do you know? Your wedding
was the talk of the town. In my wedding, we were talking
only about expenses. Do you know?
I was about to marry a girl from Hollywood? – Oh!
– I see! I dropped the idea.
My mom doesn’t know English. That’s why. Hold on.
Your mom doesn’t know English or you don’t? I am just asking. It’s almost the same thing. It’s nice to know this. To see you and Nick together. It feels nice when people
are learning about each other’s culture. While meeting your mom,
does Nick meet her like the Indian sons-in-law
by taking her blessings or by an air-kiss? It’s between the two.
He hugs my mom. Right, Mom? – Wow!
It’s nice. – Tell him. Does he hug you? Wow! I had tried the air-kiss
my mother-in-law. I got her earring in my mouth. Then I stopped trying. Let’s give Ms. Priyanka’s mom
a big hand. A hearty welcome to you. My aunt is over there. I feel delighted to know
that you are very fond of us. What had happened at the time
of wedding? We had sent you the invitation.
You didn’t turn up. I felt very bad. My entire family
always comes to your show. They come to meet you. Whenever I come, I bring my
entire family with me. I can see that. – But you didn’t
turn up for my wedding. I wanted to come
as the groom. But I.. Anyway.. I got it! That’s why he couldn’t reach. I wanted to witness it.. Firstly, it was
Priyanka Chopra’s wedding. Secondly, with Nick Jonas. So, I wish to know.
Your wedding procession had come from America. Were there any Americans who
performed the snake dance on the floor? Was there anyone? Do the Americans do it or not? Had any uncle of Nick got upset
in the wedding? But we almost had a fight
during the ‘Milni’ ceremony. We were trying to teach them
the Punjabi culture. – Right. That during the ‘Milni’
ceremony, you know.. The aunt meets aunt and the uncle meets uncle. So, we had informed everyone.
They try to lift each other and there’s competition
between each other. – I see. They ended up having a fight.
They took it very seriously. They were jumping
over each other. I mean, and I was like.. You know, I was.. But it’s a very
rare combination. A Punjabi family and the other
one, a Hollywood family. But they are very much
like a Punjabi family. They are a large family. The first time it so happened
that we were taking a family picture.
So, there’s Nick, his parents his four brothers, two of my
sisters-in-law.. – I see. So, all the sisters-in-law..
They were eight of them. Me, my mom, and brother
were like this. This is how we were standing. By the way, Priyanka, this is
your first visit in this Season but he always keeps
mentioning you. – I love her. But more than you,
he thinks of Nick. I want to show you. You haven’t even met him. He keeps changing parties. I keep thinking of you.
I love you. – Just see. ‘Pari, I congratulate you
for your movie ‘Kesari’. ‘Okay.
– Along with that’ ‘I want to congratulate
you for one more thing.’ ‘Yes. – You have got an
imported brother-in-law.’ ‘Priyanka Chopra
got married. – Oh, yes!’ ‘The public wants to know’ ‘whether you had got
Indian currency or dollars’ ‘during the shoe
stealing ritual?’ ‘Both.’ Actually, she had got dollars. ‘I had got a lot of Indian
currency and a lot of dollars.’ ‘And even diamonds as well.’ ‘Listen, cut this section.’ ‘I am afraid my sisters-in-law
might revolt against me.’ ‘I had just given
them blessings.’ ‘Pari, you had acted in a movie
‘Hasee to Phasee’. – Right.’ ‘Pari, you laugh so much.’ ‘Then why didn’t
you fall for me?’ ‘If she had fallen for me’ ‘Nick Jonas would have been
my co-brother now.’ ‘He is obsessed
with Nick Jonas.’ Co-brother!
– Listen..’ ‘Someone introduce
him to Nick, guys.’ ‘Give him Nick’s number.
Someone make them meet, guys.’ ‘I love foreigners.’ ‘Foreigners..
– Foreigners! ‘Caucasians. White people.’ ‘Chill! – What will you say..
What will you say to Nick?’ ‘Chill! Chill!
– What will you say?’ ‘What will you say to Nick
if you get to meet him?’ ‘What will you tell him?
– I will show him thumbs up.’ ‘After that?’ ‘I will say, the foreigners
have looted our country again.’ Pari was telling me. During the wedding Nick gifted diamonds and other things to
all his sisters-in-law. He gifted
them diamond rings.. You should’ve told me this,
Priyanka. Yes, he gave them
‘Kaleenchiyan’. I would’ve come there posing as your sister. I would have got a diamond if
I’d come disguised as a woman. What more does one need?
– This is bad. I consider him as my
sister since long. I am sorry,
I mean brother. Same thing. Don’t you remember? You forget such things.
– I know. Nick is your
brother-in-law too now. He has become the brother-in-law
of the entire country. I want to ask you
a common thing. When I got married..
– Okay. I had personally gone
to get the LPG cylinder. – Okay. I used to give instructions
to the cooks. – Okay. The public wants to know when rich girls get married what kind of preparations
you make. We also need the same things. I had sent my husband
to get the LPG cylinder. That poor fellow had come here
10 days prior to the wedding. So that I can
complete my shooting. He went with my mom..
My brothers.. All my cousin brothers. All of them.
My entire family got together and made
the arrangements. So that I can continue
with my shooting. Great. You’ve chosen
the right product. Haven’t I?
– They make a cute pair. Wait a moment.
– Okay. This is my first visit
to this new house. Yes. – You keep asking
questions to everyone. Yes.
– I should get the right to ask you questions once,
isn’t it? – Of course, please. Fine. So, you make everyone
laugh all the time. We.. So many people are fans
of Kapil Sharma Show, right? All are big fans. I want to know whether you
can make your wife laugh. Does she laugh at your jokes? Did you hear the sound
of the glass breaking? Ginni! That didn’t happen.
Okay, forget it. If your mom calls you
from one end of the house and from the other
end, Ginni calls you. Okay. – At the same time. To whom
would you go first? That never happens because
they always stay together. He have formed a gang.
My mom and.. First he will go to his wife
and then will come to me. She said that he will
go to his wife first and then will come to her. Mom,
how can you do this to me? You are insulting me
on national television. Okay.
Ma’am, one more question. If.. God forbid.. If you and Ginni have a tiff..
