Hi beauties. Welcome to the channel. Today, I’m so excited. I’m going to share some hacks
I think are very important because summer is just
around the corner. It went by quickly. Summer is almost here. I know many of us are like,
“It’s summer! Oh, my God!” We’re cautious and this
tropical body has to get ready. I’m going to show you some hacks that’ll help you lose
weight and tone your belly. I think a flat,
great and toned belly is very cute, sexy and important especially while we’re on the beach
tanning with our tiniest bikinis. So that’s what today’s video
is going to be about. I’m going to give you my favorite, effective, practical and easy hacks because you know I like
easy ways to lose weight and have a totally flat belly. These hacks will give you
results in a week, 7 days. I hate diets and doing things that
give you results a year from now. It discourages me,
and I lose my drive. So in a week, you’ll see results. I want this video
to be a challenge. So what’s the Doralys
challenge going to be about? It’s very easy. You’ll follow 3 steps only. You’re going to take a
photo (a before) That photo will be taken
before following these hacks, basically 8 steps I’m
going to give you. Then you’ll follow these
hacks, the 8 steps. And finally you’re going
to take the after picture. I want you to send me your
before and after pictures. You’re just going to do
that challenge for a week. I’ll be posting those
photos on my Instagram. I want to show the other
girls it’s very easy, and those hacks give very
good and positive results. So 3 steps… the before photo… follow the 8 steps
I’m about to give… and the after photo. Send me your photos for Instagram and I’ll be more
than happy to share. You up for it? I’m that confident about
the hacks I’m about to give. Let’s start. TIP #1 ANTI-INFLAMMATORY SHAKE We all know that breakfast is the
most important meal of the day. I don’t know if it’s the
same for me as for you. I’m very lazy in the morning,
always wake up very, very, very hungry and sometimes end up making
bad decisions in the morning and eat a breakfast that’s
not quite the healthiest. That’s why I want to give
you a delicious shake. It has all proteins, antioxidants,
and potassium the body needs and will keep you feeling full and
satisfied for a very long time. This is an anti-inflammatory shake that’ll make you feel
full for hours on end. This shake has 1 cup of
milk of your choice… 1 cup of water… 1 whole banana… and 3 tablespoons of peanut butter. We Dominicans call
peanuts groundnuts. You’re going to blend all
ingredients to look like this. A delicious shake. That shake tastes so delicious. You’ll love the taste. You’ll drink it every day
in the morning for a week and see how full you’ll feel
and how delicious that shake is. TIP #2 LEMON TEA The other important hack I
want you to do in the morning will have a great impact
if you follow through. It’s very easy. I think I’ve said this before but I want to repeat it
because it’s amazing. I’ve seen incredible changes
in my body only with this tea. It’s tea that only
contains water and lemon. Whoever doesn’t like the taste
can add a teaspoon of honey. This water, lemon and honey
tea is simply magical. It helps reduce swelling, and eliminates all dead cells
that accumulate in the belly. It’s also a detox tea. You’ll just drink it in the
morning and at night before bed. I drink my lemon tea in
the morning and at night. Since then, I’ve seen a great
change in my body, mood, and belly. Believe me, I don’t eat
super healthy all the time. So, hot water and lemon tea
and a bit of honey if you like in the morning and
at night for a week. Try it. TIP #3 EXERCISE Next is a very easy exercise to do. You can do it almost anywhere… at work, in the
office, in the car… You can do it standing,
sitting, everywhere. It’s very easy and nobody
will realize you’re doing it. I know you’re intrigued
so here it is… The exercise is called
the “abdominal vacuum”. What you’re going to
do is inhale deeply, hold for 10 seconds
and then release. Repeat 5 times. It can be repeated
3 to 4 times a day. I want you to try it for a week
and you’ll see a big change especially in the upper abdomen. That part is going to tone up. You won’t believe it. It’s so easy and simple that
it’s not even an exercise. It’ll make a big difference. Try it for a week. It’s called the “abdominal vacuum” and it’s online if you
want more information. TIP #4 FOOD PORTIONS Some people think
