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VR Nausea 7 types and difficulty (rank) Yes hello. Magic VR.
Today, the type of VR sickness and difficulty I’m going to introduce you to this.
Many people feel and know a lot, but exactly what kind of this And how much nausea it causes
I have not gotten much into detail yet. So, for the first time I’m going to let you know this in a little bit.
What is the first VR nausea? If you give a little definition about this,
The brain, What you see when you feel that you are different from the information you have acquired. This is VR sickness. The information I have acquired is the way I have lived.
Of course, the way people have lived is similar, You know what you’ve been through and things you’ve never experienced? When the brain is now making judgments about it Because it causes cognitive dissonance, so there is also a personal car There are various phenomena. I have divided into 7 kinds of VR sickness largely. I can explain it in terms of solidarity. You can divide it by 7 and up to level 7
From the easiest to the hardest? I divided the most disturbing things.
Mostly. 7th fake 7th place ~? VR SUSUMI 7th place is teleport movement.
Many people know that Teleport There are two types of teleports.
Among them, you prefer the most point to point The point moves from point to point. This does not have a motion sickness.
because. Because it appears right over there. But this is what you said before.
I do not know. In the future, 100 years and 200 years later, And then it’s the real sense that people feel.
In VR this way if you feel that you are making a momentary move, Cognitive disharmony can happen.
But since we have not yet had experience with it This does not cause motion sickness.
There is no one who can do this. I promise. This is the typical Arizona Sunshine.
Most of the games are using a lot. It’s the second fastest on the second teleport.
That was the point-to-point explanation. This is the second move on the teleport. Fly to Point You do not know this. Typically, I am hiring from Marvel. If you look at it, you will carry it to me. Take a look. You see?
I’m flying. It does not appear to disappear at once,
I actually see everything going. I can fly and fly faster and faster. Like this. character It is a way of teleport. As you can see, there is something called Rocomotion which I will explain at the end. I’ll show you around for a while.
It is said that most people have motion sickness. It’s a little bit at first.
But this one is moving too. This is a teleport. This is how you stop moving.
But this does not cause nausea. because? At first I thought about motion sickness
This is what the brain has experienced, people living. The brain automatically judges against it,
Then I know this is walking. So you know this feeling? Then,
To carry and carry This is something we have never experienced before. That ‘s why I do not think I walk this. So the motion sickness does not occur.
It is easy to think. It’s the same way you see a car. Car I hurried to break the brake.
But now I’m not sick. I’ll have something to explain later.
Racing Games There are also lots of people who are nauseous. But in the same way,
Racing is a motion blur and it does not cause motion blur. That’s because I’ve learned something before. Are you excited? Yes. I need to share some details.
Of course you may feel nauseous in this, People
Not according to what I watched. Yes Fly To Point
7-1 I introduced you. 6th place, jump, landing I was ready to deal with the landing area first before dealing with the jump. There is one kind of landing.
This is Marvel. Marvel. I played Fade Out / In on the landing.
Options can be adjusted. You can turn it off or turn it on. This developer wrote a lot of nerves about nausea. Really.
This is not good. Let me show you. Did you fall? The screen gets tighter and brighter. This is called Fade In / Out.
It’s universal to be written in games. Especially in movies and YouTube. I’m referring to the screen switching method. Fade In Fade Out I forcibly block the visual. by the way
Not like Point To Point like Teleport. Let it darken and brighten again.
It’s natural. Then, by blocking sight, I do not know well, so we do not feel motion sickness when we fall. In this way, I do not feel well. Where is this option? Let’s see… If you like Marvel, it’s a simple mode to set up. Where nausea is likely to happen That way,
When we turn it off, we know it ‘s common. So if you get nauseous and turn on Quick mode at the maximum, what happens is I just block the screen. Now this is the maximum. This is really … I really want to play the game, but I’m nauseous.
It’s a mode made for those people. I think it looks great in some ways. So in a jump landing,
Let me know that there is this way. sixth. I’ll let you know about the jump. It’s best to jump. There will not be a developer who made a lot of thought about the jump.
It is a sirento immediately. Ah … well … if you see it now, the jump is awesome. This is a jump. Uh … really jump jumping? like this?
This makes me nauseous. Why I feel so bad when I play high.
But when landing, do you feel a little incongruity when landing? It is a feeling of motion sickness based on what one brain now experiences. There are also people who feel both.
Oooh ~ Some people are just dizzy. I’ll show you. Those who do not know this are going to get a little freaked out. This is a huge game. If you live with a single jump, this is not the case. Now ~ wall riding. Hit the wall and hit the wall ~ Now! Double jump.
