What Is Indigestion? | Stomach Problems

So indigestion is basically a constellation
of symptoms that are all related to your digestive system. So basically it’s pain, bloating, feeling
full, more full than normal after a meal. All those together make up what’s called indigestion. It can be for a lot of different reasons,
most likely from something you’ve eaten. There are times when you have a little bit
more hyperacidity that can give you symptoms like that also. Other symptoms that can, kind of, go into
the category of indigestion could be acid reflux as well. And again it’s where you’re getting a lot
of hyperacidity and that can cause some pain and some bloating and management of that is
basically managing the symptoms. You can get some bloating with indigestion
and that could be the most uncomfortable feeling out of all the feelings, because it’s just
this sensation of a big balloon that’s just expanding into your stomach. That can give you the feeling of early satiety,
meaning you get full quicker or you just get more full than normal with a smaller amount
of food. In severe cases, people can change their diet. They can loose weight. They can get actually quite uncomfortable
with the symptoms. So it’s important to identify the cause of
it and help manage those symptoms.

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  1. indigestion is basically alot of air in your stomach and it hurts when the air passes through and out of the bottom at least that's what I think or is it something else?

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