Vite Ramen – High-protein Healthy Instant Ramen?! | BONUS: Emmy’s childhood sticker collection

Greetings my beautiful lovelies! It’s
Emmy. Welcome back to another ramen instant noodle taste test. If you’ve
missed the videos from this series, like always, I will put the link to the
playlist down below. Today I’m going to be tasting an instant ramen noodle that
touts itself as being nutritious — “instant noodles that are nutritious” it says. And
they were very kindly sent to me by lovely Helen and Addy. Thank you guys so
much! Little Addy has been watching my videos
for a long time now. Addy included a little care package for my kiddos that
included a post-it note that describes the contents of this package…. Addy, yes girl!
Yes! Butterfly stickers. Addy, you absolutely remind me of what I might
have been like around your age. In fact, let me go grab my sticker book and show
you what I mean — this — twinsy brains — yes let me go get
my sticker book. I still have it! I do! Just wait. here it is yes this is my sticker book
this is gonna be a glimpse into the mind of a baby ma let me show you but for
some reason I thought this would be a good idea to take one of these cooking
bags you know the ones that used to cook a turkey I thought this would make it an
extra special by taking that turkey bag and taping it to the outside of my
binder to make it more special I guess this is like DIY version of lamination
right okay let me show you this oh look and because I wanted to dress up the
pocket on the inside I used a business size envelope and you
know I fixed it it to that and here are my giant stickers you know my Disneyland
Electrical Parade Lisa Frank Lisa Frank some other things decorative
bags more giant stickers this is what I’m talking about this is what I’m
talking about addy yes do we see some similarities
here yes I do I know this says best wishes but it’s a
giant sticker so I had to have it you purchased these on a roll like the
horseman stickers you know what I’m talking about
yep more Lisa Frank large double unicorn in a heart shape in this plastic bag
here I have some slick paper so if I ever traded stickers that didn’t have
any paper on them which I preferred I could put them on this paper and then
cut them out it’s always good to be prepared I went through a big fuzzy
sticker stage now these have since all come off but I had them organized by
Christmas force animals farm animals let’s see bears teddy bears cats look
all bits of tape here dogs because it’s really really fun to short and organize
your stickers forest animals jungle animals holidays big fuzzy foot sticker
all right so that was that and then I had you know my holographic stickers
look this isn’t that old photo paper stuff I don’t even know where I got
these peanuts Oh giant stickers my dad would always bring home these giant
stickers for me teddy bears these bookmarker stickers I love those I
was really into unicorns and Pegasus Pegasus pegasi Pegasus’s I think Pegasus
might be a Greek word so the plural of Pegasus would tell me Pegasus is like
octopus so the plural of octopus is actually octopuses most people think oh
it’s octopi huh it’s not because it’s Greek this is what
my son taught me I think Pegasus might be in that same family at anyway more
stickers more stickers that are they’re buying little twin stars the
oily stickers yeah I trade it for all those do they even make these anymore
these are my favorite these are also my favorites the ones that you could
actually make a snowman I of course never would do that because they’re way
too precious to take them apart but I loved those ones I traded for those ones
to addy also included glow-in-the-dark stickers for my Rugrats and she made an
origami heart and ninja stars these were my favorite to make I remember being so
proud and being able to connect the pieces to make these ninja stars thank
you thank you so much and Helen thank you so much for raising such a lovely
child and for sending these beams and these are nutritious instant ramens now
I first heard about this style of ramen noodle in an article that I shared on
social media and it was in Japan and I believe the manufacturers Nissen and
they’ve created instant noodles that are supposed to be more nutritious and
healthy those particular ones contained about one-third of your daily
recommended amount of vitamins so that was interesting right this idea of
convenient food that might actually be good for you mmm now this brand I
thought was pronounced vit a ramen but when I did some research it’s actually
pronounced vite like bite I think it’s supposed to be like an abbreviated
version of vitamin contains 25% of your essential vitamins and minerals 25 grams
of complete protein which is quite a lot and no artificial preservatives for
frying apparently these noodles because they’re
instils have to be desiccated or dried out and typically that would be done by
deep-frying that also adds a lot of flavor but also a lot of calories
these ones are apparently microwaved should dehydrate them so they don’t have
that added fat mom kind of skeptical to be honest to see how that’s going to
taste because I feel like that fried the component is a really huge part of the
flavor of instant noodles I love instant noodles I don’t eat them often they
remind me of after-school snacks eating my brother making whooshing me me all of
these references will be in that instant ramen playlist if you want to learn more
of what I’m talking about and yeah I’m skeptical because in my
