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Hey guys welcome back again to Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing. I’m gonna go ahead and do a vocal coach reacts to ZZ Top and I chose “La Grange”.
Now I’ve done a vocal coach demonstration for Tush I’ll put that in
the description tag and I actually I also sang this tune too for a compilation album called or a cover album of compilations called “You Got You Covered” which I do a bunch of cover songs and I did this song on there as
well but with that said let’s just rock to ZZ Top. First off this song is about a brothel in Texas. So I’m not a big fan of the lyric at all. Fact there was another
really famous song “House Of The Rising Sun” was a song about you know there is a
house in New Orleans they call the Rising Sun right. It’s in a lament of him
going there and he’s kind of celebrating and romancing that. So like I
said I’m not a fan of the lyric I am a big fan of their writing and guitar playing. He
actually was a huge inspiration for me as a guitar player. As you know was my first instrument of getting good harmonics out of your pick when you’re playing guitar. (sounds) That almost sounds like a juice harp sorry but anyway you’ll see what I’m talking about if he
does it. Is that on, I think that’s on Tush maybe that’s on a different song sorry but anyway but it was a big inspiration for me so and by the way wasn’t that
the coolest beard ever. I tried growing those suckers but they you know whenever I do
that the only thing that grows is hair coming out of other orifices cause I’m a
Titan so I choose not to do that. Anyway it’s about as big as I wanna have it get but his is awesome. It’s rockin here we go. Yeah it’s this song with the harmonics. Great part. Now at this snapshot here right like a minute 13 seconds into that, notice it’s a three-piece band right so
they’ve got all this energy and all this wall of sound com.. coming out of only
three instrumentalists. Think about that I mean there’s bands like Rush you know
Van Halen right that have only three instrumentalists. Pretty hard to do that
to be able to carry out all night with a whole bunch of songs have everything
sound different with only three instrumentation people..
three instrumentalists that’s what I meant to say. Say that three times fast. Ah here comes the ZZ Top walk. It’s kinda like you know hey hey we’re the Monkees. You know the monkey walk (sings) They kinda did that, stole that a
little bit. Good sized audience. Okay Billy I heard the lick I got it okay.
Reminds me in the 80s whenever there called wheedling right and we’d have these 80s
metal flash god guys and they go (sounds) and they play the same lick over and over
again. So we actually had this term for it little Italy you know Little Italy
Little Italy Little Italy Little Italy right. I’m Italian I can make fun of
myself so give me a break here but anyway so he’s kinda doing the Little Italy
right now. Can you speed it up here so we can get
onto some song here. Blowing smoke rings. Okay I heard the lick. Here we go. Okay so I had a brief brush with these
guys a while back I used to do TV commercials for this company out of
Japan and I did a lot of them for them and one of them was they called me up and
they said hey Ken it was a car.. they’re representing a car company really famous
car company and it was for Japan only you know it was region specific and so
they said you know do you think you could get Eric Clapton to find out if he
could do or do an appearance you know just one day we’ll fly into Los Angeles,
we’ll get our cameramen together and whatever. We’ll make it easy he can fly
in from the UK but one day thing shoot and then now you know here our fee is
150,000 dollars. Do you think Eric could do that. So I call up Eric Clapton’s manager I get him on the phone and so he says you know okay how much is the fee
and I says you know it’s a hundred and fifty thousand dollars and I get this
silence on the other end and it’s.. a hundred and fifty thousand dollars
you’ve got to be kidding me I’m looking for Eric’s fee not his road manager. You know I’m like oops sorry right. Anyway I don’t think Eric Clapton would have appreciated that but because
he’s a really cool guy. His manager is was a tough tough nut. So I relayed this
information back to this company in Japan and they said oh ow gosh did you
tell them that it’s not for the world it’s just for Japan. He shows up for one day collects 150 G’s goes home that’s it. I said yeah I told them. So anyway he said well can you do you think you could get you know um ZZ Top because
the car that we have coming out is called the Zed and that might even work
out better. In fact I think you can Google, go Google you know I think it’s
Mazda or it might have been Honda but called the go ZZ Top car commercial Zed
I think is what it is. You’ll see it. Anyway and so we contacted them and they
said yeah they could do it right. So we get everything together and then all
of a sudden like it was like three or four days before everything was supposed
to go down, their manager falls off the planet. I mean falls off the planet and
the next thing we hear through the grapevine is he’s on some boat like out
in the middle of you know I don’t know the Bahamas or