Is that so? It’s a game to eat with jumps. And then I added another skill. Jump and sit down
It’s acceleration. Oh ~ slippery You see? It is a huge game … to the fireworks behind you. I did not mean to explain the game today. So this way.
The jump also causes a lot of motion sickness, but why is it only 6th? Why is it the sixth? Most games do not employ jump. Think carefully. I rarely play games with jumps. There are a lot of things to minimize nausea, too. There are a lot of pc games that have no jumps, right?
That’s why people do not really know how much they are about motion sickness when it comes to jumping. So far is the sixth. I told you about the jump landing. Woohoo ~ 5th, flight aboard It is the fifth 5th flight boarding. Flight boarding. Why did you choose to board the flight? I can think of it the same way,
It’s totally wrong. Flight boarding and boarding are absolutely wrong. Now, if you look.
Without a mind? Space. Space. This game is EVE Valkyrie. I do not mind. Oh ~ Because it is space
There is no concept of 360 degrees back and forth. This gas goes like this. It does not make any sense.
It is a very difficult game. Difficulty. So why is there no motion sickness? Why is it only the 5th place? Just one. Because people have not been able to experience it. Right? That’s why I have a bad nausea.
But who are those who say that this is a nausea? This is it. this. There is a person who comes to the screen with the screen turning, and I can not feel the nauseousness just by going straight. This is the biggest I’ve ever experienced If you look at this acceleration, you will see that the surrounding features move around and make judgments. by the way It’s not good because it’s an outer space. I can not tell if this size is too big. I’m going …
I do not really know if it’s 100Km. Because I have not experienced it. That is why I can not feel the nausea well.
So I selected 5th on the flight. 4th, boarding (mobile) Fourth place. I’d say boarding a vehicle or boarding a mobile. Everything is riding the 4th place. It’s a racing game. I got this and I tried the Euro truck, but strangely I do not have any nausea. I used to have a racing wheel. But now I have to dispose of the racing wheel I will only use the keyboard. Oh ~ This game is a very famous game. It is difficult I’m doing it on the keyboard. It ‘s been a long time since this is so big. I would like to buy a wheel and try again. But I did not really like racing games either. But I think I’ve done the most after VR accident. This should have a wheel. Racing with the keyboard Just nojam nojam. There is no fun. This way racing is … nausea! Let me put on ~ !? Why? After this, There are a lot of people who have focussed on obesity. But I do not. I do not know why. The original innate constitution is the most important.
There is also adaptation because it is important and environment that I lived. But when I put it like this, when I was in a hurry. In this racing game, Do you want to run 200km 300km in Projekt Kass? But it is impossible for ordinary people to experience this speed in everyday. I drive a car, but at most I drive at about 100Km. But I do not know when to go. This will determine the speed of movement of the feature, so if you look away I think it’s better than just going … but when I put it on, I have to stop like this. Bread ~! But I think the brain has stopped, because the body is the same. In fact, do you mind if you step on the brake? But my brain is aware of it, but I do not feel my body. I have to be angry. Occurs.
I did not do that. I’m curious. But the opposite is the Euro truck? Euro truck. Very realistic. Is it a very realistic racing game, by the way, delivery? logistics? Extreme realism Should I be a job simulator? When I do that, I feel sickness. Of course, it’s not good graphics. There is a little feeling. But not only that, but the highway is going hard ~ just about. Oh~ uh? You gotta pay for the tollgate? If I have to pay, should I stop? Tollgate Das Stop ~ I stopped this way There was a nausea. At this time, the brain is aware that the body will move forward as well. But I do not see my body. I can not make the same situation in Project Cass. I think it’s just a little more comfortable to accept because the brain does not know it’s racing anymore. That’s why I put fourth in the racing game. Oh ~ It is so funny I have been in a long time. The real best is the best. It’s a really difficult game. The public should do one or two hours It’s just a bit of a run. character!
Anyway, fourth place racing game Boarding the vehicle. 3rd place, feature migration Move the third feature. Now I’m in the trine. I’m on a very dizzy side. Most occur in third person games. Is this … a sickness I have not felt? haha Are there any geographical features that are not moving? Most of the time I move is the first person of VR Because it is almost all games. Especially, this lucky tale game is especially serious. This is a typical game
I can not vote for this. It is also.
This game You see, the earth moves together. That’s why it’s like a locomotion. I’m moving. I move directly to the locomotion. because? That’s Lee Jae-il I feel like I’m not going to go, but this is also how I look at it. Is it the same as what I’m going to? Come on. Report first person. I’m the first person. It’s a first person lucky tale game. Let ‘s go forward ~! It’s similar to Zaroko motion. It does not matter if you look away. I do not see the feature moving, but I’m looking at him. It seems like the ground is moving.