mind I never think of something being nutritious and healthful and I think of
instant ramen so it comes in three different flavors the vegan mushroom
cheo cheo and Japanese beans salt and garlic pork and there’s one more that is
a chicken flavor soy sauce chicken I believe and soy sauce flavor of course
would be a take on the traditional ramen flavor of Shore you based on the flavors
it does seem like they’re acknowledging the tradition of Japanese ramen noodles
which incidentally are in Japan served fresh you go to a ramen house they make
fresh noodles and they make three general flavors or styles tonkatsu which
is a milky very rich kind of sticky on your lips broth that is pork based then
there’s Sheol which is salt it has a clearish broth salty of course and show
you which is a soy sauce based darker brown in color of course tasting like
soy sauce so I don’t have the third one but that’s the other flavor now these
are manufactured in the US which I appreciate made in the USA and they were
the brainchild of twin graduate students from UC Davis and I’m very curious to
see what they’re like and there are very specific instructions on how to cook
clays we cook them for two and a half minutes and then you take it off the
heat before adding the flavor packets which includes a nutrient nutrient
packet which makes sense because we don’t want to denature are nutritious
vitamins and then we slurp away so these are not available in stores you must
order them online and Helen says she won’t be ordering them again in the
future because her family is sensitive to MSG and that the next incarnation of
these are going to be containing msg rather than yeast extract from my
understanding I thought yeast extract is just another word for msg
I don’t know food scientists chime in let me know is there a market difference
between yeast extract and msg if so what is it is one chemically derived versus
naturally derived arrow let me know down in the comments thank you all right so
let’s cook these up shall we I’m gonna add two and a half cups of hot
water let’s put the garlic pork one first
because that one sounds most similar to a meats I’ll savory style and sit around
the noodle now these noodles are made from wheat and quinoa that is why they
contain so much protein and quinoa is a very interesting grain because it is
composed of a complete protein there is nothing missing most proteins that come
from soy and say beans are missing some essential B vitamins but quinoa does not
one my criteria for great tasting ramen is how many packets it contains this is
the nutrient packet this looks like it’s a canola oil that’s good I always like a
flavoring oil in my ramen instant ramen and here’s the soup base and here are
the little vegetable pieces so the only thing you put in the water are the
noodles as a latchkey kid my brother and I would often make mushi me which was
our little version actually I think my mom invented it of ramen noodles that
were cooked just just oblivion until they were completely mushy with shredded
zucchini I know it sounds terrible but it was absolutely delicious one of our
favorite things growing up occasionally we would eat cup noodles as well my
favorite thing was to open it and to fill the water precisely to the fill
line that was almost so satisfying and I was like the dehydrated scrambled eggs I
thought those were so weird sometimes I would eat them raw before I even poured
the water in they were so weird and spongy but covered in that bullion those
yeah you know what I mean you ate those too ok time we’re done turned off the
heat that’s oh don’t add the bag lots of soup base the canola oil I smell garlic
in Japan they usually have ly U which is this chili oil I always would put that
on top now I’m gonna add the nutrients which is whoo the nutrients smell funky
and Mm-hmm. It smells ginger-y.
Itadakimasu! Definitely a different texture than instant ramen
noodles. I like that they’re not mushy; and they’re not overcooked; but there is
kind of a springiness or bounciness that’s missing. Mm-hmm. And I think that
has to do with the quinoa — I suspect. All right, let’s try the broth. Yeah…. There’s
definitely less sodium in these noodles — and that could be a good or bad thing —
for your health it’s definitely a better thing — but I’m missing that really
intense kind of saltiness of instant noodles…. The flavor’s okay. I think what
I’m really missing is that really great chewiness that comes with some great
instant noodles — for example, some of the Samyang instant noodles, or some of
the Korean style instant noodles. I really love the chewiness of the noodles — and
this doesn’t quite have that. Mm-hm. I think the broth could be more punchy, too.
I think there could be more variety. I like the little bits of vegetables in
there and toppings that reminds me definitely of instant noodles let me try
adding some green onions which I typically like to add to my instant
noodles to kind of brighten things up here’s a little tip I love chopping a
bunch of green onions and then just putting them in a container and keeping
them sealed up in the fridge I learned this in Japan where you can actually at
the grocery store buy a container of pre sliced up green onions they last for a
few days but they brighten all your meals it gives you a beautiful color on
top of an omelet even inside of a sandwich a little bit of green onion
it’s just just better okay let’s try this with onion there mm-hmm
