Top Health Benefits of Ginger Root – A Powerful Nutritional Herb

Hey guys, Dr. Axe from here. Today
I’m going to share with you some information about a powerful, nutritional herb and compound
that is proven to be more effective at reducing pain than painkillers. It’s been proven to
be more effective at improving digestion then the top over-the-counter digestive medications,
and it’s also been proven to reduce your symptoms of nausea. That incredible herb, with some
of its incredible compounds, is ginger. Ginger root has been used for thousands of
years for its health benefits. As I mentioned earlier, one of the number one benefits of
consuming ginger is that it reduces inflammation. A recent medical study published out of Denmark,
published in The Journal of Arthritis, found that if you consumed just a small amount of
ginger it is more affective at reducing your pain symptoms and inflammation than painkillers
given by general practitioners today. So again, if you’re trying to reduce pain and inflammation,
ginger is more effective than many medications according to The Journal of Arthritis. The other thing that ginger is very powerful
with is improving your digestive function if you have any sort of intestinal inflammation.
What could be some warning signs that you have GI inflammation? Well, things like psoriasis,
eczema, acne, any sort of skin blemish is a warning sign that you probably have inflammation
in your digestive track. And so again, ginger has been proven to be very, very effective
at reducing inflammation, but also supporting your digestive health. Another incredible thing about ginger is that
it supports your digestion because it has prebiotics. It has a specific type of fiber
in it that causes good bacteria to grow in that area.
Last but not least about ginger, it is very, very effective at reducing symptoms of nausea.
So if you’re ever going to be flying in an airplane, or let’s say going on a boat all
day and you get seasick, taking ginger is one of the best things you can possibly do.
What you could do is get ginger essential oil. You can rub that behind your ear. One of the things that I’ve done for patients
over the years that have had arthritis and diabetes and other symptoms of inflammation
is that I’ve had them make ginger tea. I’ve had them boil green tree along with slicing
up ginger root, boiling ginger root for 30 minutes, it releases those anti-inflammatory
compounds, and just drinking ginger green tea throughout the entire week. Also I’ll break off a piece of ginger and
I’ll throw it in a smoothie. Actually, it goes great with blueberries. It adds some
really good flavor. Also goes great with peaches. The other thing I’ll do with ginger root is
I will grate it and I’ll put it in different dishes. Whenever I’m cooking an Asian dish
I’ll put it in there. Actually, a lot of dessert recipes, even things like pumpkin pie, when
I make my raw pumpkin pie I’ll add a little bit of ginger root in there as well. Last,
but not least, when I’m juicing at home, using my veggie juicer, I juice ginger, or if I’m
out getting a juice as well. Ginger juice, remember all the benefits of
ginger. Number one, it is powerful at reducing inflammation. Number two, it can reduce symptoms
of nausea. Number three, it supports digestion because it reduces inflammation but also it
has prebiotics, a specific type of fiber that causes probiotics to grow. So listen, get
more of this super herb ginger in your diet. Medical science proves it. History proves
it. Get more ginger in your diet. If you want to learn some more about healing
herbs you can visit That’s my website, D-R-A-X-E dot com. Also, check out some more
of our videos. We’re always putting more videos on things like turmeric, on milk thistle,
on cinnamon. I think you’re going to love this. If you want to get our updates, just
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100 Replies to “Top Health Benefits of Ginger Root – A Powerful Nutritional Herb

  1. This evening I started having a runny nose where it would just dripped on the front of my nose and irritate the mother Pearl out of me I was busy doing stuff and didn't want to keep washing my hands every 5 minutes because I had to blow my gosh bloomin' nose!

    Funny, how while going shopping earlier before the sunset, I had decided to buy a small ginger root and peel it right away as soon as I got home. So I chopped it up, put it in a little mini blender, and whipped it up with some water. I tried to find my ice trays to freeze my Ginger water in, but I couldn't find them. However, my silicone gummy bear molds were right there in the kitchen, clean and ready to go. So I put the pulp, chopped bits and pieces, and some of the strained liquid from pouring through a sieve into the little bitty gummy bear molds that hold about 1/4 teaspoon each. I just wanted to make sure it was available in small amounts at a time so that I could add a lot or a little to some hot water as I desired. I'm just not sure how much I need to be effective.

  2. its amazing ginger increases circulation allowing for other anti-inflammatory food nutrients to get to the area's. Key to diet is diversity and ginger is one of those super foods that increases access to other nutrients in blood vessels as much as digestion.

  3. also I can never forget that the plant is called "ginger" for curing "gingivitis" πŸ™‚ A huge problem in rich and poor countries.

  4. I am a healthy person (except for my lower back pain due to a herniated disc.) Almost every day I boil water and then put some ginger root inside until water turns yellow and drink it . God made everything perfect for the human being to live healthy. Dr. Axe Thank You for everything you do to help us having a healthy lifestyle. God Bless you.

  5. Anyone else just eat straight ginger? Im using it as a snack while I am quitting smoking. I dont think its supposed to help for tgat but it feels healthy?

  6. hi Dr. Josh Axe.. I've been suffering with severe bloating and constipation so I made for the first time ginger tea but I didn't peeled it I also grated a little bit of lemon and put boiled the lemons with. It was very spicy. But my biggest concern is the ginger skin. Because I always heard that most vitamins are in the skin so that's why I did it. it's ok?