that eating less often is the key to weight loss
and having a toned abdomen. Let me tell you you’re very wrong. It doesn’t work that way. I get up at 6 a.m. If I eat my breakfast at 7 a.m., then at 12 p.m. do you think
I’m not going to be hungry? I’m going to want to eat a full
horse and believe me I will. So don’t make that mistake. Don’t wait and think: “I only ate 3 times today so
I’m going to lose weight”. It doesn’t work that way
because if you wait a long time you’ll end up eating more calories than if you eat 6 times a
day which is recommended. It’s better to eat less
more times a day than to eat a very large meal
2 to 3 times a day. Eating more often also helps speed
up the metabolism and burn fat. It doesn’t work like that just
because I say that it does. There are scientific
investigations. I also feel that when you eat
more often you’re not so stressed. When I only eat 2 or 3 times a day,
I can’t stand it anymore. I’m stressed out and annoyed. I get in a bad mood. So eating more often makes
you a better human being too. Think about that. TIP #5 ABDOMINAL MASSAGE The next hack is an abdominal
massage that feels great at first and will help you
eliminate the fat, those fatty cells that accumulate
in the visible layer on your belly. It’ll also help improve
circulation and oxygen in this beautiful yet
complicated part of the belly. The massage concerns the following. You’re going to grab coconut oil or any body cream
that’s very greasy, and will massage in a circular
motion around the navel. Then you’re going to massage
upward like this, then downward. The massage will only take
1 to 2 minutes per day. It can be in the morning,
afternoon, evening… whenever you have time. I want you to do it
every day for a week. TIP #6 COFFEE I never liked coffee. It was the taste I liked least
in the whole wide world. I didn’t like the taste,
nor tiramisu, nor coffee sweets… nor the smell,
nor texture, nothing. But today I can say
that has changed. It’s a different story. I found out that coffee helps you
eliminate excess water in the body and is also a natural ingredient. So it helps you go to
the bathroom regularly. So if you like coffee,
drink it in the morning, which will help you go to
the bathroom, reduce swelling and eliminate excess
water in the body. If you’re cautious like me,
coffee stains teeth very easily. Drink coffee with a straw,
or whatever it’s called. TIP #7 HEALTHY DESSERT Dessert or sweets are my weakness,
just like everyone’s. I know that a cookie
and ice cream every so often taste delicious and
help us feel way better, especially when you’ve
had a super stressful day, we get home and just want to sit
on the couch and eat a dessert. But that’s not good if you want to
lose weight or have a flat belly. What I do recommend is
watermelon ice cream. Watermelon is one of the most
effective fruits to lose weight. It’s known worldwide for that,
helping you burn calories faster. It also has amino acids,
helping to promote weight loss. I cut watermelon into
pieces like that… put it on a plate in the fridge
or freezer until it’s frozen and then I serve it in a bowl. I sometimes add a
little honey on top. Other times I eat it alone
and it’s very yummy and delicious. It’s low fat and makes you feel
you’re really eating dessert. Next time you’re tempted by a cookie,
ice cream or any junk food, stop and get watermelon. Eat it slowly and enjoy the flavor. TIP #8 DEFLATE ASAP Now if you want a less
swollen body and flat belly and can’t wait a week,
you want a magic hack that’ll give
you immediate results, but that’s not the case. What I will give you
is a list of foods you must avoid at all costs
that cause swelling. These are gum,
beverages, soft drinks… fatty or fried dishes
or ingredients, broccoli and cauliflower. Although these ingredients
are very yummy, they will cause you to
accumulate water in the body and swelling in the belly area. So if you want to
see less swelling, avoid those foods
and ingredients altogether. Those are my 8 hacks
or steps to lose weight and get a flat and less swollen belly
this upcoming summer. Don’t forget to see your
photos on my Instagram. I’m going to leave
the link to my Instagram here and this is my username. Give me a thumbs up for this video, activate the notification reminder, subscribe to the channel if
you’ve not already done so, and follow me on Instagram. A huge kiss. Until next time. SUBSCRIBE WATCH THESE VIDEOS!


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