definite improvement but yeah I still feel like there’s something kind of
missing in here though whether it’s the amount of salt or I think it’s probably
more msg that I’m missing kind of just I
can’t get enough of it Ness and I’m a little underwhelmed by the canola oil I
thought that a little bit of garlic oil would really kind of pack this up kind
of similar to a meager tang I love that bit of really intensely flavored oil it
really doesn’t do that much in here this is garlic pork but I don’t taste that
much garlic either or a really intense porkiness although I don’t taste any of
the nutrients or there is no kind of medicinal flavor but maybe that little
aftertaste I’m talking about the yeast comes from the nutrients maybe that’s
what’s giving me that kind of aftertaste it’s not unpleasant it’s just a little
different let’s try the vegan mustn’t you same noodles and this one contains
three packs as well angrily noodles scraps in there now that I’ve given it
some thought remind me a little bit of instant soba noodles which are buckwheat
noodles so one thing I’m kind of missing which I didn’t even know i would miss is
on this packaging there’s no kind of fun logos or labels or printing or anything
like that which I never really thought about but all the instant ramens have
some kind of patterning they’re not just a foil packet it just says like chicken
flavor chicken flavored chicken flavor or something on but there’s some kind of
printing well kind of distinguish each package instead of this really kind of
generic printing of just what they are this seems so I don’t know Soylent Green
which is like soup base one one eight one nutrient one 100 eight one and I’m
sure there’s a reason for this and I’m sure the other packets have these same
kind of notes at the bottom but something about the color I’m just like
oh I always remember beef packet being red and chicken flavor being orange
there’s just something about the color that just makes it fun okay
details like that you don’t even realize you’re programmed to notice until
they’re gone every little bit of that in there
and I’m gonna top this with green onions just make it beautiful so here’s the
vegan mushroom she’ll very gingery mm-hmm and the broth looks a little bit
clearer than the pork version so let’s taste that first here we go mmm that’s
definitely more gingery this too has that aftertaste I think that might have
to do with the nutrients the kind of not quite metallicky but some kind of
aftertaste that I’m not really familiar with all right and I’m gonna take my
first bite without the green onions eat the ducky mozz hmm
this one too I feel like has just something kind of missing and that often
times that magic thing is moto sodium glutamate which is delicious glutamates
by the way are naturally occurring you find them in things like mushrooms
seaweeds but of course then they’re extracted and isolated into something
called MSG monosodium glutamate glutamate give food that really
delicious savory salty sweet addictive flavor that is just so stinking good and
we don’t realize how much of it is included in processed food including
instant noodles but actually can taste ginger in here
I can taste salt and a bit of sugar and onion powder I don’t really have taste
any of the mushroom though although I think there’s a piece of it right there
in terms of flavor these noodles are fine they’re definitely more of an
instant noodle they don’t seem instant ramen ish to me
instant ramen is kind of along the lines of a frozen pizza for me it just is the
specific place of just nostalgia and comfort and remind me of particular
times of my life in college and after school while this superficially might
look like your typical bowl of instant ramen noodles this definitely is not and
in some respects it’s not trying to be this is trying to be nutritious it’s
trying to be a little bit more healthful in terms of having more protein in it
the texture is not like instant ramen noodles the noodles in this packet of
just like the noodles in the other packet they’re not as chewy there’s kind
of a strange kind of bite to them these are not as concentrated the broth and
these are not as salty and they don’t have that addictive msg quality to them
there’s also just no punchy flavors there’s no intense garlic flavor there’s
no intense chili flavor to them they’re just kind of mmm alrighty so there you
have it the bite ramen nutritious and noodles how are they hmm
in terms of flavor and profiles and such so is it a more nutritious noodle
certainly just have to read the back of the packet and read the statistics it
certainly is is it more tasty it isn’t is it better for you probably so there
you have it thank you guys so much for joining me I hope you guys enjoy that
I hope you guys learn something please check out the ramen playlist so you can
see my other instant noodle taste test including the really fiery hot ones and
my Mushy Mimi video I did with my dear brother. And yeah big thanks to Helen and
Addy for sending me this care package, and allowing me to taste the Vite Ramens. Let me
know down in the comments what your favorite instant noodles are and yes…. I
hope you guys enjoyed that one. I hope you guys learned something. Please share
this video with your friends — it really helps me out. Follow me on social media — I
do giveaways and such — like this video; subscribe; and I shall see you in the
next one! Toodaloo! Take care! Byee!!! 🎶 “Losin’ my mind, just a little” // why am I singing that song? because my voice sucks….