– Okay. Who will he try
to cajole first? His wife first. Really? People say that after
marriage, men change. But in my case, it is my mom who
has changed after my marriage. Have I ever done that, Mom? You are incredible, Mom! He loves me a lot. Very good! You have become smart,
Mom. I will cast even you
in the next season. Okay, one more question. My son loves me a lot. Then why would he go
to his wife first? Don’t try to cover up now. The damage is done.
It’s okay. Okay, one more question. Ma’am,
congratulations to you too. And to you too. I heard
that your wife is expecting. What was the hurry? What was the hurry? Couldn’t you wait
for some more time? Thank you, Priyanka. Your movie
is getting released, not mine. Since the time she came here,
she has made my life impossible! What do I do? Okay, one more question.
One more.. Today,
Kapil is being interviewed. Come here. Stand in the center. Last time I had met you
before your marriage, right? Right.
– I know that Kapil well. I will get to know this one
too.. – Right. …as the show goes along. What if, hypothetically,
you are given two choices. One is a cheque
of Rs. 2 cores. – Okay. And the other is, a holiday in
Maldives with six hot girls. Okay. Which one will you choose? I will choose the cheq.. I will choose Rs. 2 crores. What! – Because I can
arrange the same package by paying just Rs. 60,000. Okay, anyway.
To change the topic. Priyanka, I had seen that rich and famous had
attended your wedding. Rich people like Ambani Family and many other big
businessmen like him. I was curious to know how much cash do
these rich people put in the gift envelope? Only about 180 people
had attended my wedding. Not many people were invited.
– Okay. Mostly, 120 members
among them were family. Okay. – So, I didn’t get
many gift envelopes. I got a lot of blessings. Got lot of blessings. Is it?
– That’s what I want. – Wow! I asked because,
I was wondering since they all
are rich people they, too, give
the Rs. 2,000 currency bills or get currencies of
Rs. 25,000 specially printed. For instance, when Ms. Archana
attended my wedding What did you give him..
– In the gift envelope.. Instead of putting cash in the gift envelope,
she had written on it ‘put whatever amount
you want to, in this’. She.. Did you hear that?
– That was my experience. Anyway! Priyanka, I have
too many questions. You are here for the first time
after getting married. Our audience has
too many questions to ask. They said that they would want
to talk to you when you arrive. Please go ahead. Who all wanted
to ask her questions? Yes, ma’am.
Give her the mic. Hello, Mr. Kapil. – Hello.
– Hello, Ms. Priyanka. Hi.
– My name is Krupa. Hi, Krupa.
– I am from Bombay. I am a big fan of yours, Kapil.
– Thank you, Krupa. Ma’am, my question is..
In India there’s a ritual that on the first night
following the wedding the girl serves hot milk
to her husband.. Did you also
do that for your husband? I like her tone! No, actually I didn’t. I am lactose intolerant and so is he. What’s that?
– One doesn’t like milk. No, but..
– Okay. Okay.
Even I am lactose intolerant. When my husband had come,
I had forced him. You forced him!
Oh my.. Wasn’t there
any trouble at night? Ma’am, I was observing fast
the entire day and had to consume
hot milk at night. Of course, there was a problem.
– That’s what I am saying. I didn’t want that problem. Do you have any idea
as to why hot milk is offered? The groom doesn’t get to eat
anything due to his wedding and if you make him drink milk
there will be acidity. He would keep running
to the washroom. Since you had milk,
did acidity happen? Yes, sir. – It did?
– I can’t digest milk. Lactose intolerant!
– Yes. Had the things
got out of control your bride would have
left you on day one. She would have thought
that her husband is.. Okay, fine. Thank you. Is there anyone else
who has a question for her? Yes, ma’am.
Give her the mic. Hi, Kapil. – Hello, ma’am.
– Hi, Ms. Archana. Hi, Priyanka.
– Hi! I’ve come all the way
from your in-laws’ country. Are you from America? Yes, sir. Wow!
Welcome! In 19 years,
I couldn’t spot Nick Jonas. How did you manage to find him? I am from Dallas.
I am from his village. Yes, Nick is from Dallas. You’re actually
from his village. – Yes. He left Dallas
when he was very young. Yes, he was too young
when he would live there. I met him at Met Gala.
– You should.. You should have been there. Isn’t there any other man
in your family? May be his elder brother or
someone from your side. – Wow! I am ready to marry him. Yes,
one of his brothers is single. Let me give you my phone number. But he is just 18 years old. Is that okay?
– I don’t mind. You should
aim for Sylvester Stallone. I have a question for Mr. Kapil. Yes, ma’am.
– You are the hero. No one can replace you
in the entire world. Thank you, ma’am.
– Best comedian ever. Thank you. I have many Mexican friends. Okay.
– They work with me. When we are too stressed out..
– Okay. – …we watch you show. I translate everything
that you say to them. What do these
Mexican girls say about me? They love you. Oh lovely!
– And they’re pretty too. What?
– They are pretty too! Oh, they are pretty too!
– Why do you care? No..
– Ginni! Thank you so much.
It’s so nice to have you here. Thank you.
– Thank you. Anyone else? Yes. Hi, my name is Avinka.
I am from Germany. Hi, Avinka. – This is my
first time visiting India. And I am really overwhelmed
by all the people and colours. Especially
the traffic in Mumbai. It’s the best! – Same to you.
– Best, yes. I wanted to ask you.. You have come back
after such a long time. Do you get overwhelmed
by all of this? Do you forget sometimes
how busy it gets and how colourful
and full of culture it all is? I come back very often. Every three months I come here. I don’t get to meet Kapil
or other people. But I am from Bombay,
so I cannot forget Bombay. Thank you so much
for this act of kindness. I hope you understood
the whole question. Ouch! – Otherwise I can explain
in another language. I shot some fire! Say it in German. Oh!
– Great.. We don’t differentiate
among languages. Priyanka, you can even
speak German! – Yes. Is there anything
that you don’t know? She knows everything.
Thanks.. Thank you. – Thank you so much.
– Thank you.. Thanks a lot. I was just.. Come with me. Come here..
I’m having too much fun. I am meeting you
after so many years. Priyanka, please come.
