The McChicken Nugget Cake Project

(rustling) (whoosh) – Hello everybody, hope you’re all right. I’m just enjoying my McCoffee, we’ll come onto that in just a minute but today’s video should
be Mcinteresting indeed. This is a Barry Tries-video
if you missed any other Barry Tries, do have a Barrathon, check out the whole playlist
at the end of this video. This one today maybe
should have been Ask Barry, because it was requested
by one of you guys. This is a recipe that
originates 2012 except, when it was submitted on my
contact form on the website, you didn’t put a name so
it just came through Anon. Which is short for anonymous. Or maybe it was Akon and you
just spelled his name wrong. Remember that singer few years ago? ♪ Lonely, I’m mister Lonely ♪ ♪ I have nobody except my pugs ♪ Don’t lick my face, I keep
telling you that mate, come on. Yup, so I was sent a link to a website called, and on there is some
cupcake chicken nuggets. And this sounds weird, but it also interest me. The fact that it’s basically like, a fried bread crumbed in cake cake. This morning I’m really excited for it, and it’s almost like a sign. Because I was was walking
the dogs this morning, and this happened. I’m out walking the dogs
by this busy main road. And I’ve actually found a authentic, chicken McNugget box on
the side of the road. I was thinking of doing that anyway. It was just randomly of all the things, I’ve seen on my dog walk. And trust me, I’ve seen a lot of things, I see a McNugget box. That was a 21.91 like a six
one so I went to McDonald’s. How are you doing? You can’t do chicken nuggets
this time of the morning, can ya? – [Woman] (murmurs) – You don’t have a spare chicken
nugget box I could barrow, do you? Or pay for it? – [Woman] Yeah, one four? – Yeah, just like a six
one or something like that. – [Barry] Back from McDonald’s. I’ve got my nugget box. – Back from McDonald’s. – [Barry] Yeah. – Okay. – [Barry] It makes it
authentic, I’ve got a coffee. And also had a flatbread. But, that’s all for research. Honest. – Okay, if you say so. – Yeah, so while I was there I
ended up getting a flatbread. Which was actually quite naughty. But it was all right and a coffee. (grunts) But, most importantly of course. I also got (grunts) McNugget box. You can kind of look at this as like, a fried cake-pop without a
stick so it’s a fried cake. Because it’s not a pop
it’s not on a stick. It’s not a Popsicle it’s fried cake. And I don’t know why, but it
sounds really interesting. And I might try fries as well at the end, we’ll see how we go, okay? I’ve got an idea. But, first of all, We need to make the season-y
bread-crumb thing. Apparently. Okay, So I went out also, and bought loads of vanilla
sponge cakes this morning. Or you can just make one uh, massive one yourself if you want. Some of these are gonna be used now. And some are gonna be
used to make the nugs. (saloon music) – [Barry] All right so there’s one. ♪ Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum ♪ Now I’m just gonna take off uh, the nice bit. I actually love that part of the cake. Where it’s been browned you know? This is not essential but, I’m just trying to give it
a nice consistent colour. I’ll be doing this a lot actually. Kinda looks like a block
of cheese now doesn’t it? But, all I’m gonna do for these, is cut them into fairly even wedges. And then we’ll go down this way. And then one, two, one, two. Now I could cut them up more, but effectively these are gonna
be our flavoured breadcrumbs. Which we actually need to
flavour a bit more than cake. Is that even possible, other than icing! You damn right it is. That’s right we’re
getting a big mixing bowl. Oh, and thanks for the guy
that tweeted me a link, for the big plastic mixing bowl. You know I broke my other one, I’ve got two big ones on the way. You’ll see it soon. – [Barry] And the cake is going in. Do you know what I’m gonna make some more. (bubbly keyboard plays) Really nice. So what we’re gonna do is
add in some brown sugar. And some cinnamon to give it some colour. And some– Well, I guess added sweeteners. Because cake needs more sweeteners, doesn’t it Boston? Don’t look away from me. But, I’m just gonna mix this through. Aw, actually, I wanna
get my hand in there. Ah, that feels really nice oh my gosh. (laughs) But, you can see if I
just adjust my focus. (groans) That’s the
wrong way. There you go. It’s sort of nice and
dusted now and coated. All right guys. So, the oven we are put
