Will Push-Ups Every Night Give Me A Bigger Chest?

What’s going on Nation? Today I want to talk to you about whether or not push-ups every single night will give you a bigger chest now This is a topic that we’ve talked about a lot but it’s still a question that we get quite a bit a lot on the Facebook page and on Muscularstrength.com as well and This can apply to any body part now you have to understand that when you go to the gym And you train a muscle, and I know some of you guys gonna workout at home as well, and I’ll get to that but when you go to the gym with the soul The soul thought of trying to build muscle. That means you’re doing a muscle gain Workout now whether or not that workout consists of high volume or a heavy weight because remember you can build muscles Muscle both ways [okay], and for those of you who have watched my muscle genes video I’ll put a link to that in the info section below My body type has a higher ratio of slow twitch muscle fiber Which means that I have to do a lot more volume in order to build muscle For those of you that have a higher ratio of fast twitch muscle fiber you need to do heavier weight and shorter reps to Build more [muscle] and strength and there’s a reason why I’m talking about this and that reason is because There’s a lot of misinformation out there that will lead you to believe that if you go to the gym And you do a workout look and we’re talking about chest you go to the gym And you do a chest workout, and you focus on doing like a 5 by 5 which is [five] sets of [five] reps Or just doing a ton of sets of low reps really heavy weight that you can still then come home and do Bazillion push-ups, and that’s gonna help you grow muscle, and it makes Absolutely no sense for a variety of reasons number one if You go to the gym for hour and a half and do a chest workout and you get home And you still have enough energy to go and do an extra like three or four hundred push-ups Something’s wrong here. You’re not giving it your all in the gym And you need to either rethink your program or hit it a bit harder when you do go do your program number two if you expect a muscle to grow when it’s in a constant state of having to Rebuild itself it’s not going to happen Every single time you attack the same muscle while it’s sore you’re not giving it time [to] grow and I’m [going] [to] some Some finger puppets right now and show you guys how you grow muscle, so this is your muscle. This is your chest Let’s say you do a crazy chest workout You’re causing rips and tears and micro tears you see the holes between my fingers we call those micro tears now what’s going to happen with these micro tears your body needs time to Heal and as it heals it grows more muscle to fill those micro tears and then you go hit the gym again you cause more micro tears muscle gets bigger bigger bigger bigger you get the idea, [so] [if] you do a chest workout on Monday, and then you go home [and] you do more chest first of all you shouldn’t be able to do that because should hit it harder [on] Monday Now you wake up the following morning, and you’re feeling pretty sore and for some of you You’re [gonna] feel extremely sore to the touch okay if your muscle feels sore to the touch That’s an obvious indication of inflammation in a lot of [micro-tears] going on there And so now your body is trying to recover and also you don’t have to be sore [in] order to grow muscle So you’re not always going to feel sore and I think that throws a lot of us off as well And I just did a video [about] that and I’ll post a link to that info section below actually There’s two videos [that] you guys should watch one is Should I train [while] sore and do my muscles still grow if I’m not sore? So I’ll put those links below [so] what I’m trying to say [here] is if you think just because the muscle sore or not sore You’re going to be able to go and attack that muscle again and get it to grow even more you’re being misled because that muscle needs time to heal and if you Disrupt the recovery process you’re going to do more damage than good Good analogy. I like to use is whenever I whenever I super. I’m I’m horrible at gluing things, okay, whenever I glue stuff I’m like that guy who I always go like poke it to see if it’s actually sticking or not you ever do that ever Superglue something and you wait like 30 seconds And you jab at it to see if it’s actually working because you interested to see if it’s working. It snaps off again It’s the same thing with your with your muscles. I just did a crazy chest workout I’m touching and feeling it. It feels kinda sore not really sore [no], okay. I’ll go to the gym and tear it up again What how it feels when you touch it [and] what’s actually going on inside your body are two totally different things if you hit your chest as hard as you can the Following day you are gonna have micro tears in that muscle whether you’re sore or not, okay? Remember we talked about three different ways your body builds muscle mechanical stress metabolic mechanical tension Metabolic stress and muscle damage, so if you don’t feel muscle damage That’s you being sore you look at those other two reasons that are helping that muscle grow now There is a lot of bro science out there And I was recently watching a video where this gentleman was saying that if you want to grow a lagging body part you can hit that body part every single night with high Volume and it will grow because high volume doesn’t break down muscle tissue That makes absolutely no sense [if] the whole point and think about this if the whole point of building muscle is Tearing it down so that it can regrow What would be the point of doing a high volume workout if it’s not gonna tear down muscle tissue? [it] makes absolutely no sense [if] I told you to do four sets of a hundred push-ups Yeah, you’re gonna feel super pumped, but just because you want at the gym lifting barbells Or dumbbells doesn’t mean you’re not causing [micro-tears] in those muscles, okay? It’s absolute bro science unless you’re on steroids. [you’re] not going to be able to do that kind of stuff now is there something to be said to doing push-ups every single night or every [other] night if Your chest is sore from your workouts Yes, if you do for example Let’s say