– Come. – Welcome.. Bumper, again you are here! You guys may leave. He will keep bothering me. Why are you here again? Can you just
talk to the hand, please? Oh, Bumper! I am not some festival to be
celebrated only once a year. I wanted to be here
so I came here. You guys make no sense at all. Kapil Sharma,
today a daughter of this country will talk to another daughter
of this country. And when two sisters are talking
you shouldn’t interfere. Please. She can be considered
a daughter of this country but you are an island. What do you want to talk about? She’s Priyanka Chopra
and you look like Madan Chopra. How can you be her sister! Okay, she is Priyanka Chopra
and I am Madan Chopra. But why are you
acting like Prem Chopra? Because of such
non-serious statements our show’s TRP has reached at 4. It’s a good thing, right? It’s good for you.
Think about the channel. So many parties
are being thrown. Since so many parties
are being thrown Ms. Archana gets drunk
on a daily basis. And when she is drunk she throws her husband
out of the house. She is like, ‘Our TRP is at 4.
You should get lost.’ The way you survive in Hollywood
and Bollywood on your own similarly, I am Bumper and
I am not dependent on anyone. Ms. Priyanka, tell me something.
– Sure. Among Jonas Brothers.. I’ve got to know
that one of them.. I don’t know if it’s a cousin
or someone else. One of the brothers is single.
Right? Yes, there is one.
His name is Frankie. Is he single?
– Yes, he is and he is 18. That’s all right. Okay, he is single.
But why do you ask? If he is looking
for a decent girl, by chance then I am ready
to be Bumper Jonas. Does the last name ‘Jonas’
suit you at all? Really? If Jonas doesn’t suit me
then what does? Sharma? No.. Kapil Sharma,
don’t even think about that. I am not that kind of a girl! Don’t even think about me. Even if you offer me
your entire wealth then maybe I will agree. That’s right..
– That could be an option. One should be practical.
– Yes, I agree. Practicality is important.
– Yes, very much. You get that?
– I get it.. Yes.. That happens. By the way, Ms. Priyanka..
– Mom can help you with this. She can talk to my
mother-in-law. – Ma’am, please if you could recommend me.. Please, I will be very happy.
Thank you. First have a look
at her eyebrows. There’s no gap in between. She has created
a bridge for lice. They start from here
and end up being there. You think you can marry
Nick Jonas’ brother! Kapil, I run a very good clinic. It’s called Studio Aesthetique. If she comes there
I’ll make her perfect. That’s it! – That’s
Priyanka Chopra’s mom! Wow! Along with the movie she even
promoted her studio! – Plus.. Movie and studio! I am sorted. Actually,
I have to get back to work. But you know what? This is my
first appearance in this season. Oh!
– Yes, it’s my first day. Congratulations.
– Thank you so much. I want you to inaugurate me
on my first day. You want me to inaugurate you!
– Yes.. If you cut this ribbon,
I will be inaugurated. Oh, good God! He is..
– If you don’t mind. Oh yes! Wow! Thank you very much. By cutting the ribbon you have
done the bumper opening. Kapil Sharma,
please ask your questions. Be confident
and don’t be scared. Okay? You can do it!
Yes, you can! Yes, I am leaving.
Thank you very much. I am going. All right?
– Bye! – Thank you. Bye. Bye.. So, we will continue
to talk with Priyanka but before that
I would like to invite another guest
from ‘The Sky Is Pink’. So, please welcome writer, director, producer singer
and very versatile actor.. The one and only
Mr. Farhan Akhtar. Give Farhan Akhtar
a huge round of applause. Welcome, Mr. Farhan. You look very fit and handsome. Thank you.
And, you too. Are you serious? No, my mom says,
‘Always return a compliment.’ Ms. Archana, you must be aware that ‘Gully Boy’ has been
nominated for Oscars from India. Mr. Farhan is the producer.
Congratulations. We wish you all the best. We pray that ‘Gully Boy’
wins the Oscar. Congratulations.
– Thank you so much. Sir, please have a seat. Mr. Farhan.
– Yes. Priyanka and you look amazing. ‘The Sky Is Pink’,
but usually the sky is blue. Why is your sky pink? Actually, in this movie.. This is a family drama.
– Okay. There’s a very good scene
in which Aditi.. Priyanka’s character!
– Okay. She is talking to her son
who is far away. She is in London..
Aditi is in London and her son is in India.
– Okay. They are talking
and her son tells her that he got scolded
by his teacher because in the art class
he painted pink sky. Okay.
– Then she says.. ‘The colour of your sky
will be of your choice.’ ‘Let no one else
decide that for you.’ Nice! – That’s why it’s called
‘The Sky Is Pink’. Mr. Farhan, you already had
some problem with blue colour from the beginning.
– Yes, I had. Because you sang a song,
right? ‘Why is the sky blue?
Why is the water wet?’ Yes, I was waiting
for the script of ‘The Sky Is Pink’
since then. But I would definitely
like to say one thing. Priyanka, we’re your fans
for sure. Mr. Farhan, the films
in which you work and which you produce
are so wonderful movies. And.. Like ‘Zindagi Na
Milegi Dobara’ is one of my favourite movies.
– Thank you very much. So.. Mr. Farhan, I’ve seen that many
of your movies are based on friendship.
– Yes. And even the actors who work
in them are your friends. Yes. – Do you pay them
or for the sake of friendship.. For the sake friendship..
– No. I say this in front of everyone
that they work for free. Okay, that reminds me.
Priyanka, you.. Payment reminded you of me? Hey, I.. – Have I ever not paid
you for coming here? P-Please hear me out first.
Oh, Goddess.. I know that you have
full of energy. My question was that you
work in Hollywood as well you work in Bollywood as well.
– Yes.. Do you pay taxes in both
the places or do you cheat
both of them? I wish that was possible. But I had to pay in both
the places.. You’re very interested
in our accounts and all. Why? Sir, just like that.
– That’s it? Even he is going.
– Oh, even he is thinking which tax to pay.
– Yes. I was just discussing
before he came that I got so many.. What do we call a proposal
in Hindi? What do we call a proposal
in Hindi? I got thrown up.
– Proposal.. I got so many proposals
from Hollywood also. – Okay. They may not know
that you’re married. No.. That’s my attitude.
There’s nothing.. Farhan, you were shooting with
Priyanka before her marriage. Yes. – You’re now promoting
after the marriage. Have you observed
any change in Priyanka? No..
