Tips for Reflux- C&G Babyclub

Its normal for some baby’s to bring back
up a little bit of their feed. This is called posseting. However, if your baby is bringing back up
a lot of their feed quite frequently this may indicate that your baby has reflux. Babies can also suffer from ‘silent’ reflux. This means that that instead of them bringing
back up milk and spitting or vomiting it out, it is swallowed instead so doesn’t get noticed
as easily. If your baby’s reflux is mild, and they
are still feeding well and not too upset or bothered by it, then there are some things
you can try that may help: • Offer smaller milk feeds, more frequently
• Wind your baby regularly before, during and after their feeds
• Keep your baby very upright during their feeds and afterwards for at least 30 minutes
(either in your arms or you could place them in a suitable baby seat. • Keep them upright during a feed, if bottlefeeding
sit them upright in your arms or if breastfeeding you may have to try a different position or
use a sling /carrier to position your baby at breast level or breastfed while standing. • Make sure their clothes or nappies aren’t
too tight around their tummy • If formula feeding or feeding expressed
breastmilk, check the hole of the teat is not too large as this can cause your baby
to gulp their feed too quickly. • Elevating them in their cot/moses basket
is also helpful. Roll a towel or blanket up and slightly elevate
the head of the mattress. A baby’s reflux should gradually improve
as they grow and develop. But do contact your healthcare professional
if you are concerned about it.

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