into a very low 120 C fan. Which is 140 C to sort
of slowly cook them. We don’t want to burn them. We wanna dry these out to kinda give them, like a crumby texture. Yep, so what I’m gonna do is take these, and spread them out onto
this lined baking tray. Oh my gosh they smell amazing! And, of course, you didn’t really need
to cut them into chunks, like this. It just made it easier to
coat them individually. You could have just done
them in like big thick slabs. Or just drenched a whole cake in there. Cause we’re gonna wiz this all up anyway. (string instruments) All right, I’m really
really happy with that. I’m just waiting for the oven to pre-heat. Which should be uh, any minute now. If you haven’t seen it actually, McDonald’s and I do have some history. I actually went to where
they make McNuggets. That’s about a year and a
half ago maybe two years. Uh, I wanted to make their french fries, and it was actually quite a fun video. So, if you haven’t seen
that video go check it out. Oven did just pre-heat. Yeah, with that McDonald’s
video I’ve never said anyone– Never said anyone? I’ve never told anyone this before. But, I don’t think I probably should. But, when I agreed to do
that video I said to them, “If I don’t get a question answered, or don’t get to be shown
where I wanna be seen, and get to talk and tell
people what I think. I’m not doing the video.
I won’t put it up.”, and they agreed to it. So, yeah fair play to them. I think they do get you know, a little bit of stick don’t they? But, hey-ho these are going in
for about an hour apparently. And about half way through
we spin them around, so they dry out and evenly get crunchy. So this, what we’re baking right here, is more of the coating, as I say. So, we really need to make the chicken. You’ve heard of Shaun the Sheep. Uh, this is some Shaun the Cake. This is cake that I’ve shorn
or shaved or sliced or chopped. Just like you saw before. What I’m gonna do– I feel like this gives
me a slightly wider area, than that side. I’m gonna take I think…. about and inch slice out of it, like that, okay? All right , cool. And any of the spare
bits of cake left over, don’t chuck it out. All right I got a huge bowl over there. Make cake pops with it. So all I’m gonna do is make, like a rough sort of nugget shape. I don’t really know what I’m doing. (laughs) Now this is good for like
a standard disc, like that. Almost looks like an egg just
a little bit of a wonky egg. Just something like that. (laughs) I like that. Bear in mind it will get thicker, because we are gonna put
our crumbs on as well. So maybe I might have made
these a teeny bit too fat. But hey, I love my fat nuggets. On this cake you can do as loads. But, I wanna show you something else. There’s a cake here uh, in the UK actually I’m not
sure if you guys get it. Uh, it’s called, I forgot what it’s called, Angel Cake. So it’s a cake in uh, three
different coloured laces– Laces? Layers? Three
different coloured layers. Pink, standard, and
then yellow at the top. A little bit like the Battenburg in a way. But like a horizontal one and
its icing holding it together. Now you see the top yellow
layer of icing then. I thought we could try
to make fries with that. And if this does work I’m
gonna be really gutted, because I didn’t go get a fries box. So yeah, it’s nice and
chilled hopefully yeah, the yellow layer will just
peel off like this (sings). Look at that. But, french fries McDonald’s
fries are very very thin, so this might not work. Ah, that’s really nice and firm. Just to shave off the frosting. Take the ends off, although in a strange way
that might look rustic. It might make it look more potato-y. And then we wanna get
rid of that whole crust. Some kind of left, with quite a nice thin
strip of yellow cake anyway. Yeah, so this one I’m just gonna halve it. And take some matchstick slices
out of it to give it that– (laughs) Look at that, yeah. (fast music) There we go I’m actually
pretty happy with that. But, what I’m gonna do
is put the one that size. You can still see a little fat like that. See one or two all right. You all right tapping that cabinet? Now they’re just a little
bit too wide at the moment. So if I just take a smidgen off like that. Now this bit again is
going in the cake pop bowl. That is better. Just a little bit off there, let’s make it a bit more square. (laughs) French fries. We gonna fry these as well. I think that’s gonna work
