TRACY’S Bikini ABS How to have a tiny waist and flat stomach MIAMI style!

Hi, It’s Tracy. So today I’m going to share you with as a part of our Miami Beach series some bikini ready standing abs. These are awesome workouts that you can do can do absolutely anywhere. They’re really really effective. Make sure you keep your mind into it and your really focused and your squeezing those abs super tight. I hope that you like it and make sure to leave your comments below Alright, so lets get those abs beach ready. So I want you to start with your legs about hip width apart just pull in your abdominals as tight as you can without changing anything and then release. Then pull in super duper tight, and release. So that’s your sandwich press. You know that exercise and if you don’t, you can check out this video which will explain it in greater detail. Good and squeeze. Lets do two more. Pull in and last one, ok good, so bring your ribs side and side to side as your doing this your not moving your hips at all, and side that’s it keep going, side, and 7 and 8 Good, 9 and excellent. OK so bend your knees here and your hips are going to go side to side and side, that’s it and side and side really pull in, keep this super tight and 6, good a few more and 7 and 8, good 9 and excellent, ok good so lets go back to the ribs, just ribs alone, you got it and 3 and 4 squeeze (counting) and 7, 8, 9, really work those sides keep the belly pulled in, now hips. Side to side (repeat) keep on going good, 2 more ok good, so now we’re gonna go twisting just to one side center to the side good, other side. Really squeeze those obliques ok good so now what your gonna do is rotate to the side, come forward here like a little crunch you should feel it thru here straight up, come forward and straight up, so my body is on this diagonal here good really squeeze, isolate this so now make sure your feet are parallel, you’re gonna do a leg lift as you do that crunch and good and crunch, let the leg go forward so we’re still on that diagonal, don’t get out of that okay with this leg lift, what it’s going to do is tone in your back. The back of your waist so you have no extra stuff back there. Ok good, so now to the other side. Forward and forward and forward, you got it. keep pulling in here, really tight good. You have to with these workouts, especially these standing workouts its so important, I can’t stress it enough that you keep your brain in it. you can’t start thinking about other stuff. Just really focus on what you’re doing. Let’s add that leg lift. Lift the leg Lift, notice I’m staying diagonal My leg is sorta an add to get a little extra booty ok good, so now your hips are gonna go forward and back and forward and back and again, you wanna keep this pulled in tight so you know I’m always a big fan, keep your hands up here so you can feel what you are doing. so now were going to circle the ribs, circle the ribs but my hips are really still here and again good, now reverse and circle in tight, circle good, so now hips good, keep your belly pulled in so were working those lower abs and getting a little bit of work thru the hips as well all good good and reverse good, so now side to side a little bit quicker good now twist both sides before we did it just on one ok, so kinda twist, you’re gonna go hip up and hip up again, toning in the back of the waist so I’m keeping this a little twist here twist to the other side and hip up so you should feel the back of your waist here excellent, good, so let’s go back to that side to side and not get those ribs good so now were going to go forward and backwards really squeeze, forward and keep your shoulders out of it. good, a couple more like that really squeeze okay good, now go into your twist other side, do the twist and just roll your shoulders back Lift up and stretch the abdominaland then squeeze So make sure that you go thru that series two to three times, keeping those abdominals pulled in its a quick little way to do some different abdominal work so that are feeling beach ready. Okay, Talk to you soon. Bye

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  1. Oh! I'm so glad you like it! Awesome! Keep me posted of your results! And be sure to subscribe so you don't miss a workout! Besos!

  2. another great workout, Tracy! I like any workout that tones the muscles, be it waist, lower, or upper body! I'm a 59 year old lady (didn't want you to think I was a guy with having the name Toby) that is still trying to stay in shape and your workouts sure do help!!

  3. That's great Toby! i'm so glad you like it and are staying and getting in shape with my workouts:) I love hearing your results! xo Tracy

  4. Hi Gloria! Thank you! Check out my video: HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO GET IN SHAPE, as it answers this question:) xo

  5. Hey tracy, I've been doing this workout along with cardio and I see great results! My stomach is flatter, tighter and toner! I feel great! Thank you so much! 🙂 x

  6. i'm so glad i discovered you tracy … YOU ARE GREAT! … i love it when you remind me to keep my mind in the exercise & not just doing the movement … keeping focused has made all the difference in the world … THANK YOU!

