Why You Should Soak Beans Overnight Before Cooking

Beans are part of most people’s diet. But, do you know how to cook beans? You may think that just cooking it is enough,
but that’s not true. Maybe your grandmother talks, or has talked,
about how important it is to soak beans before cooking them. But, do you know why? This trick was largely used to eliminate the
substance that can cause gas. And this popular practice was proven by science. A research by the Center of Research in Foods
of São Paulo University, Brazil, and by Embrapa Rice and Beans, found that the most recommended
period of time for soaking beans is in between 8 to 12 hours. Right after this period, it is important to
throw away the water. And this procedure isn’t good only for beans. It can be used to cook other grains, like
chickpeas, lentil and soy. Letting beans soak for 6 hours, and then putting
them soak again for more 6 hours will reduce cooking time and eliminate the substances
that cause gas and indigestion. See how good it is to soak your beans? But do you know why we should change the water? The substances that cause gas exit the grains
and stay in the water. Once the water reaches the same concentration
of substances as the beans, this process stops. C hanging the water will restart the process,
and will guarantee a smaller concentration of substances in the grains. Interesting, isn’t it? That’s why the minimum time necessary is 6
hours, and the maximum is 12. After this time, beans will get soggy, dissolve
during cooking or, in extreme cases, start to ferment. Plan your routine and find the best time to
do this procedure. To correctly soak your beans, do the following: Wash your beans, put them in a bowl and cover
with water. If any beans float, discard them. Put a lid over the bowl and let the beans
soak for 12 hours. Change water once during this period. After that, cook the beans as usual.

15 Replies to “Why You Should Soak Beans Overnight Before Cooking

  1. Beans beans good for your heart
    the more you eat the more you fart
    the more you fart the better you feel
    so eat them beans at every meal!

  2. Wow! Now I understand. I am in my 40s and I was just thinking about how I wasn't affected by beans as bad when I was younger. Now. I think about eating beans just because of the gassiness and discomfort they give me. I am going to try this so that my family and I can enjoy beans again.

  3. A little white vinegar towards to end of cooking time helps with gas and gives them a touch of zing to your soup.

  4. Ahaa hey thanks for the tips. I've never changed the water but now will start doing so. I don't have much problems eating beans but hubby sure does and maybe this trick would help. 👍

  5. I add a little baking soda & ACV to my soaking water, then soak for 6hrs. The beans are so tender & almost melt in your mouth after cooking….& no flatulence afterwards. Thanx for video.

  6. I found out that cooking beans overnight in my crockpot with all my favorite spices, tomatoes, chilies and some pork meat pieces yields a superior bean dish. It's very tasty and does not give one gas. I used to soak beans, but no longer do.

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