The REAL Reason Apple Cider Vinegar Works for Losing Weight – MUST WATCH!

– Hey, Dr. Berg here. In this video, we’re gonna
talk about apple cider vinegar. What are the benefits, what are the myths? First of all, here’s a myth, that apple cider vinegar
contains a lot of nutrients. It really does not. It doesn’t have a lot of vitamin A, it doesn’t have a lot of vitamin C, it doesn’t have a lot of minerals. What it does have is
something even more important; in fact, the real reason
why apple cider vinegar works for so many conditions has to do with this one thing it
has called acetic acid. That’s an acid, and then the reason why it works is, and this might go against a
lot of philosophies out there, is that the body, most bodies that I check in my office over many, many years
are way too alkaline. Now I know that goes against
maybe what you have heard, that everyone’s too acid, but that’s not true. You really have to, when you talk about pH, you really have to understand
that every part of your body has a different pH. So if someone says, oh,
yeah, you’re too acid, well, what pH are you talking about? The urine? Are you talking about the saliva? The real, true indicator of pH for a body should be in the blood, but it’s very difficult to test that because soon as you take
the blood out of the body, it oxidizes and it can
change the pH right away. So you have to, it’s very
expensive to determine that. So you have to go by symptoms. And so if you ever wanted to really know, just look up in, I don’t know, Google it, all the conditions
for too acid called acidosis, and look up for the
conditions of alkalosis and all those symptoms, and you’ll be able to
see which ones you have, and you can determine
based on those two factors. So what we’re talking
about is the blood pH here. Most people have a blood pH, which is excessively alkaline. And yes, it’s true that your blood should be slightly alkaline, but in this situation, it becomes even too alkaline, okay? And that’s why apple cider
vinegar works so well, because it changes, if you change the pH of your body just a slight bit, you can create huge effects because the pH is so important in transporting minerals and
allowing enzymes to work, to stimulating the thyroid, to increasing metabolism,
all these things. So let’s just take a deeper look at this one acid, acetic acid. The pH of acetic acid is very acidic. It’s 2.5. That’s almost like stomach acid pH. It’s way down there. So it’s really good for the stomach. People take it for heartburn. And by the way, heartburn, acid reflux, indigestion, that is a condition where
your stomach is too alkaline and the valve on top does not close, and I know people say it’s too much acid, no, it’s not. In fact, if you have
acid reflux or heartburn, just take some apple cider vinegar and see how much better you feel. I mean, you’ll feel wonderful, because the valve will
start closing on the top and the stomach, the acid won’t start regurgitating up through that valve. So it’s good for GERD, acid
reflux, indigestion, okay? And as you age, especially over the age of 50, 60, 70, your pH in your stomach
starts going lower, I’m sorry, it goes higher
and higher and higher, so it becomes more and more alkaline. So you need more acid as you age to be able to digest
protein and absorb minerals, because if your pH is too alkaline, which most people have a
problem with too much alkaline, they can’t absorb calcium. They can’t absorb minerals
like they used to. So what happens, especially with calcium, is calcium starts building
up in the soft tissues throughout the body, so you have the soft tissue calcification. I mean, you see it in people
that are getting older. They’re getting stiff, they have arthritis, bursitis. They get calcium developing
on the eyes as cataracts, on the joints as arthritis, on the nerves as neuritis, on the kidney as kidney stones, on the gallbladder as gallstones, on the teeth as tartar. That could come from a pH problem. It’s an alkalosis, a systemic alkalosis, which is your whole body is too alkaline. One of the things that
I like to do as well is make sure they’re taking
the fat-soluble vitamins to transport that calcium out, like vitamin D and K2, but in this video, we’re gonna talk about the
pH piece of this thing. Now what causes this alkaline state? It has to do with this, in this book, it’s called Ciba Encyclopedia
of Endocrinology Volume 4, Frank Netter, MD. This is one of the main books that is used in medical schools, and it’s a great physiology book to help you get some of the
facts on how the body works. So right here, if you look on the page that talks about high cortisol, that’s a stress hormone, high stress, high
cortisol, causes alkalosis. It makes your body too alkaline. So unless you don’t live on planet Earth, you might not have this problem, but most people I know
live on planet Earth, they have a lot of stress, their bodies become
too alkaline over time. The worst thing you can do is start drinking alkaline waters. Now, it’s okay to drink water
that’s already alkaline, but don’t try to alkalize
it to an eight or a nine, because you’re gonna make your body worse, and then you won’t be
able to absorb calcium and things like that. So with adrenal, over, like, stress and high cortisol, you become too alkaline, and you lose this little thing called H+. So if you’ve ever taken chemistry, you’ll notice that H+ is an acid. So in other words, the adrenal causes you to
lose acid through the urine and become too alkaline. So here’s how all the effects
that stress can create. An alkaline body, which then blocks calcium. So you have all this calcium
that plugs up everything, but it’s unavailable to you, so you start getting the
twitch in the left eye. You ever notice when people get stressed, they have, start twitching? You know why that is? Because it changes the pH and the person can’t absorb calcium. So then this is a calcium deficiency. So you could take calcium, but if the pH isn’t right, it won’t work. The best thing to do