  7. Dr Josh Axe ..I'm feeling desperate with my bloating and constipation and that's why I did the ginger tea but I left the skin. I strained it of course..but it will do the same benefits? pls help my email is [email protected]

  8. I just started this tea into my daily routine. It has been amazing on easing my stomach pain from stomach virus and after learning all the additional health benefits I will keep it in my daily routine. πŸ™‚ I drink tea or put a small amount in my daily morning juicing routine. I wish I knew about this when I was pregnant for my morning sickness. Great great herb!

  9. Hi guys am suffering from breathlessness and will like to know what I can do to get better I breath heavily n rapidly n start to feel faint n passing out n I struggle to breath and I need your help what can I do to feel better

  10. How much ginger should be consumed daily to gain the benefits? I have been adding a 20-30 gram chunk of ginger to my morning kale shake for a couple of months now, but I can’t find any information on what the actual serving size would be. Thanks!

  11. How much raw ginger root is too much? I put a one inch knob of fresh ginger, skin and all (I buy organic and wash it ahead of time) in my smoothie – some sources online say take no more than 4 grams daily, but how much is that in raw root form? I kept hoping that Dr. Axe would show how much to consume, seeing as how he was holding a piece of ginger the entire time and could have just said, "take half of this daily," etc.

  12. My mom called me today, and said for the last several days her arthritis in her knees had really been acting up, she had been in a lot of pain, but her sister mentioned to her to try taking ginger…. and so my mom did (specifically, ginger powder mixed with honey and lemon), and was in shock that she started to feel almost completely better, as the pain in her body has really subsided….. Wow!

  13. I’ve been eating 1/2 pound of raw ginger a week for about two weeks. My bone spur on my wrist feels like it’s almost gone! I also use ginger essential oil diluted with water for a overnight wrist wrap. So far these remedies are working big time for my arthritic bone spur and tendinitis.

  14. Gosh, does Dr. Axe reply to any of the questions below? Doesnt look like he does! Wish these made for TV Doc's would! We can learn a lot from the video's but also from the questions AND answers.
    I cant tell you how many MD's offices I have been laughed out of in just trying to talk about diet for health! I dont trust a one of them, all they want is to fatten their pockets or they are just plain stupid and dont know that foods provide health!???
    My grandmother said DR's are for emergencies only, what your body needs is in your foods… that might have been true 100 years ago but the food, air, water….AND Medi-SIN, you name it is mostly toxic today.
    But whole and organic foods like dark green leafy veggies, home canned beets, sauerkraut, farm fresh, eggs, honey, ACV (I make my own) ….ginger, cinnamon, turmeric and a plethora of herbs esp. cilantro and cayenne are a detox from the poisons unleashed on us all today.
    Just sayin'….

  15. Sipping on a veggie juice with a shot of ginger while watching this πŸ™‚ Thank you for this content!

  16. I love ginger root, been putting it in my green smoothies in the morning. I was feeling very nauseous due to hormonal imbalances and I started drinking green veggie juices with ginger root all week and my symptoms went away. Thank you for this video also it's very reassuring.

  17. Thank you for posting your video. It was interesting and filled with great information. I will go out and buy some today and make ginger tea. Love this video. β™‘

  18. Doc,
    Your ginger pitch fell short! Be specific for the recipes you are referring to.
    Ginger smoothie, noted.

    Should viewers just start taking bites out of ginger plants? C'mon man….break down some recipes

  19. Hi Dr axe I have a question which is better the ground one or the fresh I usually drink it like a tea please answer my question. Thank you πŸ™‚

  20. I just finished my ginger tea with lemon and honey. Taste so good ❀❀ will update you how it works for me in 1 week 😊 btw i sip my tea before bedtime 😊

  21. Hi, how much is the much? I eat 2 finger long ginger every day, and idont have any problem, i like it. Is not much? Thank you.

  22. In 2009 I suffered from an extreme case of Dyspepsia.
    My stomach would burn if I ate any processed foods, particularly refined processed sugar products. I spent hundreds of dollars on antacids before I switched to a whole food diet. Between changing my diet and using Ginger as my antacid medication, I've not bought any OTC meds since 2009 .

  23. one peeled orange / half lemon / turmeric / ginger root down the juicer every am.. couple drops of oregano oil on top and cayenne pepper. tastes like battery acid but feels amazing!!!

  24. I have vasovagal sinkopee and last year I got surgery my so my stomach is always inflamed and in pain my vasovagal makes feel nauseous all the time especially if I'm under a lot of stress or I'm in heat I always pass out I'm going to try ginger root I drunk it for a week straight and felt amazing thanks doc

  25. I put it in my coffee every morning just as a way to get it in me and chew on pieces of raw ginger throughout the day. Just a part of my daily habbits.

  26. Hey Dr Axe…good to see modern docs are following Ancient Indian Ayurvedic Medicine.BTW I trained as a MD. Great advice.

  27. I eat ginger root raw every day. Miracle root. Improves cognitive function whenever I have brain fog or generally mentally stressed. Ill continue eating it raw

  28. Dr. Axe, can you take Ginger Root Capsules if you are on Blood Pressure Meds and Thyroid Meds? Thanks so much !!!

  29. I am told that ginger has some poison in it which is removed using an iron rod!
    Please Google it for more info!

  30. I just tried ginger in the blender mixed with lemon juice and cayenne pepper….I’m hoping it will work on my asthma……

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