97 Replies to “Vite Ramen – High-protein Healthy Instant Ramen?! | BONUS: Emmy’s childhood sticker collection

  1. I personally am a fan of the ALICORN a Pegasus and Unicorn as one!!!

    PS, Emmy, I too got total flashbacks of my once sticker collection as well; sadly, I no longer have mine.

    However, I did have the oily stickers, puffy stickers as well as scented stickers and more; and not sure if you remember these, but do you recall the stickers that were in plastic eggs; that the stickers themselves were roughly the size of your palm and that came from 50-cent vending machines outside of diners, gas stations, grocery stores, etc.; as those were some of my favorite childhood stickers.

  2. How awesome is that, that @Vite Ramen posted on the video. I loved it, I would love to try them. We can't eat our ramen too much because of Diabetes and I really miss them! I Hope they come out with a High fiber lower carb version of the Ramen. Noodles are such a comfort food, seems like all the comfort foods are so bad for you! Love your videos Emmy!

  3. This is just awesome that you actually have stuff from your child hood. I don't have anything other then some pictures from my child hood but they are just of me. my brother use to make ninja stars like those but they were plain ones and we use to play ninja with our pillows set around our rooms and the living room and we would use our dad's pillows to and he use to say what did my pillows ever do to you.

  4. Actually, there was only one Pegasus. He was a gift to Hercules from Zeus. There is no plaural. So it's not "a sticker of A pegasus", it's "a sticker of Pegasus" 😁

  5. I never knew oilies stickers existed until just now and now there’s a void in my heart I wasn’t alive when these were made so I could never collect them

  6. "Our family is sensitive to MSG."

    Really? The whole family? Extremely doubtful.

    You could simply save time by saying, "We probably believe a lot of things that aren't true such as MSG is 'bad' for you.".

  7. Such a cool video! 😃 To answer Your question about the difference between MSG and yeast extracts, the main differece is basically that yeast adds extra flavors to the dish and MSG doesn't, MSG works as a flavor enhancer which makes us (the consumer) able to taste the so called 'umami' taste better, which is also very addicting. And yeast also has high levels of vitamin B in it, so if You lack in vitamin B it's best to eat something containing yeast extracts. Also yeast extract is natural bi-product whereas we have natural MSG in certain products such as tomatoes, but MSG powder is chemically maintained. ✌️

  8. MSG is actually banned from many foods and restaurants here in asia and nothing healthy will include MSG ….the effects are just horrendous- please don't try it if you haven't already and read labels

  9. Emmy you should start a junk journey using ephemera! It’s the adult version of a sticker book, somewhere between scrapbooking, journaling and obsessive collecting!
    Cozykitsune has some lovely videos with her journal, she so creative and inspiring

  10. The problem with these is that they're 34 bucks for a pack of 9. At nearly 4 dollars a pack, that defeats the purpose ascribed to instant noodles by college students: cheap, quick, and tasty.I'd much rather stick to a 45 cent pack of noodles and augment it with nutrition from some fresh veg or fruit from the remaining 3 bucks, especially if I have to do all that and then some in order to make the Vite's taste good. I understand that they're a startup, but I doubt they can get the costs much lower than that, what with the packaging and non-standard ingredients.