I did a chest workout and the next day my chest is still feeling really sore so when I wake up in the morning I do like two or three sets of like 10 to 15 push-ups nice and slow Just to get blood into the area because that blood is going to bring Oxygen and nutrients and things that your body needs in order to help with the recovery process, so in that aspect Yeah, you can do some push-ups every single day if you wanted to if your chest is sore And you just want to bring some nutrients to the area that’s fine. But you’re not going to do a full chest workout That’s totally different now me personally I actually have a below-average Recovery I learned that from muscle genes report too, and I wasn’t too Happy [about] it But it makes sense because I’m not really able to train the same body part multiple times a week It actually makes me feel really fatigued and tired throughout the week and it disrupts my other workouts But I know why it’s because of that and now guys building muscle It’s not a really difficult thing to do all you have [to] do is make [sure] you’re eating in a Calorie surplus Getting enough protein carbs and fat make sure your ratios are all set you have to make sure you’re getting enough sleep And [you] have to make sure you’re doing workouts tailored to your body type when I talked about that in [the] beginning Whether your ratio of slow to fast twitch muscle fiber is higher or lower And you don’t need a gene test to figure that [out] you can try doing like for [example] last year I started doing like more of a 5×5 program for my body To see how it would feel and to be honest I felt weaker And I was putting on body fat because it my body wasn’t responding well to that kind of workout I require a lot of volume so you can try one way for four to six weeks Try the other way four to six weeks and see works best for you now For those of you who are working out at home [okay] now and there’s a difference also between doing circuit training and trying to build muscle so for those of you who are circuit training and push-ups are part of your Circuit every single day or three to four times a week depending on what you’re doing That’s a lot different. You can still do that work out because that workouts geared towards burning calories It’s not geared towards isolating and destroying a muscle part now for those of you Who don’t have access to a gym [or] have light dumbbells at home or light weights at home And you’re using push-ups as a part of your workout program Even you still would only want to train your chest [a] few times a [week] because if your goal is [to] build muscle I’m going to assume that even if you only have access to doing push-ups You’re going to find a variety of ways to make those push-ups as hard as possible To absolutely destroy your chest to make sure you’re growing muscle whether it’s doing standard push-ups clap push-ups incline push-ups decline push-ups Push-ups with something on your back to make it heavier [um] plyo push-ups back and you know this there’s a wide variety of push-ups that you can do in order to tear up your chest at home so don’t think that you’re You know stuck with the standard you know stand alone Just regular push up up and down which obviously those can be pretty hard as well Especially if you experiment with the tempo wrapping up this video Let’s just do a quick [overview] of what we talked about and [that] is whether or [not] Push-ups every single night will help you grow a bigger chest the answer is no if you’re doing push-ups every single night It’s I’m going to assume that you’re doing like a ton of push-ups because your goal is muscle Building just because you’re getting the pump feeling and you’re doing [high-volume] Doesn’t mean you not break causing [micro-tears] in your chest. [you] are its science. It’s how it works. You’re breaking down your chest It needs time to regrow and repair even if you’re using stuff like BCAAs creatine wherever supplement You’re taking those will help with the recovery process but you’re still gonna need time [for] your body to [recover] so you can hit that muscle group again if Your chest is a lagging body part, and you want to hit it a few times a week what you could do is Let’s say on Monday you do a hardcore chest workout. You really tear it up one to two days later, okay? I would probably give it like you know 36 hours to heal on That day try doing chest again. [you] can even do the same workout But reduce the volume so don’t go as heavy on those sets and just See how it feels now obviously as you become a more advanced lifter you start doing Training the same body part more times a week you could probably go a little more intense on that second day But if you’re just starting to train the same body part twice a week I’d recommend taking it a little easier on the second day to see how your body feels and don’t feel like you’re wasting time because you always have the Following week to make [adjustments]. If it felt like the workout was a little too easy or a little too intense, [okay]? There’s [lots] of time We get plenty of time guys to build muscle and see what works for our bodies And that’s the number one goal number one goal Here is for me to help you guys understand that if you’re watching this video. You’re a natural lifter You’re not taking juice or any other kind of drugs That [can] help build muscle you have to really pay attention to what information is out [there], and what’s being fed to you okay? [a] simple [Google] search could probably help a lot of you guys figure out whether or not someone’s BSing you or not all right? And if you want [to] do push-ups every single night use them as a tool to help aid [you] in order to reduce inflammation And bring more oxygen and nutrients [to] your chest to help it heal a bit quicker So my goal is make sure you guys are safe, and I like doing these types of videos if you guys have any questions I would like to start answering more and doing more one-on-one videos where I talk to you guys, but what’s on your mind So if you got something on your mind be sure to like hit that subscribe button and leave that comment down in the comment Section below, [I] hope you guys enjoyed this video and as always More good stuff coming soon. See you guys