I’ve never fried cake before, I’m excited. If you sorta look with
a squinty eye from afar. That does look a little
bit like chicken nuggets, and chips already. But, I’ll just show you what we’ve done. We’ve got the fries
they’re looking really, really cool they’re just
a bonus thing anyway. But the nuggets, I just
wanna show you here, the first ones that I sliced. In fact this is the one
I showed you on camera. That’s quite thick isn’t it? It’s quite big much like a shoe. But, then I cut them a bit thinner so, you can sort of see the comparison
with something like that. That’s about a third
thinner and a lot smaller, and I think this might be the way to go. But um, I guess we’ll find out. Anyhow it’s been half an hour, so I’m gonna shake up
these crouton things. Oh yes, it smells really
autumnal in there. I just realised I haven’t
put a cat out today. They’re up there having a rest. (happy humming) Oh, they’re a little bit toasted
actually that’s quite good. But, it’s hard to see if I’m
gonna turn them over really. So I’m just gonna scatter
them around a bit. And we’ll push you a little longer. So we do want it crunchy. I gotta admit I’m having
a lot of fun today. I have no idea if this is gonna work. The one thing I do know, is make sure these aren’t
piled up on top of each other, and make sure they’re all evenly spread. These are gonna go back in the oven, for another half an hour. Right, I’m just putting
my coat on because, we’re waiting for those crouton to finish. We need dips. I would normally use these dipping pots. Which are fine! But, let’s make it authentic. (door slam) Just come back to McDonald’s. There it is. Just for the authenticity to get, the little dunking pots you get with your nuggets,
all right that’s commitment. Literally just walked
back in from the shop, and the oven timer is going off. Timed to perfection. All right behold my dipping pots: mustard, brown sauce, ketchup. Nutella, kind of obvious. Lemon curd, I like that, and this is raspberry
jam but, it’s seedless. (giggles) That’s probably
the worst looking but, I really like Nutella. (smack) Whoops dropped one on the floor. Stay. Stay, Stay, Stay. (laughs) They’re crunchy! The cinnamon vibe in there is
very autumnal isn’t it guys? Huh, you like that? We’re gonna wiz them up now. (sound of crunchy food blending) Yes! It’s time to set up our dunking station. This is 100 grammes of
our wizzed up crumbs. I only know that because
I just weighed it out. (shushing) 100 grammes of that
and 100 grammes of plain flower. And just like how we made
the falafel the other day, a little bit of baking
powder to give it some pop, when we fry it, nice. So we just mix this through
got a bit worried then, it looked a bit like white. Now it’s starting to look
like a coating again. So get it all nicely
incorporated into the flower, right through there. Bingo! In this bowl is the wet stuff. One egg. Shell optional, and some
butter milk apparently, not too much. Whisky whisk (whisking noises). Meh, I think I’m gonna
need more than that. I’m gonna double that up. (bell) I always got more if I need it, but this is gonna be
what the cake dumps in, to grip it to our crumbs. Bingo. So here’s what’s gonna happen
I’m gonna take a nugget, I’m gonna dunk it in the
buttermilk eggy mixture, with my wet hand. Plunk it into the breadcrumb, then use my dry hand to scatter it on. Lift it and sit it on the board. Do that with a few of the nuggets. The chips don’t need
anything done to them. (stove clicking) So, we might as well get our oil on. Randomly this is the oil
that I used the other day, for the falafel. But, here we go then I’m
taking a piece of cake, into the buttermilk mixture. And just kind of like when you’re making, any sort of battered stuff before. Shake off any excess or ‘egg’cess, get it? ‘Egg’cess… (forced laugh) And then I’m gonna just drop it in there, and sprinkle it all on. Oh my gosh, that actually
does look like a nugget. Look at that and I’m
gonna sit it down there, and repeat that with my other ones. But, just remember when you’re doing this, Mr. Miyagi style wax on wax off. One wet, one dry. Honestly, these have turned out so good. If I was to say to you now that
I’m making chicken nuggets, and zoomed right in on that, they do look like breaded nuggets. Honestly, I have no idea
if this is gonna work. I’m praying it does, because I think this
is gonna be brilliant. Uh, I’ve got some wire