Not at all. I mean, the movie doesn’t have
anything to do with her marriage and all. I know her since 2006
when I made Don. – Right. So far, I haven’t observed
any major change in her because of her stardom..
– That’s so true. She stayed just the same always.
– Exactly.. True to herself. Ms. Archana knows me
from many years. I played your mother
in one film. We worked together in two films.
– What! Yes. – You played the role
of Priyanka’s mother? Which film?
– Yes. Last was ‘2050’.. Right?
And.. Even in ‘Krrish 2’, I acted
as your boss. – Yes, you did. In one film, you were with
Mr. Ashok Kumar too, right? Actually, that’s true.
Actually.. – Really? I don’t remember the name
of the movie. I mean, we were obviously
not opposite to each other. But I worked
with Mr. Ashok Kumar. I was just kidding and..
– Give me some credit, man. I am here from many years.
– I love you, ma’am. It’s very difficult to survive
in the industry for many years and after that trapping
rich politicians. Yes! Do you know that Priyanka
said something about Nick in an interview..
What to do? I think you’re obsessed with
Nick more than me. – Obsessed. Every second question is about..
He should’ve come here in between us..
– He’s India’s son-in-law. Country’s son-in-law. Country’s son-in-law.
Correct.. When I initially heard the news,
then I prayed to God that may it be a rumour. But when it got confirmed,
then I accepted it as I can’t do anything.
– Acceptance is good. So, I heard that Priyanka says
that Nick loves Punjabi songs and he even listens
to Bollywood songs. Sometimes he even listens
before going on the stage as he’s a rock star. Seriously, which Punjabi songs
does he listen to? He recently posted a video
in his story which I saw in the morning
when I woke up. The song ‘First Class’
from ‘Kalank’. – Oh. So, he went to the stage
while dancing on it. Wow!
That’s so cool, man! I laughed a lot.
I woke up in the morning. I said, he simply got slipped.
– Wow! I am sure that.. Priyanka belongs
to a Punjabi family so maybe she listens
to songs. Did this ever happen that Nick
is singing English songs and he suddenly starts
acting like Punjabi? I don’t think that’ll take
very long. Actually..
– It’ll happen. Actually, even I can’t do it.
Rock it.. Done.
Correct. I am Punjabi, that’s why..
– Yes.. You have it. There’s a scene
in ‘The Sky Is Pink’ in which Farhan is talking
to Priyanka on a call. He’s having a romantic
conversation and his dad arrives in the film,
and he disconnects and sleeps. Farhan, has it ever happened
in the real life during school or college? You were talking
to your girlfriend and Mr. Javed came. Have you ever got
caught red-handed? No.. Dad never caught me, but mom
caught me many times on phone. Because back then, we used
to have landline connections and there were no
cell phones and all. – Right. So, if you pick one phone here
and if mom picks the other.. I mean, teenage romance
doesn’t have much conversation. It has more silence. If you think about it.
Yes. And we waste a lot of time
on phone.. Hi.. Even the mother gets bored
of the silence. She’s like, if you guys want
to use the tariff then just talk. But I got caught by her
once or twice. Farhan is absolutely right.
It actually happens. They talk less.. And while hanging up,
they waste some more time. You hang up first.
– Yes.. My sweetheart, you hang up..
They talk like this. Nowadays, it’s more difficult,
because people talk on FaceTime these days.
– Oh, my God! Now you have to say, you hang up
first face to face. Earlier you could keep the phone
on the side, saying, you speak.. Yes. – No, you first. No one would even know. This video call that
has started.. Video call has destroyed
everything. Destroyed everything. Really. May they be destroyed, the ones
who have started a camera phone. But I was just thinking,
like a regular father like me will catch and scold.
Mr. Javed is such a big poet and a big writer, so I felt that
if he must have caught you he must have given you a few
lines, saying, “Son, say this..” The girl will be impressed
with this. With poetry. – No, it didn’t
happen like that. But before scolding he says,
“It has been said..” Oh, my! And then when I am so scared,
I have to say.. “Go ahead”. Now Farhan just admitted that
he would talk to his friends in his childhood, everyone
does it. And all types of people do it. Not necessarily only girlfriend
and boyfriend talk. When girls get married, they
gossip about their mother-in-law with their mothers. Or sisters-in-law talk to
each other. Or could be sisters. I want to know from the audience
what kind of things you all talk about covertly. You can share your incident. Yes, ma’am. Hello, everyone,
my name is Amita and I have come
from Hoshiyarpur, Punjab. Okay, welcome, ma’am.
– Thank you. Sir, when I was engaged
20 years ago. – Okay. It was not allowed to talk and
meet covertly. When I got engaged, the next
day my husband called and he said to me that
I want to meet you. So I told him,
we just met yesterday. So he said, yesterday there were
so many people, it was no fun. What? It was no fun? – Has
your husband come with you? He is sitting here. How are you, Mr. Fun? Amazing!
He is the romantic type. I love to hear about
such incidents. Then what happened? Sir, when I refused him,
he said we can’t meet but I can look at you, right? Okay. – I said, no,
that is not possible too. So he said, fine,
when you go to school.. I was a school teacher at
that time. – Okay. Tell me from where do you
catch your bus. I told him the bus stop. Next day, when I went to the
bus stop I saw a man was coming
towards me slowly on a scooter and I am going from this side.
– I see. He was looking at me
and I was looking at him. And he was going on smiling. I thought, he is so stupid.
Who is this man? Stupid! – He is so stupid! I was engaged yesterday
and today someone is teasing me. Yes. – And this man comes to me
and says, hello, hi. And I got so scared.
And I thought he is so stupid, he teased me
and left. Later when I went ahead,
I thought, this man seems very familiar. Later I realised, he is the same
person with whom I got engaged. When you were talking about
him being romantic.. He did such romantic things
at that time. And now I was looking at his
reaction and he was sitting like this. Yes, these things had happened
at that time.. Thank you for sharing.
Thank you so much. Anyone else, who wants to..
Yes, mister. My name is Mohammad Taufeek,
I am from Uttar Pradesh. Welcome.