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  2. It's important that I say this: when you hear "pushups everyday dont build muscle", that doesn't mean never do pushups ever again and become a degenerate faggot. If you have the motivation to do it every day, then goddamnit do it.

  3. is protein is necessary for building muscles? i don't have money to buy that stuff but i want muscular body how can i get

  4. But you will burn off glucose & glycogen levels, plus sleep. What if the next day.is a run day or cardio…. Do 50 pus & 50 su the night before. Then do.another.50/50 of each exercise then gonrun play basketball racquet ball soccer walk…. Dont eat til hr after. You will be leans asf

  5. The answer is Yes!!! A friend of mine keeps doing push-ups only for 10 years, never visit gym, he got big chest. So pls stop bushing around with ur guess.

  6. scott both the links are dead -> Should I Workout When I’m Sore? and Am I Not Growing Muscle If I'm Not Sore?

  7. Push ups and pull ups every day (not go to failure) +3 times a week full body general strength program (proparly periodized) will give you the best looking body as a natural.

  8. Right. You don’t “build” muscle at the gym, you destroy muscle at the gym. You build muscle during recovery.

  9. Question…… Bruce Lee always talked about working out every single day…… how do martial artist get strong if you say that the body MUST rest. Just asking, I love your channel

  10. i am a little confused about this because they say if you do high volume workouts then you only workout 1 time per week i am a person that works out once every 10 days and sometimes i rest a couple days longer because i do high volume but my muscle soreness is gone by the time 1 week has passed does this mean i can go ahead and workout again

  11. Standard pushup yeah can only get you so far but advanced pushups like feet elevated, planche pushups, maltese pushups (all 3 which are extremely difficult) will deff get your chest huge as fuck

  12. Im so skinny. I can only do 3o push ups but that was a month ago.
    I can do more than 100 push ups now. I do push up 4-5 times a week and i can see the changes in me. Thanks for videos like this. You really motivate me a lot.