  7. HI! Thank you so much! I'm really glad you like the workouts and that they are helping you:))) I really hope you have subscribed! New videos every thursday!

  8. Hi Tracy! So happy I found your workouts! It's as if you know exactly when and how I'm slipping up when I'm tired and feeling the burn. Love the timely reminders! Thank you!

  9. Hi, tried many leg raises? Standing tall with good posture, one leg pointed out long in front of you. Then raising it as high as you can – give it a little hold while you're up there to make it count. Slow and steady, lots of reps and some patience and you'll see results – I have!

  10. Haha, that's because she is tiny and toned everywhere which is probably why! I am sure her waist is tiny, but as she doesn't have much (any?!) fat spread over her hips or chest so it's not as distinct.

  11. IMPORTANT QUESTION (ANY ONE CAN ANSWER): I have a medium-large belly and I was wondering if I did that workout 2-3 times a day for 3 months, will it eventually disappear?

  12. Love, love, love this workout. I'm doing this one every day along with other workouts. Thank you Tracy! This is really effective. 

  13. Hi Ms. Tracy, I love to try your type of workout, I subscribed your channel because I learned a lot from you. Thank you so much 🙂

  14. I've never really done a standing ab work out before because I didn't think they were that effective. I have to say I really enjoyed it & felt my abs getting a good work out. Will definitely be doing more of your workouts Tracy!! 

  15. Women who are pregnant should talk with their doctor before beginning any exercise routine. The intensity of the abd exercise in Tracy's video isn't recommended for pregnant women in most cases. After the baby comes would be a good time to start these as they are extremely effective when done consistently.

  16. Although this seems targeted for women, I started using this to augment other workouts I use. Don't tell anyone but this works for guys to – shhhh it's a secret 🙂

  17. Love your videos, this is great. After chimo my body started holding on to a little weight – I was working out 4 hours a day and made no different. Been doing ur stuff a week and can already see changes. I'm subscribed and come every day. Great small video I do it in different time during the day while watching tv. No a comment person but figured I would this time.

  18. i just exercised with like four or five of your videos and i can actually feel like ive worked out! going to do his every day now! thankyou!

  19. OMG Tracy this is such an AWESOME workout.  I have been doing lots of other abs workout and  needed to change it up.  I did your workout for one (1) day about 6 times and I am seeing the difference.  I will send you a photo within two week.  Thank you!!!

  20. I don't care about beach ready…  I just want to be at a healthy weight.  love this exercise.

  21. Thanks Tracy for your vids while on my two week vacation! Was looking for short effective work outs to fit in, but would end up doing more since I liked them so much! Finally figured out how to squeeze, target my ab muscles with the small motions, so nice to feel the burn! Will cont to follow you at home 🙂 thanks again! Keep up the great work !

  22. Love this workout. It is so very effective. I have seen more results with your workouts Tracy than I have with others. Bring us more standing abs! I have done all of your other standing abs as well. They are all very effective. Thank You.

  23. I really like that you focus on exercises that anyone could do and with the ability to do them in small spaces. All exercises give those of us out of shape hope and motivation. Well done 🙂

  24. After the long search, I found the perfect abs exercise for me! I'll update once I get the result I wanted 🙂 love it! thank you ❤️

  25. Tracy, I have back problems (mid to lower back pain) and whenever I try this video, my back kills whenever I bend my body forward. Any modifications for me?

  26. Just finished five days of doing mixtures of your standing ab videos and can see a difference when I look down, feel firmer in the stomach and back and legs feel stronger. Should be easy to keep these up since they don't involve grinding on the floor. Thanks for these videos, Tracy.

  27. Love the video… It seems so fun!! Hopeful about the results. Thank you for posting such amazing videos!!

  28. I've been doing a variety of thigh, abs, arms..I am noticing a big difference, especially in my abs. That is something I've never been successful in strengthening due to back problems. 58 and going strong!

  29. This video got me motived to start working out! I do treadmill 3 to 5 min (I do 10 min total a day, twice a day) , 50 squats 2x a day, and ab stuff, this is the best way for me to get motivated to do the abs the first thing in the morning and right before I go to bed. I have a self-challenge 🙂 I see inches coming off but the scale isn't 🙁 and I eat healthy. Oh well, at least the inches are coming off! 🙂

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