– My problem is that I was in
love with one girl. And.. The problem is of the girl.. Okay, then.. I would talk to her secretly. Once I was talking to her
with the blanket over my head. Okay. – Were you alone
in the blanket? I was.. Alone in the.. Blanket. Oh, you mean you were
talking on the phone. Yes, I was talking on the phone
all alone. So I was telling her one day,
I will die, I will marry you. My dad heard this. – Okay. He threw me out of the house,
he beat me. I came to Mumbai. I came to Mumbai and I drive
a rickshaw here and I will marry that girl only even if I have to do
menial jobs for that. Wow! So how long back is this story.
– It’s about three years. Three years? Are you still
in touch with that girl? Yes, I talk to her. Oh, you still talk to her?
So your dad removed you from the blanket immediately? That.. I.. Didn’t you tell you dad, I have
warmed the blanket let me sleep for some time. Sir, you say it, maybe he will
see the show and she may agree.
Go ahead and say it. I should say it? If I had so
much power, why would the girls from our country
marry abroad. I am just saying it. Go ahead and say it. Okay, madam, if you love him,
decide between yourselves I have nothing to do in this. If your love is true,
you will marry her. Thank you, sir. Thank you, Mr. Taufeek. Anyone else?
Yes, madam. Hello, sir. Hello, ma’am.
– Hello. I have come from Surat.
Madhu Agarwal. Sir, when I got married,
I didn’t have a mobile phone. Okay. – We would wait, when
it would be night and we both can talk to each
other on the landline. I had a craze that my husband
would talk something romantic, but when we
would talk he would either doze off
while holding the phone. Okay. – Or he would give
me some principled talks that when you come, touch
grandma’s feet. Make preparations for
the veneration. And all the time would pass
by in these talks. And I would wait, when
he will talk something romantic. After marriage did he do
anything romantic? Now there is no craze. It didn’t happen when
there was craze. Is that your husband
sitting next to you? It was good to hear that you.. Sir, what happened,
you didn’t feel like talking romantic things
at that time. Sir, I had kept all those
things for after marriage. Take a close up
shot of his. Oh wonder man! I get to see such
great personalities! Wow. Thank you for sharing
your story. – Thank you. Stop the song.
How much can I keep walking? And you girls
were told to do cat walk but you started
to do morning walk here. Okay. A big applause
for the girls from Nala Sopara. Wow. Today, Hollywood
has come with Bollywood. I tell you the truth. Since Farhan is here,
today’s show will be rock on. Hi.
– How are you, Sapna? Hi.
– Hi. You look
very beautiful. – Hi. Stop it, Kapil.
– Thank you. Sit. Thank you. H-How are you?
– I am doing great. Sorry,
English. – Talk in Hindi. You LE This isn’t
what you think it is. No.. Not at all. I had radish
flat bread yesterday. – Oh God. Are You LA,
Los Angeles? – Yes. Me.. NS, Nala Sopara. You are very nice. My
aunt likes your show ‘Quantico’. Bragging about Quantico!
Do you know about Hollywood? I know a lot about
Hollywood. Don’t talk too much. Archana also works
for Hollywood. – How? There is a board that shows
‘Hollywood’ in Los Angeles. She becomes the
letter ‘O’ in Hollywood. Didn’t you
ever see it? – No.. Look from your window. She
bends over to becomes the ‘O’. You talk so much nonsense that
I get calls from Mr. Parmeet. Why would he be calling
you? He is the other ‘O’ there. Why are you going
around with all these balloons? But you look
so nice. – Thank you. There is so
much of fashion in this. I went to 50 birthday
parties to get this dress ready. Hey, talk sensibly. She is
from LA. What would she think? She is from LA.
I came here earlier. When one comes from LA,
you forget one who came earlier? Archana came and
will you forget Sidhu? Don’t you forget Sony
network or we will go hungry. Okay fine,
Pappu, Chintu. Hey Manu, Puchu..
come. Yes.
Give me the money. Look.
Give me money. Look. Look.
Give me money. Look. What are you doing? They are poor people.
I am showing them rich people. Give me money.
Look. What are you
seeing there? Look here. If you see that side,
I’ll have to give money myself. Hello ma’am.
– Ouch. Sir. I saw your
trailer.. It was good ‘Sky is..’ Pink.
– Pink. Thank you. Farhan Sir.
I brought a gift for you. Thank you. What will he do
with a chilli? – Pickle it. Didn’t you see
the trailer? He says.. Grandmother is in the pickle..
– You say that. – Yes. Don’t you do your
homework before you come here? Hey, stay there. Don’t you
do your homework? You do many interviews.
Don’t you know what to ask? You are correct. You have done
so much of research. You have done research.
You saw the trailer. Our show is touching the
skies. A big round of applause. It’s so successful, Sony
TV threw a party. I was there. Is it?
– Sony started to touch me. I said I was not a girl. Sapna, why have you
come here today? I wanted to talk
to Ms. Priyanka. Ms. Priyanka.
– Yes. I want to become a model. Why do you want
to become a model? Tell me that first.
You are asking stupid questions. Ms. Priyanka, do one thing.
Make me Miss World. Okay.
– Really? It’s good to become
a Miss World. – Yes. Why? Do you know why
I want to become Miss World? They give a good reaction. When they announce
the winner of Miss World.. Shall I tell you something?
Practice it now. They react like this, right?
I want to react like that. Do it once.
I’ll say it. – Okay. And Miss World 2019 is Hey, you have won
Miss World and a train did not
pass over you. What are you doing? You know, models have
a lot of attitude. – Yes. Isn’t it? 200 people sit here.
200 people sit there. They wear free clothes and
walk in between with attitude. I.. What attitude do they show? Attitude?
See the attitude. Somebody else’s clothes.
Somebody else’s show. Somebody else’s chair. Somebody else’s vanity. Look at her attitude.
This is called confidence. Sapna.
– Yes. She has come from L.A. Has she come from L.A
to listen to your nonsense? Should I go to L.A
to tell her this nonsense? This doesn’t make sense. Actually, ma’am.. Sapna, you broke the chair. Ms. Priyanka, I.. Ms. Priyanka, I liked
one work of yours. Which one?
– Which one? ‘Mary Kom’.
– Thank you. Mr. Farhan recited
amazing poems in ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’.
– Yes. Recite a line for us. If you are moving
with an eagerness in your heart you are alive. One line.
– You asked for one line. So, he has recited one line.