  13. Your a bitch. What do you mean no?, i do pushups every night since now and my chest is getting bigger and harder. Don't listen to this dumbass

  14. Scott. You're my boy. I respect your tolerance for large amounts of people disagreeing with you while also insulting you. I am grateful that you spend so much time explaining why you believe what you believe. Keep up the good work! True natty advice is hard to come by these days.

  15. If morr of you were intelligent, you'd realize he answered ypur question a multitude of times during the "lecture". Learn to listen. Plus he saod he doesn't heal as fast. This is all subjective advice. Why watch if you're not here for the advice to the workout?

  16. What if i would do situps or something in the evening and not eat after, would i still build moucle even tho i would ate the morning after?
    Or am i just ripping my moucles apart and afterwards not healing them again?

  17. 100 % wrong! Total bro science. You CAN and WILL grow from working out the same muscle everyday. Key is, you don't tear down the muscle on the 1st workout. You spread the volume out evenly across the week. One example: search Brandon Carter. He did squats everyday and had to stop because he outgrew his pants. Another, Rich Piana dos "feeder" workouts every night. Go do it yourself as an experiment and you'll see it works before you open your mouth

  18. i think you can workout everyday on that one muscle JUST TO BREAK THE ICE. i was new to building my chest and for one week 3 times i would hit the gym lifting big presses than go home and do push ups are band crossovers.

  19. As long as you exhaust the chest and all the muscles in it. Which requires more as the muscle grows. There we go. Quick answer.

  20. I know this is so long ago but I have a question, what about doing weighted pushups, like maybe doing a usual set amount of reps and trying to add as much weight as you can

  21. This doesn't mean anything. Do what makes you comfortable and you can benefit off of. I do pushups almost every night. Nothing happened that's just me personally💪.

  22. Great share!…I only disagree with the fact that you can't do push ups if you really push yourself. I am up to doing 300 push ups a day for two months straights. Once a week I do heavy chest and workout to failure. Do to my regular routine for push ups, I am always able to end with 50 push ups. ( Most times straight the odd times I will split it in 2/3 sets.

  23. Actually I worked with a dude that went to prison and he did 100 push-ups or more every morning and he got buff and bench press max went up alot! I don't think you've actually tried this or talked to people that have.

  24. So you think 2-4 sets of 60 push-ups is helping my chest or? Then after that I do 4 sets of 20 dumbbell presses or however you call that. Thanks for the info. (An I just saw that I commented 2yrs ago didn’t remember) but I still need an answer please haha.

  25. At 0:14 you kinda killed your whole speech with kinda alot. Get it together bro, love your vids. Edit works well.
    But whatever still gonna watch because you are a long time natty like me and i respect that

  26. I have been doing 100 push ups every morning for months, alongside my normal gym routine days, and it HAS improved my chest and shoulders. So this guy is talking shit.

  27. Drill Sergeant Boot Camp… Atteeeennnntion!!!!! Great analysis…but muh ears are ringing… When he has kids… they'll be little soldiers. Thank you though for the explanation.

  28. 7:17 "building muscle isn't that tough to do"… Then where's your muscles bro? You look a lil scrawny my dude,just saying

  29. great video!!! i take push up breaks in a mini office break room at work and that's how i ran into your video (for that research!) thanks!!! xx

  30. I’ve been doing 200 push-ups every other day for the last 6 months and I’ve noticed more muscle growth than when I actually used to lift weights. Every set to failure. My chest is pumped to hell. Afterwards, I drizzle honey on my chest. Then get a good nights sleep.

  31. Personally I did over 800 push ups in total with three variations (normal, diamond, decline) for an entire semester in college and my chest and shoulders got huge. If you want to make your pecks dance then definitely hit the push ups imo.

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