Then the gaze continues to follow the land. I feel this. How does it feel? Feeling of motion sickness. So this third person game. There are a lot of people who feel nauseous about the feature. This also goes up and down. How to jump. It has to do with landing too. What’s new? Now ~ YAHA ~ YAT ~ YAT ~ So this is why
Third place. 2nd place, space swim It is second in the second place. Space Shuttle
Hey ~ This. I actually … this spacewalk I wanted to put it on top. First up. Because I am this … It was so when I first did it. It’s kind of tough now. This is probably because the feature is close to moving. I think I feel a lot like that. Oh, this is it. Ooh ~ I have to explain this, but I have to speak English People
Miraculously. Oh, before this game is eco VR. Eco VR … huh? (Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) Hello ~ Hi ~ (I think) Thank you ~ Hi? Right? Thank you ~=Thank you (ㅎㅎㅎ ㅎㅎㅎ ㅎㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ) What do you say if you just talk to me now? Bye ~ Bye ~ (Bye ~) Let’s get embarrassed … Huh … Yes. Are you Korean. Please do not come. Let me explain. I’ll explain something. Why Space Swim (Konnichi and Aidono Penis) Have you picked 2nd place? Oh, this is, of course, space golf ball … Oh, please go to a little child ~ really ~ really ~ ~ ~ ~ Oh. There are a lot of people here … I’ll just explain. The spacewalk Even though you have not tried it, it can be because it has lots of features. clearly.
When you grab that object and shake it I can fully appreciate it.It’s like … Oh … I have all these experiences, do not you?
Because you can move like this, but your body is not moving. I am now causing disharmony. Therefore, there is considerable dizziness. VR motion sickness is taking place considerably. And this feels like flying again. I do not feel nauseous if I just fly.
Oh, but this is really a lot of people who feel sick in space. This is also how the feet are on the ground I can feel that way. I have a leg. Oh ~ It looks like point franc is similar, and so a motion sickness occurs. So I picked this out in the 2nd place. 1st place, locomotion It is the first place of the long-awaited route. Go directly. This game is a conractor.
I do not know if you do a lot these days. I did it a while ago. This also got a little bad for my room. I think Pablo has a lot of users in FPS. It ‘s a little simple and I can do it right away. This is a … 5: 5 fight. Anyway. There are two things in Zaroko motion.
The first one is a little less. Move in hand direction in Loco motion. It’s a hand move. If you see Oculus or any of these other machines, you’re going to go to the joystick. Lokomotor? Well, obviously, either the left hand or the right hand moves with one joystick. Do I go forward like this?
Let’s go ahead with the joystick. Go backwards ~ I’ll take a look at the right side. Going forward. I go to the direction that I want to go to the direction of the hand to go. This is a little less motion sickness among the locomotion. But on the contrary, I have a nausea. If you look at it, Contractors also have options.
hmd forward. This is heading, right? Head front. I’ll go ahead. It’s not in front of the stick.
I’m not looking overseas The front of the head is in front. I’ll go right and go to the right. Let ‘s go, it’ s easy for me to see. Look …
This leads to a slight incoincidence. I am. It is my standard. I do not have 99.9% nausea for reference. No matter what. The only head I just did. If you head toward the head, I can not feel it now. that much
I felt that I was a little dizzy when I tried to sell them. This is a little incongruity. Because I told him to go forward with his hand.
I’m going to go forward. I want to see the top right hand. I know the brain is definitely going forward. Go right. So this is the opposite of my experience. My experience. So I hate this direction. uh? It’s a surprise. It’s me. It’s me. Well … it’s two things. Like I said. Hand direction loco motion. Then head direction. Head direction locomotion. This is almost the best head direction RoCo motion. Seven kinds of VR sickness.
And I explained the difficulty. When you play a game or even if you choose a good part of this game to fit your own less likely to be a little more motion sickness? Thinking. And one more thing. There must be all the conditions for the first thing in motion. Basic condition without motion sickness 1. 90 FPS
2. High graphic quality
3. Individual differences Individual differences can be seen by working hard. As I explained at first, the brain knows. Brain, brain, brain. The opposite of what my head knows and my body does not move Because there is a disharmony, it tells the brain a little bit. Through person experience. uh? If I do this, can I stay still? Called… So I will adapt and the nausea will gradually disappear.
The starting point is huge. If you do not have nausea … From the beginning, the person who is enormous … Someone who feels motion sickness only when boarding a vehicle … Because it is various, if you do it hardly, the day when the motion sickness disappears certainly will come.
If you do it hard because you have a lot to feel,

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