Why and How to Stop Constant Throat Clearing?

(throat clearing) Do you have to clear your
throat constantly? In this video, I am going to tell you what
happens to your vocal folds every time you clear your throat. And it’s not pretty! You will be more motivated to stop that bad
behaviour. I am also going to give you 5 tips on how
to stop clearing your throat. So, keep on watching! Hi, I am Katarina from How 2 Improve Singing. Throat clearing (throat clearing). It’s not only annoying but it really is a
dangerous vocal behaviour. The truth is that excessive or constant throat
clearing is often more of a habit than a necessity. So, what happens when you do this (throat
clearing)? Your vocal folds come together in a very forceful way. It’s like when you clap your hands so hard
that it hurts. During this impact, the most superficial layer
of the vocal folds gets damaged. The cells covering the vocal folds get loose
and lost and damaged and the integrity of the vocal folds is weakened. If you do this constantly, the vocal folds
do not have a chance to restore their integrity and your voice is at risk for vocal injury. Your vocal folds become pink or red, swollen
and irritated. In addition, the tissue around the vocal folds
start to produce more mucus as a protective mechanism. Once the vocal folds get compromised, your
voice will also be compromised so that you may become hoarse or even lose your voice
completely. The problem with throat clearing is that it
can take you down the rabbit hole. It starts with a feeling that there is mucus
or something stuck in your throat. You try to clear it with (throat clearing). This creates more mucus, which leads to repeated
attempts to clear the mucus while producing more mucus as a side effect. So, in the end, you end up with more mucus
and damaged vocal folds. Not a pretty picture. Here are 5 tips to stop your constant throat
clearing so that you can avoid vocal damage. Tip 1 Monitor your throat clearing. The first thing you need to do is become aware
of your bad habit. People who clear their throat all the time
don’t even know that they are doing it. You will need a help of a trusted friend to
make you aware initially. Once you are aware of your habit, count how
many times you clear your throat in an hour. Simply tally the occurrences on a piece of
paper. Then, try to decrease the number of throat clears progressively. Tip 2 Increase hydration. Often, increased hydration will help to decrease
the intensity and amount of throat clears. Drink sufficient amounts of liquids every
day. Use a personal steamer or take hot showers
on a regular basis. Make sure that your rooms have humidity levels
above 40%. Tip 3 Have a sip of water instead. Have a glass of water handy. Every time you feel the need to clear your
throat, take a sip of water. It will help with hydration and it will help
you overcome the urge to clear your throat. Tip 4 Do a gentler throat clear. If your throat clearing is very hard and violent,
try to change it into a gentler form. So instead of this (throat clearing), you
can try this (throat clearing). Or when you feel the urge to clear your throat,
hum gently. This will shake off the mucus from your vocal
folds. Tip 5 Consult with a specialist. If your problem with throat clearing has been
going on for a long time, consult a specialist, such as an ENT doctor, laryngologist or voice
specialist. They will be able to assess your individual
needs and give you the care you deserve. There may be medical reasons why you need to clear your throat constantly, for example, acid reflux, post-nasal drainage, neuropathy, medications
with side effects and other reasons. To learn more about voice care, please visit
my website. You will find the link in the description
below. Before you go, don’t forget to hit the like
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44 Replies to “Why and How to Stop Constant Throat Clearing?

  1. Thank you for stopping by. Do you need to clear your throat constantly? Or maybe cough habitually? If yes, why do you think you need to do it? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks.

  2. This was actually really helpful! I didn't know that was dangerous to do that. I'll have to pay more attention.

  3. Great video. Agree with the habitual aspect. Need to be consciously aware to stop doing it. Thanks for bringing attention to the potential damage.

  4. You are so full of interesting information. I love it! I'm going to try the sip of water tip. I don't really clear my throat alot.. but i do when I eat something that my body does't like.. .like dairy… so this is great! ~Elizabeth

  5. Does anyone here get something where your clearing your throat for long periods of time because can’t properly clear it or get a feeling in your thoat to clear it

  6. I struggled with this for years….I mean, YEARS! I still do it when I eat, but praise God it's not the problem it was…this is a great video though…it really is a habit!

  7. exactly this is the problem which I have been suffering for long time.. does it really work… I have mucus in the throat ..which I feel like taking it out… plzzz help mam

  8. Thanks for sharing Katarina! An important point, I heard that one when I went to vocal lessons for a little while!

  9. This is a good video. I think part of the problem is habit for sure. But for me, there is no doubt I have more phlegm than I did a year ago. I’ve tried tons of stuff. If I don’t clear it and go to talk, my voice doesn’t come out clear, I need to clear it to speak right.
    I did this for a while as I tried to quit this throat clearing problem, but it seemed worse to not sound clear at work, so now I always clear if I think I will talk. I’ve seen ENT too. Anyway, this “bug” in my throat is annoying, and would love any tips or remedies that may help in addition to this good video.

  10. Thank you for this information. I suffer from silent reflux and am constantly clearing my throat. Learnt more from this video than from my ENT specialists.

  11. My dad does this, nearly every ten seconds.. from the moment he's awake until he's asleep. My mom (she's in the medical field, so she's quite biased), says it's medical related and there is no treatment, however I truly think this is an actual bad habit that just drives myself and many others around us nuts.


  12. Whenever I drink water, my throat actually feels significantly more slimy and annoying. It makes it easier to clear gently, but it does worsen the mucus.

  13. I do it a lot, it's very annoying to me. My throat always feels very thick, like saliva blocking it. I am never sick nor have runny nose. I don't get it.

  14. I always clear my throat especially when I sing. I kind of feel pleghm rising so I have to clear my throat. I also have cough regularly ever since even if it's just a slight one. I don't know if it's a habbit or I'm sick.

  15. In my case you are wrong, I have to clear my throat about thirty to forty time in one hour and then I am okay again for 8 to 12 hours, if l don't my voice box get clogged and I loss my voice completely.

  16. I clear my throat about 40-50 times an hour and its so embarrasing 🙁 I tried to drink plenty of water but it hasn't worked and I try to stop clearing my throat but have this constant feeling that I need to clear it

  17. My problem is when I first started talking it is hard for me to speak clearly and project my voice. Does anyone know how to help with this?

  18. Thank you so much for your consultation and suggestions, I have been experiencing these symptoms in the last 7 months, I met ENT doctors and others for consultations and still did not get the right consultations, some of them gives me medicines while others gave me suggestions. I will adopt your tips and will get back to you.

  19. I am sick but usually I clear my throat in the morning. I have had an x Ray yesterday but it says my lung has swollen can this be the cause?

  20. I hate this, everytime i eat my throat feels stuck and blocked and im constantly clearing my throat so much it’s literally annoying and so loud keeping everyone up, i tried some medicine it works at times but other times doesnt work and its just hell and sometimes i feel like im choking, i really hate this feeling and want it to go away

  21. I think mines a habit. I do it without realizing, and it happens more when I’m anxious. .__.

    Edit: Okay, I’m going to stop. I didn’t even know this was even dangerous.. ;—;

  22. I've been doing this for years. Went to more than one dr. They all said "Post nasal drip. Use a saline solution."
    It hasn't cured anything.
    I've yet to find a dr that understands how annoying this is for me.
    I want to stop clearing my throat.

  23. I have only started clearing my throat constantly without being aware now I wake up and have a sore throat I’m trying to stop and so far I’ve gone from clearing my throat about 20 or more times an hour to just about five I want to thank you this video helped me out tremendously 😁

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