Trans-Nasal Endoscopy

Trans Nasal Endoscopy by Dr.
Christopher Chang. Produced by Fauquier Ear Nose and Throat
Consultants in Warrenton Virginia We have a typical patient getting ready
to undergo transnasal endoscopy. The endoscope is threaded through the
nasal cavity to the posterior aspect of the nasopharynx. In the nasopharynx, I’ll have the patient
undergo several speech tasks. The endoscope is then passed beyond this
point in order to visualize the vocal cords.
At this point I’ll have the patient undergo a glide. At this point, I will turn on the stroboscopy in order to see the vocal cord motions. Hopefully this video provides some idea
of what is involved in a transnasal endoscopy.

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  1. I had this done – it didn't hurt, was just uncomfortable, and I'm the biggest chicken in the world when it comes to stuff like this.

  2. I've had two of these now and it's no big deal. They anesthetize your nose and throat so all you feel is a little tickling in your nose.

  3. @trumpetmariachi75 LOL when i clicked on show because it had too many negative comments i almost shit myself.

  4. i remember doing this 1 month ago for the first time. i had no ideea how it would feel so I started to cough uncontrollably spiting the medics face like I just didn't cared. weird sensation you cannot control. thumbs up for the lady for staying so relaxed.

  5. @sweetness00peace well, it did go well in the end. after coughing in his face through the whole process, I went out with red, teary eyes. the doc was nice enough to not punch me in the friggin face and cleaned his forehead, as if it was only sweat. hah!

  6. I've had this procedure done today and no big deal at all……I am blessed to have the best doctor and thank God that nothing major problem found in my stomach. This procedure is much better compared to the old one which is passing the tube in the mouth. If you only follow the instruction very well, I think there will be no problem occur……thnx for the modern medical technology.

  7. Ugh doctors r so frekin unfair my cousins baby is due in a week and I just found out that only two people are allowed in during birth and the second day so we don't get to see the baby until the 2nd day because they're afraid we might steal the frikin baby and you know what the only reason I was looking forward to this baby was so I could get out of school thang to the doctors I have to go to school sorry but I'm just really mad and writing this down really helps

  8. UHH I have to have this on Saturday. I'm a singer being checked for v.c polyps and nodules and nasal polyps, adenoid enlargement, allergies, turbenine atropy or something and deviated septum. Yay me (!) terrified is an understatement.

  9. For God Sake don't be afraid of these kind of small procedures….. They are better than allot of other difficult surgeries and Check ups..

  10. I just had this done today, piece of cake. The worst part was honestly the taste of the nasal spray. And I'm a scaredy-cat, so I don't understand why people are making such a big deal. If you want "raped," try a pap-smear lol. Now THAT'S uncomfortable! lol

  11. I was dreading getting this done as I'd read up on it but I just closed my eyes, tried to breathe properly and relax and it was a lot easier than I expected. I think the thought of it is more horrific than the procedure.

  12. I had this done today to see if my adenoids were enlarged. Dr found that they are. I ended up passing out though. Quite embarrassing to pass out in front of my doctor. It didn't hurt while I was getting this done.

  13. When I was examined with laryngoscopes, I say "I" nothing more, they examined behind the vocal cords, even got to swallow. These videos are so interesting when Im singing 🙂

  14. The background music is extremely annoying and overrides some of the dialog, spoiling the informative nature of this video.

  15. I just did this and it didn't hurt at all. It just felt like a little tinkling in my nose even though it looks horrifying. really simple procedure! 

  16. Where can I find a doctor in the Tampa Bay area of FL that does this procedure? I've called about 2 dozen doctors offices and hospitals with no luck. I'm getting desperate here.

  17. You used to have a much better video of this years ago. It had closeups of her vochal chords. Why did you take it down?

  18. Look up EMPTY NOSE SYNDROME before you let an ENT do any procedure on you. This is a very debilitating condition caused by turbinate surgery.

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