– Okay. I will also recite
a poem, Mr. Farhan. Please recite it. You are a male if you enter a gents’ toilet
dressed up as a lady. You are a male if you wear a skirt
and sit like this on a scooter. Why are you laughing? I am describing you
to them. Ms. Priyanka, I have
a beauty parlour here. We have different kinds
of massages. If you want,
I can give you a massage. Tell her what massages
you have. I have ‘Barfi’ massage. Okay, what is that? In this massage,
we remove the customer’s clothes and we pour sugar syrup
on his body instead of oil because ‘Barfi’
is a sweet dish and it’s a sweet dish
massage. Okay. So..
– Sweet dish. No! So..
– It sounds good. Let’s try. It’s good, right?
– Yes. Farhan, you should
definitely try this. Absolutely. There is one more
massage for you. ‘Baywatch’ massage.
– Okay. What happens in this? In this massage,
we call two customers. We remove one person’s
clothes and start his massage. And we tell the other person
to watch. That is how it works. I have a special massage
for you. – Really? ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ massage.
– That’s great. What happens in this? We remove
the customer’s clothes and hit him few times
with a stick. We tie him to the chair then. We make him hang
on the fan after that. Who does this? This is ‘Dil Chahta Hai’
massage. I’ll do whatever
I feel like. You are impossible. Customers come
from L.A. too. Really?
– Yes. Vin Diesel comes here
to fill diesel. – Okay. I don’t have
diesel today. So, I’ll give him CNG. But keep visiting us.
We’ll be happy. I cannot get
a better massage than this in the entire world.
– Absolutely. World class. And send this skirt. Yes, Mr. Farhan.
I’ll send it. – Please. It’s amazing. I want to wear this
on the next red carpet. Okay, Ms. Priyanka.
Okay. Thank you, Sapna.
– Bye. My cheeks are hurting. The chair has broken.
– What do I do with this now? Shall I keep my leg here? I’ll host the show
like this. It’s quite relaxing. Tell me. That’s really funny.
But keep it like that. So, what is your.. As you all know many rumours keep spreading
about film stars. There are many rumours
about both of you too. So, we don’t believe it. We ask our guests
directly. I would like to ask you
one by one. Farhan, we have heard
about you that you applied
vanilla ice-cream on your face instead of makeup for one scene
of ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’. Is this a rumour or is it true?
– This is absolutely true because Pluto, the dog,
had to lick my face. – Oh, yes! And the camera
was behind me. – Okay. They told me to apply
ice-cream on my face and he will come running
and lick my face and give me lots of love.
– Wow! So, I applied a lot of
vanilla ice-cream on my face. I remember this.
– Yes. And Pluto.. Pluto had given him
a facial. Pluto took advantage of me. Priyanka, is it true that you liked eating
green chillies a lot and that is why
your parents called you Mitthu? My aunt had named me Mitthu. I used to do
a lot of mimicry when I was one
or two years old. We were at home
in Ambala once. Somebody came home.
So.. How do I say this? Well.. – I don’t know
what you’re going to say. That person
had gas problem. That person had gas problem. Oh,
that person had gas problem. That person
had gas problem. I also made
the same noise. So, I would repeat
the sounds that I would hear. That is why
I was called Mitthu. Right, Aunt?
– Wow, ma’am! This was an innovative idea. Actually, you might have
more experience. When you board
the flight to America things will be fine
till we reach Dubai. You will realise the meaning
of national integration by the time you reach
America from Dubai. ‘Theplas’ come from
where Gujaratis are sitting. You can smell ‘Parathas’
from Punjabis. By the time the flight lands
in New York the American airhostesses
would have lost their minds. We are in New York.
But we are not sure. That is how
they welcome you. But this.. What a pleasant chair! We should have done this
earlier. You are sitting
in ‘Agneepath’ style. Isn’t it?
– Like this. Correct. Oh, ‘Agneepath’! She was in ‘Agneepath’.
Absolutely. You are in every movie. But I am still here. Somebody told me
that you played the role of Duryodhana
in ‘Mahabharat’. Farhan, there is a rumour that you were impressed
by Abhay Deol’s singing while recording ‘Senorita’ that you had offered him all the songs
of your next movie. No, this is a rumour because his voice
was unique in the song. I didn’t want it
to be exposed more after that. Farhan used to pretend
to faint so well as a kid that the school staff
would drop you home after giving you juice. Absolutely. Absolutely. I have fainted so much
in school. Why? Because I wanted
to return home soon. Whatever happens..
Hey, how’s it going? There is one more. As a kid,
instead of the bathroom you would take a bath
on your mom’s bed. Is this for me?
– It is about you. Oh, God! Is it true?
– It is true. What!
– Because.. Yes, I did. How is it possible?
– What! Because my sister, Zoya..
– Yes. She would always have bath in my mom’s room. Okay. – And I used to
have bath in the kids’ room. She would always
come and tell me that she had a bath
in mom’s room. I used to feel jealous that she’s having bath
in mom’s room and I never get
the permission. – Okay. One day, I asked mom whether I can have bath
in her room. She said, of course
and went somewhere. I always thought
Zoya had bath in her room. Okay.
– I took a bucket. I dragged it to her bedroom
from the bathroom and I sat on the corner
of the bed and I started pouring water
on myself. This is true. Farhan, there is a rumour
about you that the tattoo
on your right hand was not done by you. It appeared on its own. What! Yes, on my right shoulder.
– Okay. What is this story? This is tiny tattoo
on my hand.. I was with my friends and we were partying hard. They decided
to get a tattoo done. After that, I only remember
waking up the next morning and the tattoo
was on my shoulder. Priyanka, I have heard that you miss eating Golgappas
by the roadside when you’re in the US.
Is it true? I am very fond of Golgappas. Can I have some in your show? I asked you this question
because for the first time ‘Sony TV’ has sanctioned
the budget in order to treat Priyanka
with Golgappas. Girls never have Golgappas
all by themselves. I will accompany you
as your friend. All right. Mr. Farhan..
– I will be the Golgappa vendor. Bring the Pani Puri and I will be Priyanka’s
female friend, Sonia. Sonia!
What.. Wonderful!
– Wow! – Let’s go. Please come. All right, stop right there. Now, we are talking! Mister, let him prepare
the Golgappas. – Okay.. Pass him your towel, please. Here..