  11. Hmm, so Vite Ramen runs about $4 a package, has more carbs then top ramen, and they added vitamins, and a LITTLE bit of extra protein (26 vs Top Ramens 10).

    But you can get Top Ramen for $0.30 a package, and I already have multivitamins.

  12. All naturally occurring proteins are complete except gelatin. For example, if I eat four cups of beans I will get 100% of all my essential amino acids.

  13. Yeast extract encompasses a lot of things – lots of strains of yeast can produce many nutrients and flavoring compounds that food manufacturers want, and some yeasts can produce glutamic acid, an essential amino acid that, when bound chemically to a sodium atom, makes mono-sodium glutamate, or MSG.

    Nearly all savoury foods contain glutamic acid, as it's an essential amino acid that gives food that 'meaty' 'umami' flavour, but it's naturally present in nearly all vegetables in some capacity, and all complete protein sources.

    MSG was once wrongly blamed for a feeling of unwellness that people had after eating Chinese food, as some questionably racially motivated 'researchers' warned people against eating Chinese food, despite all cuisines utilising the umami flavour of MSG (particularly in italian food which uses a lot of tomatoes). It is more recently concluded that people may feel unwell after eating Chinese food because of the high salt content of take-out meals, and there has been no reliable study concluding that adverse reactions in the amounts used in foods can happen beyond the placebo effect. (This is unsurprising as glutamic acid is an 'essential' amino acid, meaning we need to eat it to survive because we can't make it ourselves, so if someone were unable to eat glutamic acid, which is what MSG will break into when dissolved in water, they would not be able to live very long at all)


  14. Oilies!!

    My favorite instant ramen are the Nissin Ramen Bowl in the Spicy Chicken flavor and the Hot & Spicy flavor. Soooo addictive. A close second are Maruchan Ramen Noodle Soup packs in Roasted Beef. Yuuuummy!! 😋😋😋

  15. I notice Americans make their noodles with a lot of water! I think here we cook the seasoning in at the beginning and only enough water for the noodles to absorb and be cooked! Otherwise it’s like soup and to me noodles aren’t soup! But each to their own!

  16. I always "doctor up" my ramen noodles. Sliced hard boiled eggs, green onion (or finely chopped white onion), leftover ham/chicken/pork/beef.

  17. I really love your insightful and candid reviews of food. You interact with food in a really thoughtful way, and don't compromise that for that Extreme Youtube Feel. Sometimes, something is just ok, and you can even describe something that is not outstanding in a way that is engaging and frank, without overreaction.

  18. I highly doubt there being a MSG sensitivity unless one is also very sensitive to sodium (monosodium glutamate =‘s MSG). It’s not plausible for a person to overdose of glutamate either or really be sensitive to it (most fermented foods naturally contain high amounts of glutamate, dry aged meats are very high in naturally formed glutamate which is a major component for giving dry aged meats it’s flavor, it’s also found in high amounts in things like Parmesan). In fact, nutritional yeast gets its flavor from the glutamic acid it contains. Think about this logically, nutritional yeast is basically a source for glutamic acid. MSG is literally sodium bonded to glutamic acid. In the body MSG gets broken down to sodium and glutamic acid. How can one have a sensitivity to MSG yet he fine with nutritional yeast unless one simply has a sodium sensitivity (since that is the actual variable here).

    Side note, I don’t understand these vite ramen. I rarely drink the broth for ramen or any noodle soup other than western style noodle soups. You put vitamin powder for the vitamins, so how do those that don’t drink the ramen broth get the benefits of the vitamins? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  19. I like those noodles and use to cook them regularly when I didn't feel like cooking, or going out looking for food. I usually put in come Spam in mine and eat them that way..

  20. I always knew we're destined to be best mates! I'm a crafter and ADORE stickers AND noodles. Now I'm in the UK, sooooo…..hmm……

  21. You're making me want to go hunt down my own stickerbook its been years since I've looked through it but there's just so many similar stickers in your book that I have.

  22. Neat taste test. For me, ramen is always about the taste and memories it brings back too. I make my own ramen chicken broth, simmered for an hour at times, and when I don't have rice noodles (I have to do GF) I use it for egg confetti soup and thicken the broth base at as the last step. I am going for rice noodles tomorrow for my ramen because you made me want them so badly again.