something and he’s not returning anybody’s phone call. So finally like two
days before this thing or three days before everyone’s supposed to fly into Los
Angeles to do this event, he says you know I’ve been thinking about it you
know and he’s like good.. one of the good old boys right and you know 150 is not enough you know I need way more than that. We’re like oh my gosh this is full-on
extortion right and so the you know they reluctantly agreed. They you know he had
him by the cojones and there was really not much else they could do about it. I
guess that’s just the music business where you know everyone’s trying to get
whatever they can get and it’s a bummer because I like these guys a lot but it’s
just I guess the nature of the beast of the music business so let’s get back to
ZZ Top here we go. There’s that walk. Ah you missed the guitar. Look at that after he did his little rolling arm thing listen to come back in. He missed his cue coming back, you hear
kind of like a sack of potatoes falling down the stairs or something. Here we go. You hear that. Great guitars tone man. Hey that reminds me. Sorry fo all the stories, great guitar
tone. So I guess..do you remember this song “Money For Nothing And Chicks For Free”
Dire Straits tune and it was funny that they you know Sting did an appearance on that and as they were putting the song together they said gosh it would be
really cool to have ZZ Top’s guitar tone, you Billy Gibbon’s guitar tone and so
anyway so they called Billy Gibbons to say hey we’re doing the song you know
money you know (sings) you know think of the guitar lick in that right
cause this will really drive home for it to make sense. So they call up Billy and they say hey you know can you tell us how you got your guitar sound, we’d really like to do
something like that for the album. He says go find your own guitar tone. Like okay so
that’s how that tone ended up sounding like that and it was its own unique
thing too anyway but yeah there was definitely no you know sharing secrets
in this camp that’s for sure. Kinda sped up the rhythm a lot. The harmonic thing I told you about’s coming up. I haven’t seen this I hope he does it. Not as cool as the record. He missed he harmonics. That’s it. Same lick. I got it. Alright some I’m gonna fast forward a little bit cause I have these long instrumental breaks are probably driving you guys nuts. So I’m
gonna cruise up here a little bit to what is this like 5:20 I think something so
quite a ways in. Oh. Wow. Hold on. They’re gonna do Tush alright well what
the heck let’s grab them both you get two for the price of one here today.
Let’s check this out well let’s see where this ends. Alright so I’m back at 4:20. Hey I’ll hang out for Tush for a second. Why not. The video wasn’t labeled that it just said “La Grange” so. For my Christian friends out there I
actually produced a Darryl Mansfield album where we did a bunch of these covers and
this was one of the songs and we changed the lyrics and okay you guys are gonna
hate me for this is silly but I said Lord take me downtown I’m just looking
for a church. You can check it out it’s a good album. Daryl Mansfield’s album. Okay so again for my guitar player
friends out there. You guys he does some great slide but man the Allman Brothers.
You got to check out you know Gregg Allman some of the Allman brothers
stuff.. Duane whatever. Gregg I got my turds worsted but who’s
even way more amazing than that in my personal opinion is Derek Trucks. Holy
Cow. If you guys haven’t had a chance go see the Trucks Tedeschi Tedeschi whatever band. Wow. Derek Trucks is like maybe one of the greatest slide players that
has ever lived. Guitar players go check out Derek Trucks
utterly amazing. I’ll get my beard to sway like that. I can do it with my hair. Alright more guitar solos. Anyway guys I’m just here having a good time. Hope you guys are having a good time with me. This is some
old, classic stuff trying to introduce again if I’ve got a younger audience out
there to some older classics. Some of these guys fell through the cracks and
they didn’t get the notoriety you know. They were really big in their day but you know other bands that you know got a lot of acclaim and these guys
again just kind of fell through the, slipped through the cracks so. If you
like what you heard please like and subscribe to my channel and until next
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cool video come out. Okay thanks guys peace out.

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    I was just a teenage girl dating a man 7 year's my senior, which later became my husband. 💓💍
    It was he who turned me onto and took me to see some of Southern Rock's best musician's.
    He loved "Southern Rock".
    It was a phenomenal show and one I'll never forget..
    I later went back to see them four more times. Yup, I was hooked.
    Every time I heard our local DJ's on the radio announce that they were coming to our local area, my sister in law and I would go and stand in line to purchase concert tickets.
    Remember those days Ken & community?
    Yup, the day's when we stood in line and "got there early" to ensure the best seating. Also meeting some good people in those line's.
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