What is Okra Good For? 5 Wonderful Benefits of Okra

Okra is a plant that is cultivated in tropical
and warm climates. It produces green pods that are picked just
before ripening and implemented into the diets of many different kinds of people around the
world. It can also be called lady’s fingers, bamia,
bhindi, or gumbo. When you cut okra and cook it with moist heat,
it releases a gooey substance that can be used as a thickener in all kinds of recipes. Okra can be prepared in other ways though,
such as roasting, sautéing, boiling, frying and stewing. If you would to prefer to avoid the sticky
texture okra acquires once cut up, all you have to do is cook the pods whole. Apart from its culinary aspect, okra can also
be used to treat health problems and improve the overall health of different organs. Watch this video to find out more about the
advantages okra offers: It helps filter your blood Okra, according to a study performed in 2005,
shows positive effects on nephropathy (more commonly known as kidney disease) . These
positive effects include a drop in the amount of urine protein and uric acid observed during
the study. It’s a powerful antioxidant Due to its antioxidant activities, okra can
protect your body from chemically induced liver diseases, according to a study performed
in 2011. It regulates blood sugar levels A study published in the Journal of Pharmacy
and Bioallied Sciences tells about an experiment, in which rats with diabetes were given okra
and their blood sugar levels and lipid profile levels were normalized, supporting the claim
that okra can be used as an alternative treatment for diabetes. It has the ability to improve mental health Okra is useful in fighting depression because
of its elevated phenol and flavonoid percentage. According to recent studies, okra seed extracts
treat depression almost as well as the typical antidepressants. It may be able to treat cancer Okra extracts were used in a study performed
to treat human breast cancer cells due to its high lectin content. The treatment both reduced cancer cell growth
by 63 percent and killed 72 percent of the cancer cells. With all this possible health benefits, you
should give okra a try!

22 Replies to “What is Okra Good For? 5 Wonderful Benefits of Okra

  1. I just can't stand okra! Both the texture and the taste. 😅 But I'm so interested in how it can treat diabetes and how much one would need to take to normalize blood sugar. That's so interesting.

  2. My wife roasts the oakra whole and then splits it in half adds some seasoned ground pork or ground beef, lightly breads it and then sautes it. Delicious ☺

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