Wim Hof Method | Safety Information

Welcome to this step by step Wim Hof Method video course. We like to give you the best outcomes without any damage It is very important that you watch this instructional video to the end before you start this course. Pay attention to every detail. First rule Listen to your body and never force. The Breathing exercises are simple
but they go deep Always do the breathing exercises in a safe environment sitting or lying on a couch or bed. Don’t do the breathing exercise in a situation where it might be dangerous to faint. So don’t do it in the water, in a bath or driving a vehicle. How to prepare for the breathing: Always start on empty stomach to get the most out of the exercise Make yourself at ease.
Lay down relax. A body that is relaxed is able to store up the most of oxygen. Set your intention before you start and start doing your breathing exercises. You can track your retention times but it is not mandatory. We know it is fun to have some competition but this is not about that. It is about having a great experience and just feel great afterwards. When you do the cold exposure It is great to train with the cold. You will hate it when you begin but sooner or later you will love it. First rule.
Never force. It is about the effects not the number of minutes you stay in the cold. You can easily have hyperthermia and that can be very dangerous. Never overdo it and listen to your body.
Always. Second rule.
Stay focused. Be aware what you are doing. Yes you can make selfies but remember.
Be aware of your own actions. When you do ice baths or go into nature make sure you always have a buddy or Certified Instructor to assist Bring warm cloths and drinks and again never force. In this course you will find different kind of nice stretch exercises that really help you to get the blood flow going and make the body more flexible. We tried to provide exercises for all levels. However you might simply can not do them all. It is no problem you are not able to do them directly. Just do what you can do and never ever force. If you have any special physical conditions please consult your doctor first. The method is not a competitive game but meant as a tool to connect more with your body and mind. Don’t force it, listen to your body and be playful. Enjoy the course

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