if you have that twitch is to drink apple cider vinegar. Boom, drop the pH to make more acidic, the calcium gets mobilized, and the twitch goes away. Cramping in the calf. Apple cider vinegar is the best thing to mobilize the calcium and get rid of cramping in the calves. Nerve pain, neuritis, especially, like, migraine
pain with arthritis that, maybe it’ll move from this joint to this joint to this joint. Oh my gosh, give ’em a
little apple cider vinegar, they are happy. So with stress, you become too alkaline, you lose acid, and you lose potassium, and the only reason I’m
bringing up this potassium, which is a little extra thing, is that alkaline bodies tend
to have a potassium loss, and then when you lose potassium, you actually make the
person more alkaline. So they kind of work together. You know, people say, well, drink apple cider vinegar
to increase your potassium. That’s not what’s gonna do it. Apple cider vinegar will
help increase your potassium because you’ll stop losing the potassium and you’ll make the body more
acidic and like it should be, and so that’ll help the potassium. And just think about, look at this, potassium deficiency, high blood pressure, constipation, feeling of weakness, fatigue, irregular heartbeats. You know, when you hear these claims about apple cider vinegar curing
all these different things, high blood pressure, constipation, weakness, irregular heartbeats, it’s because of the
retention of the potassium, because the chain reaction that occurs after getting the pH in a correct level. People that drink a lot of protein drinks, or they eat too much protein, let’s say they do the Atkins diet or they’re doing this high-protein diet, what happens, there’s the waste from that protein, it’s called guanidine, it’s a chemical, very, very, very, very,
very alkaline, okay? And so that can cause twitching, nerve pain, and a lot of arthritis, okay? Even when you do, like, the ketosis diet, and you’re doing more protein, you may feel stiff, you might feel more arthritic. Drink some apple cider vinegar. It flushes this thing out so nicely. So apple cider vinegar is the antidote to the residue of high protein, for too much protein for
your liver and your body. So it’s a really good cleanser. So this acid, apple cider vinegar, helps absorb minerals,
helps mobilize calcium, helps you digest protein
better without the waste. It helps the immune system, and that’s the last thing
I want to talk about. You’ve heard that people will take apple like vitamin C for a cold, right, or for a virus infection. It’s not the vitamin C necessarily that’s creating the big effect, because most people aren’t
even taking vitamin C. They’re taking a vitamin C lookalike or a fake vitamin C called ascorbic acid, which is not really the
true vitamin C complex, which, again, I’ll have
people disagree on this video. ‘Cause they make, you can
make synthetic vitamin C from ascorbic acid and cornstarch. Well, first of all, corn has no vitamin C. Cornstarch has no vitamin C. Ascorbic acid has no vitamin C. How can you take two things
that don’t have vitamin C, mix them together, and make ascorbic acid and think that’s vitamin C? It’s just, it’s fake. The real benefit of vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is the acid. You’d be much better
taking the acetic acid to help your immune system. If you get a cold, if you have a fever, a viral infection, start taking the apple cider vinegar. It’s really, really important. So these are the true benefits
of apple cider vinegar because it acidifies an alkaline body. So in the next section, I’m just gonna show you a
little concoction that I make and I drink on a regular basis. Okay, so let me show you how to make this. This is in my book, chapter ten. It’s called the cranberry drink. It should be called the
apple cider vinegar drink. Very simple, and you
really should try this because it will help you lose weight. If you drink one of these before
you ate three times a day, you would lose a lot more weight, because it stimulates the thyroid and it acidifies the stomach. The only thing that I would recommend if you have a very slow metabolism is you might want to
omit the cranberry juice. So you get the Bragg’s
apple cider vinegar, I like this the best, and simply teaspoon and some water. Actually, do two. Two teaspoons in the
water before each meal, and some people say don’t
consume water before a meal, but this is an acid drink, so it’s gonna help stomach acids. But check this out. This is my favorite lemon juice. Italian Volcano lemon juice. So organic lemon juice, and this stuff is magical, it’s wonderful, and you get it from the healthy store. It’s grown on these soils where the volcanic ash fertilize the soil. So you just do a teaspoon
of this lemon right here. You don’t have to use this lemon juice. You can use other lemon juice. You could use lemons. I like that lemon juice, ’cause I’m spoiled. Cranberry juice. Make sure you read the back label and it just comes from whole cranberries, ’cause some people get the one that has extra grape juice or apple juice. You don’t want that. Just do a teaspoon of this, and basically, this is your drink. Now I like to, and this is just me, you don’t have to do this, you can add some ginger, and there’s some ginger root
that you can shred in there, and it makes it a little spicy. I basically have this ginger
extract that you can get. It’s a liquid form. It’s like ginger juice, and you put a little ginger, it’s real spicy. There’s a lot of great properties. It’s a very good tonic. Again, if you can’t stand the taste, chances are you probably
don’t need it, okay? If you really need it, you will crave it, and it makes you feel better. But I really want you to try this, real simple, drink this before you eat, and watch how much better you feel, okay? So go ahead and do this, and give me some comments below. I’ll see you in the next video.

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