WARNING: Why Caffeine Is Horrible For Your Health & Hormones – by Dr Sam Robbins

Hi, it’s Dr Sam Robbins Most of you aren’t going to like today’s
topic, because most people consume daily, the most abused drug on the planet and that’s
caffeine. And YES, caffeine is a drug. So powerful that Coca Cola’s original ingredient
contained cocaine and they needed a replacement for it and the substitute was and still is,
caffeine! Whether it’s your morning or daily coffee
and tea, the usual “energy drinks”, sodas, pre-workout products or dozens of other “energy”
stimulatory products that contain caffeine. In fact, most people can’t seem to start
the day without getting their “caffeine hit”. The problem with caffeine is that it “burns
out” your Central Nervous System and causes numerous, negative changes in your hormones,
which ultimately accelerates aging. The negative changes in hormones are:
Increase in stress hormones, such as cortisol — this means more belly fat. Decrease in testosterone — this means less
muscle and lower libido. Decrease in growth hormone & IGF — more fat,
accelerated aging. Decrease in thyroid hormones (T3) — slower
metabolism and fat gain. Decrease in adrenal hormones — DHEA, pregnenolone,
etc. Decrease in melatonin — sleep and anti-aging
hormone. Increase in estrogen — breast cancer, gynecomastia
(“Man Boobs”), irregular menstruation Higher blood sugar and insulin insensitivity
— more fat, less muscle, diabetes, etc. Another major issue is neurological in that
it causes issues by decreasing dopamine release and dopamine receptor sensitivity — both
are bad because it decreases happiness and can cause parkinson’s. It also causes a decrease in another neurotransmitter,
serotonin. This means again, less happiness, more worry,
stress, anxiety and panic. Other health problems that are non-hormonal
Oxidative stress and inflammation — related to numerous health problems, aches and pains
PH imbalance (more acidic) — acid reflux, osteoporosis, gut bacterium imbalances
Insomnia & poor sleep (shallow REM sleep) — cause of too many health problems and hormonal
imbalances. High blood pressure Honestly, I can go on and on. And trust me when I tell you that when I take
a little bit of caffeine, I feel AMAZING. I honestly do. I’m happy, very productive and just more
focused. But I’ve done so many tests with it and
no matter what I do, within a few days my body adapts, I need to increase the dose,
my hormones start to change for the worst — as does my sleep. And people who I’ve tested who habitually
consume caffeine daily, for years and years (like most of us) — trust me, they have a
lot of health issues. BUT NOT ONCE, will a doctor say “get off
the caffeine, it’s killing you”. This is because nobody even thinks of caffeine
as a drug. And “every does it”. Remember, it’s a very potent drug and works
in many ways, the same as Cocaine. And both are “natural” and found in “nature”. But they are not to be consumed in highly
concentrated sources, like we do in modern society. Anyway, like I said — I really like how I
feel on caffeine, I just don’t like to deal with the negatives – especially the hormonal
imbalances. So, what does this mean? Because I know right now most people are thinking
“umm… no way am I gonna stop my caffeine, I love my coffee, etc., etc.” Yeah, I get it. However, the good news is that there are much
safer, healthier and even better solutions — natural herbs, plant extracts and amino
acids that will give you all the energy and focus you need, but without any of the negative
side-effects that I’ve mentioned today. No crash. No negative hormonal changes. Plus, they are actually GOOD for your health
— body AND especially mind. Better for memory, cognition and mood. They actually help improve your hormones and
neurotransmitters. They have anti-aging benefits, especially
for your mind. Anyway, I’ve listed the ingredients and
formula below, in the description area. And don’t worry, you don’t have to go
out and buy a dozen different products or ingredients. If you still want to have your caffeine products,
go ahead… but consider lowering the dose and use much healthier and better solutions
that I’ve listed below. If you liked it, please subscribe to this
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health” with others, so they can benefit as well. Also, do me a favor and please leave your
questions and comments below. Thanks for listening and have a happy and
healthy day!

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