rack and a kitchen towel, to drain it off. My oil is hot we’ll test it if it works. We’ll do it. All right let’s do this. (gasp) Oh my gosh, it’s actually working. Oh my gosh! I can’t even see, but it’s working! Aw, this is brilliant it’s just getting, a little bit golden brown now . We’re getting those little bubbles, I can confirm this is not how they did it, In the McDonald’s factory. They make three million nuggets a day. But, look at that. Oh my gosh, it’s so bright in the kitchen. I’ll get a close-up, but
that is looking brilliant. The colour is fantastic as well. Here it comes! Ah,Look at that. Oops! Yes. The only problem is it is leaving, quite a lot of crumbs in that oil. So, I’m going to have to
start working a bit quicker. I gonna go put maybe batches
of three or four at a time. (energetic music) You know what the really scary thing is? I actually want them
to be chicken nuggets. I don’t want them to be cake, I’m really craving nuggets now. But now, you like that Boston? The fries, this is just
simply frying cake. This could work the oil
is a little bit dirty now, it’s been used quite a few times now. But, I’ve heard of fried
Twinkies so maybe this’ll work. We don’t wanna fry it as much. These are very delicate indeed. Let’s just see what happens
I’m gonna go with one. Imagine if McDonald’s only
served one fry at a time. All I’m looking to do is
just fry the outer edge, to get that just sort of
golden brown bit on it. And also to add strength
to it cause obviously, it’s just a strip of
really weak cake right now. You can even add sugar onto
it to make it look like salt. Guys, it’s actually working oh my gosh. Oh, shiver me timbers that has worked. Amy, we just made cake french
fries are you not entertained? Folks, I need you to use
your imagination right now. Because, everything you see
right here is not savoury. #NotSpon cake no chicken McNugget. Actually, McCakegguts I should
have put an extra ‘g’ in, cause it sounded like cake guts. Cake guts sounds a bit better. (maniacal laughter) Check this out. Look, they look insane this is like, a proper chicken nugget
meal with my fries. Look at that. They’ve actually firmed
up from being fried They’ve strengthened. (laughs) Do you know what? I’ve got the teeniest bit of sugar there, I’m just sprinkling it on
to make it look like salt. (laughs) Oh my gosh. Oh don’t mind me I’m just dipping, my chicken nugget into my sauce. This is so weird. I’m totally gonna mind trick
the girls in a little bit, Someone just tweeted me, ♪ Ba Da Ba Ba Bah, I’m puggin’ it. ♪ I’m ‘stonken’ is another one, I already wrote it on the box sorry. Adding the salt to those fries though, this is just fried cake. Doesn’t taste anything like french fry, my mind is so confused. (chewing sounds) Kind of like a donut really. The nuggets interest me cause there’s, a little bit of flavour in there. Um, let’s try it without the
jam I dunked it in there first. The texture of a nugget
and then it’s just cake. Cake with an added crispiness, and a little bit of cinnamon in there. Maybe a bit more next time. But, look at that. This is an amazing prank
to play on your friends. I’ve seen people make chicken
nugget cakes savoury style. But, now you can flip
reverse it make these, and do them sweet to catch them out again. So it properly isn’t cake! With the jam, it just spilled. Oh, that’s good. Oh my gosh. All right, I gotta save
these cause I really, really wanna see the kids reaction. But, just before you do if you
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website leave me down below, a message or on your
social media of choice, and maybe I’ll try it out. Right, kids reaction, I’m
looking forward to this. (outro music) – [Barry] Right, Phoebe
is not here is she. – No – [Barry] So, we’re stuck with you two? – Yes – [Barry] What are these? – Chicken nuggets, chips. – Right. – Um, and this is brown sauce
I’m think that’s mayonnaise. And that’s ketchup. – [Barry] Okay, funny
looking mayonnaise right? – Yeah. – It tastes like cake. It doesn’t taste like a chicken nugget. – Can I dip? – [Barry] Yeah. Yeah. – Let me get Nutella. – [Barry] Don’t you mean brown sauce? – Or Barbecue. Oh, wow. – [Barry] Do you like it? – Yeah, I did. – [Barry] Guess what? I’ve
never fried cake before. I feel like I wanna fry everything now. Is that weird? – It’s cake. – [Barry] Yeah, it’s a cake chip. – You said it was really chips! – [Barry] Yeah, with salt
on it, but that’s sugar. – I knew it was sugar!

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