– Okay.. Shall we stand here? Let’s stand over there. Please come here. Come on, dear! Come on, Sonia! Mister, please give
us Pani Puri. Hold on a minute. Every Pani Puri vendor
is not a ‘mister’. Oh, dear! Shall we call you ‘darling’? Will you treat
us to free Golgappas? What if I wink at you? Can we get two plates? Let’s wink at him
and distract him. He will lose count of the number
of Pani Puris we eat. That’s a great idea, Sonia!
– Yes! You’re the best! Mister, please make it spicy. No, please make
them using mineral water. Ma’am, pills are supposed
to be taken with mineral water. Pani Puri cannot be made
using mineral water. He’s so funny. Here.. At least, wear gloves.
– Gloves? Am I supposed to be a batsman
in a cricket match? Just tell me
what you want. Do you want it to be sweet,
spicy or medium? She prefers it in
English medium. She has come down
from the US. Actually, for me.. Is it nice? It wasn’t that nice. Make it sourer. Wow! You want it to be sour.
Is there good news? – Stop it! I have had a lot of fun
by deceiving my mother-in-law by telling her
that I crave for sour food. I once had 70 Golgappas
and burped. Do you want it
to be sourer? – Yes. Please take off your gloves. Make it
without wearing the gloves. It will become sour
by itself. Disgusting!
– No.. Take them off..
– Oh, my! Come on..
– Dip your nail in it. I want one
with black pepper in it. Disgusting! Thank you. Oh, dear.. Now, I know why it tastes
so good. I don’t like this.
However, this action would do. Excuse me, mister.
– Yes. The Golgappas were fine
but as a payment do you want cash or a kiss? Ma’am, isn’t it obvious?
Kiss. Kiss him. No!
– Kiss.. Kiss..
Come on! That is how we pay. We have paid for expensive
things by doing this. Do you want
a kiss as well? I will not kiss you.
Get out of here. Take this away. A huge round of applause
for Farhan and Priyanka. Bye, mister..
– Don’t leave. Let’s meet during the break.
Okay? – Okay. I will have this
after the shoot. Later.. A huge round of applause
for Farhan and Priyanka. Farhan is going to bid adieu because he has
other appointments. Farhan, thank you so much.
– Thank you.. Thank you so much for coming.
All the best. Thank you.
– I had a great time with you. Thank you very much.
Bye! Please be seated, Priyanka. Now.. Please change this quickly.
Hurry up! Are you tired?
– So, friends.. It’s time to invite
another special guest who has acted alongside
Farhan and Priyanka in the film ‘The Sky is Pink’. Please welcome Mr. Rohit Saraf. Rohit, welcome to the show. Thank you.. I have heard that there
are no postal workers anymore. Yes, there are barely any.. Your dress reminded me
of postal workers. Do you remember.. He doesn’t understand fashion. You’re looking very handsome.
– Thank you, sir. He has acted as Priyanka’s son
in the film. – Oh! He’s looking
very young on-screen. He looks very handsome now. I made an effort for you
and this show. Superb! You know, he played
Alia Bhatt’s brother in his first film,
‘Dear Zindagi’. In this film,
he is Zaira Wasim’s brother. Did you join the industry
to do films or celebrate ‘Raksha Bandhan’?
Such a handsome guy you are! What can I do if I they think I
fit better in a brother’s role? It’s not true. – You
look lovely in the trailer. And the film seems beautiful.
– Don’t consider me a brother. You can be my brother. – No, I
don’t want to be your brother. Oh..
– Why? I just saw your feminine avatar.
– Oh, that.. That’s only on TV.
I’m a manly man actually. Well, when you learned
that you’d be working with Priyanka Chopra
and Farhan Akhtar.. – Yes? How did you feel when you knew
you’d be coming to my show? Let me tell you something. My mom is a huge fan
of your show. – Thank you. My entire family. – My family,
too. – Yes, absolutely. So, when I told them..
I received the plan that I’d be coming to your show.
They were more excited about it more than I was for the film.
– How sweet! Thank you, brother. Thanks! What do you mean? I’m in trouble.
– No, what do you mean? So, you didn’t want to do the
film. You can join this show. Ms. Archana,
you’ll get an assistant. Don’t do this.
– I’ll take you to task. You have to deal with me
after this. – Don’t scold him. He’s a cute guy. – That’s how
she is. She did the same in the film.
She scolded me as a mother. I didn’t! You should have seen
his activities in the break. I’ll tell you how mischievous
he is. – Rohit is very sweet. But he is naughty.
– Naughty? – Right? Look at his face glow.
He looks like a shelled egg. A shelled egg! That’s so true.
– High in protein. A sleek boiled egg.
– I’ll come and sit with you. Come. Come, dear.
– She is more dangerous lady. She will check your pockets.
You don’t know her. Rohit, during the shoot,
did you happen to meet Nick? Yes, I met him twice.
– Wow! In the film, you must
be calling her as mom. – Yes. When Nick arrived, did you call
him as brother-in-law or dad? What did you say?
– Neither of those. Kapil is obsessed with Nick.
– I see. – I have noticed it. More than me.. Anyway, he has
lost interest in me. – No.. Let me tell you
something seriously. It’s not a part of the show. But people
have requested me to call both of you on my show. They’d
like to see you two together. Ask them.
– Yes, that’s true. Okay.. Fine. Let’s rehearse.
How will you ask him questions? He doesn’t understand Hindi.
– Okay. Well, you both can come. I’ll
talk to you and then you can.. I’ll translate for him.
– Yes. Okay, suppose he is Nick. All right, I will translate. Hi, Nick, welcome to our show.
– Hi, Nick, welcome to our show. You needn’t translate this.
– Thank you, I’m very happy to be here.
– Thank you so much coming. Thanks a lot for coming.
– Thanks for having me here. Bye, see you! No, Priyanka, when Nick comes,
I’ll be ready with my questions in English. – Okay. – I mean it.
– Save our reputation. Don’t let me down. – Well, if I
mess up, tell him that we can’t change. These are my friends.
Now he understands. He will learn Punjab gradually.
– Yes. – Teach him Punjabi. Okay. – Don’t expect me
to speak in English. Teach him Punjabi
and bring him here. We’ll chat. But he dances to Punjabi songs.