  23. I got scared that I didn't sub to Emmy so I came back here XD cause if I didn't have Emmy subbed I would have never found this Ramen Website online. thank you Emmy for showing interesting things on your channel :3

  24. Your sticker book reminded me of the ones my son had growing up ( I think most 80's and 90's kids had them.) Thank you for bringing yours out and sharing! Brought back a nice memory for me!
    I think the basis of instant noodles is the option of adding your own touches. I add my own veggies and such when I make them. Just like you added onions….customize!

  25. I'd try it. I doctor up my ramen anyway and I only ever use half a packet of the flavoring. I usually add sesame oil or chili oil; add a hard boiled egg, left over chicken or steak, some veggies…good comfort food on a cold night.

  26. Im crying cause i collect stickers too. I dont care! I love emmy she has a sticker binder! Me too!. This is too much for me thanks emmy

  27. MSG is a naturally occurring substance, it's produced in a variety of foods as a byproduct (cheeses being one), as well as even in the gut by our own bodies. There is no scientific backing or evidence for anything such as "MSG sensitivity" or adverse effects caused by it. Many people consume regular amounts of MSG in foods without ever knowing it on a daily basis. MSG somehow causing side-effects as a flavor enhancer is rooted in anti-Asian racism, as MSG was viewed as a somehow alien ingredient that was widely used by Chinese immigrants at the time.

  28. Just so you know…Chopped scallions (green onions, spring onions, etc.), are not just sold in Japan; my local Wal-Mart carries them, and you are spot on about their utility & convenience.

  29. I always bring vegetables to a boil,
    then let simmer for 15 minutes (to get them soft)

    Then I add the noodle block , to make my rāmen.

    Rāmen is always nutritious when I make it

  30. I think I'll try these. Being a starving artist, one of my beloved simple pleasures is ramen noodles. Also going to the gym for workouts. So it follows that I like the high protein with these Vite Ramen noodles … and I can measure out the packets to avoid too high sodium. Thanks Emmy!

  31. To all the people commenting about msg yall know its everything right? Doritos….all the snack foods….like everything. So when u target asian foods and say u object to the msg the foundation for that kind of behavior was originated in racism. So while you may not realize it when you continue that its propagating that behavior and mindset. Do you avoid all prepackaged and processed foods? I was raised being told I had an msg allergy that it caused stomach pain and migraines for me. It doesnt. I did get gi distress from chinese food but it wasn't msg it was just my stomach. No one objected to me eating chips or canned soups. Or broth. Or any other common sources of msg. Did they think they were racist no. But we all have to think about why we do what we do and do better

  32. Emmy, this link has an article that has the best explanation of natural glutamates vs msg, that I have found. It's long, but very informative and easy to understand. Msg does NOT occur naturally in food, though glutamates do. There is a vital difference.

  33. USAGE The standard English plural of octopus is octopuses. However, the word octopus comes from Greek, and the Greek plural form is octopodes. Modern usage of octopodes is so infrequent that many people mistakenly create the erroneous plural form octopi, formed according to rules for Latin plurals.

  34. I love ramen noodles, but I don't use the flavor packets. I use my own seasoning, and either my own homemade broth, or one from some non-msg concentrated​ broth products I've found.

    FYI, yeast extract contains glutamates, but not msg. Glutamates enhance the umami flavors we all know and love, without the ill effects of msg.

    Kombu, a natural sea veg that you're probably familiar with, can be used in place of msg. It's got glutamates. It's what msg was originally extracted from, if I'm not mistaken.

  35. Have you tried Miracle Noodles? They have practically no carbs. You would have to add your own seasoning, veggies, etc. They do have some meal packs. I've just got the plain noodles.

  36. Many people in other type of channels would be bothered by the YouTube taking a detour in the subject to talk for almost 5 minutes about something not relevant to the video subject, but that intro was everything ! We love to know more about you and those stickers took me waaayyy back to when I had the oily kind. Never change Emmy 💕

  37. Emmy!! Are we the same age? Based on your sticker collection we may be close in age. I really thought you were about 10 years younger then me.

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