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  1. I need to tell the truth about celiac disease. There no such things as diseases just ignorance. I use the cause and effect rules to find the cause of diseases and I found that immune system is low if the body is cool because body tissue may get infected with inflammation and pain results.
    Exposure of our body to low temperatures is the cause of diseases because immune system cannot cure infections and nerves are numb. Diseases are an infection or nerves numbness . The area of our body infected gives different names to that infection. skin infection is called cancer or psoriasis, digestive system infection is called celiac and Chrone disease, brain infection is called meningitis and so on. For all diseases are just two solution to cure that infection: to keep our body at 97F temperature, which is not good because the air temperature is too high for breathing, or to insulate our body very well to allow it to increase the temperature enough to cure infections. This idea is practical because the air temperature is low and good for breathing. I invented special clothes capable to increase the body temperature to cure infection. If interested write to me on [email protected] I will give all what I found for free.

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