– He does that. See.. Punjabi people
have that effect. Look at that.. Priyanka Chopra Jonas
in the house, guys! And, Rohit, my brother,
in the house! And, Kapil Sharma, you
are in everybody’s house! Look, Kapu Sharma, I sang your
praises as soon as I arrived. I praised you.
– Yes. – So, when I talk to them you will not disturb us. That’s the deal, okay?
– Okay! Ms. Priyanka, namaste.
– Namaste. – Hi, bro! I’m Achcha Yadav,
I’m from London. Let me tell you something. In India, soil halwa is famous. It’s semolina, not soil.
– Semolina! I know what it is.
Semolina, soil – Yes. Both are the same.
– Same. – Here.. So, I was telling you that
the way semolina halwa is famous in India, similarly,
in London, your fashion is the style statement! Rohit.. Hi, bro!
– Hi! Wait! Kapu Sharma, do you
have any personal relationship with Jackie Shroff?
– No. Why? – Last week Tiger Shroff came here and now
Rohit Shroff is here. What’s up? I’m Rohit Saraf. – Rohit Saraf.
– That’s why he’s quiet. Ma’am, I watched
your film trailer. I was stunned. What a trailer!
Full of bonding and all! I loved it.
Kapu Sharma, you know what? Actually, the sky is blue.
– Right. – Why is her sky pink? Why?
– Because what happened is looking at her beauty,
the sky blushed and turned pink. Ms. Priyanka, I want to
pour my ‘kidney’ out to you. It’s ‘pour my heart out’,
not kidney! It’s no use telling her my
feelings, she’s already married. Rohit, I’ll tell you about
my kidney. – Sure. You know what?
I drink a lot of water. – Yes. Then I urinate a lot. – Eww!
– That’s good for the kidney. Everyone knows this.
– Everyone knows but no one says it! Well, if you are
so learned, bro.. – Yes? Then tell me, why is
Ms. Priyanka called as PC? Because it’s her nickname.
– But Nick is Jonas’ name, bro! Ma’am, my phone is ringing. Let me answer it.
I’m sorry. – Okay. Oh, my God! Look.. It’s the brother-in-law.. He’s calling me up.
– Which one? – Joe? The elder one.
– Which one? – Oh! – Gosh! It’s his name, Joe Jeth!
Joe Jeth! Hello, Mr. Joe Jeth! Ms. Priyanka is very happy
and comfortable. Aren’t you? She is comfortable.
Tell Mr. Nick not to worry. If Mr. Nick worries too much,
he will ‘panick’. I always crack such jokes.
I’ll hang up now. Okay, then, are you done here?
– No. I know a few more jokes
like the ones I just told you. Shall I tell you?
– Yes, please.. Tell me, what’s Mr. Nick’s favourite English film? Which one?
– ‘Titanick’! I’ll tell one more. – Yes.
– Mr. Nick also sings songs. So, who is Mr. Nick’s
favourite Indian singer? Who is it?
– Alka ‘Yagnick’! Kapu Sharma,
here’s one question for you. What does Mr. Nick like to wear?
– Knickers! – What the heck! ‘Anik..’
– No, it’s wrong. He likes to wear clothes!
What’s wrong with your sense of humour? What a guy! Ma’am, your film
had released named ‘Bajirao Mastani’. In that film,
you said a dialogue that is ‘You can ask me
for my life’.. It was something like that. I mean this dialogue
influenced me a lot. If you don’t mind can you say that dialogue
again, please? If you had asked me
for my life I would have offered
it to you happily. But you snatched away
my pride from me. Wow! Wow, that is great! I would like to use
the similar dialogue for Ms. Archana.
– What? Ms. Archana, if you had
asked me for my chair I would have offered
it to you happily. But you snatched away
Mr. Sidhu from us. Great! Hey, what are you saying? What will Priyanka
think about you? Why would she think
about me, pal? She is Priyanka Chopra.
The world thinks about her. Why would she think
about anybody? By the way,
Ms. Priyanka, I will tell you.. You stay
in Los Angeles, right? I stayed in LA
for some time as well. There is an actor there named Tom Cruise.
– Yes. I used to watch
for his work. What sort of work? I used to go to the theatre
and watch his films and I used to say..
‘Wow! Wonderful work’! You should do some work too.
Stop looking at other people. Kapil, the lectures
you keep giving me.. The friends
you have brought here through Punjab nepotism why don’t you lecture them? Enough, Kapil Sharma. Today, I will disclose that.. That.. Where does a dog urinate? Pole.
– Bathroom. Where?
– Bathroom. Which dog urinates
in the bathroom? You have the wrong dog, pal. Either change your dog or ask your dog
to change the owner. There is something fishy
going on. So it’s that.. What?
– Pole. Pole.
Today, I will disclose your secret. I am telling you this man here got all his friends
from Punjab whom he calls a band. This is no band.
– Yes. Do you know about music? The person playing
the guitar.. Mr. Dinesh used to walk around
in his village scratching his belly. Kapil Sharma got him here and fixed a guitar
between his hand and stomach and then.. A few months ago they received a contract
to play music at a wedding. They all sat
and didn’t play anything. So, the groom’s father asked them to play music to which they replied,
‘Ask the groom to crack a joke’ ‘then we will play’. Is this a band?
– Awesome. I am telling you honestly nobody can make a better
use of a torn note and a Punjabi friend
than Kapil Sharma. Ms. Priyanka.
– Yes. All right, I need to leave now. The thing is, the sky
that used to be blue has started turning black.
– Oh. So, I will go
and pass my time outside then my sky
will turn pink too. Can you understand? All right, bye. Ms. Archana, see you.
Hey, pal! Please give a big hand for Priyanka and Rohit. Come, Priyanka. Now, it’s time to click
a beautiful selfie. Ms. Archana, please come. Thank you. Please give a big hand to Rohit
and Priyanka Chopra. PC, I am saying this
from the bottom of my heart that whenever you come
to the show it becomes more fun. Thank you so much
and you’re the pride of India. Thank you so much, PC.
– Thank you. God bless you.
– Thank you. Thank you, Rohit.
– Thank you so much. And all the best
for the film, ‘The Sky is Pink’. Thank you, Priyanka. And all of you
keep laughing and smiling. Keep your surroundings clean. And keep watching
‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Goodnight and sweet dreams!
Thank you!

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