Veteran Exposed to Asbestos on the Mauna Loa

I operated radar as on the ‘6 and ‘ 65. We were in port, we had to paint
the ship over, in our crew quarters were always pipes they had
wrappings around and all that stuff. We lived in that area. I got pain in my chest and of course
the shortness of breath of course. Right now I got some muscles, pains and all
that stuff and I ‘ve been taking pain pills. I ‘ve been doing 4 doctors the last 3 weeks
and they took 3 sets of X-rays and nothing showing up on the X-rays they probably
need to do a deeper examination, and all they did they
gave me pain pills. The pain pill they gave me
only does this, covers it up. The VA doctor said that he was
sure that the illness I have now because I was in the navy. Because I told him it
was asbestos on that ship. He said lungs can be hard to prove.

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